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  1. brokentusk16


    I get the feeling neither Ben or Widmore are the "good" guys, they both want the island for their own reasons. Widmore said last season that "the island was mine and it will be again". And Ben didn't want to let go of the island to Locke in season 3 either. Locke was being played by both sides, and I hope he finally learns that neither of them can be trusted! As for why Ben stopped Locke from committing suicide, he needed the info Locke told him (Sun/Jin, Eloise). Once he had it, he didn't need Locke anymore. Does anyone else have the feeling that Locke's resurrection is what's preventing the injured people from being healed? Maybe Locke is soaking up all the healing energy just to stay alive?
  2. brokentusk16

    Simple questions about blu ray players

    So I'm thinking about upgrading by end of summer, but have a few questions about blu ray players. 1. Do all players need to be connected to the internet? I hard firmware updates are needed for players. Does this require a constant internet connection for the player? 2. How well do players upscale? I have such a large dvd collection, I can't replace it all, how good will it work? 3. How long does it take to start playing a blu ray? I hear the start time can be up to 5 min.
  3. Vista. not sure if it's related but I can't use my cd-rom either. I called Toshiba and they said I probably need to reinstall my operating system.
  4. No, I don't the option of continuing without formatting. Either I format or I cancel. And when I do format, it says it can't complete the formatting.
  5. Whenever I plug a USB drive into my laptop, it says it needs to format it. I click OK, but then it says it the formatting couldn't be completed. I've used these drives on work computer fine. Is the problem my laptop?
  6. My DVR is having some problems playing back recorded programs, so I might be needing a new unit. Can the company transfer my recorded programs to my new unit?
  7. brokentusk16

    So I hear the Nitro Girls had a "reputation" in WCW....

    From what I heard, Rey was still married at the time. Hence the intrigue.
  8. I heard that the Nitro Girls were frequently sleeping around with the wrestlers in WCW. For example, Spice was linked to Rey Mysterio. Has there been any stories of this? Any confirmation?
  9. brokentusk16

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    How good are the Smackdown matches against Angle and Rey? Does the Angle match hold up to their WMXX match at all?
  10. brokentusk16

    Is the Best of 2007 DVD good?

    I've heard that the Best of 2007 DVD is great sampling of what TNA has to offer. Would this be a good buy for a TNA newbie?
  11. brokentusk16

    Random Thoughts 3-27-08 to 5-28-08

    Honestly, this is why nobody respects the WNBA! Wha? What does one thing have to do with the other? Think about it: if a woman gets weepy over a little groping, how are they expected to score 30+ points a game? Y'know what I mean?
  12. brokentusk16

    Random Thoughts 3-27-08 to 5-28-08

    Honestly, this is why nobody respects the WNBA!
  13. I know the WWE roster will occasionally hold Wrestler Court if a star/diva is acting out of line. What have been the instances of this wrestler court over the years?
  14. brokentusk16

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    The Rock's DVD should be out in June. I don't remember the matches with Kane or Guerrero, are they anything decent?
  15. brokentusk16


    A few thoughts: 1. How did Tom get to the mainland? Didn't the Swan's EM surge (which happened right after Michael left) make it impossible for the Others sub to make it back to the island? I thought that was Ben's arguement with Locke last season before Locke blew up the sub. Does this mean Tom just "appeared" on the mainland like some of the Others tend to just "appear" at random places? 2. Since the actor who plays Walt has aged roughly four years by now, does that mean we will see Walt in some flashforwards in coming seasons? Given that the forwards occus around 2008, the timing would be about right. 3. Frank took the frieghter shooters to the island. That must've been the "errand" he ran last episode.