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  1. humongous2002

    OAO Unforgiven Thread

    My bad, I thought he was on the list. I guess he's not guilty unless he gets caught first.
  2. humongous2002

    OAO Unforgiven Thread

    Soooooo.... are they ever going to suspend this fucking guy????????? Umaga loses his Championship, Booker gets 60 days, and Orton gets yet another PPV bonus??? A trashed hotel room, bags with shit in and some pissed off Divas are probably asking the same question. At least he didn't get the belt like Batista, I wonder what would it take for Orton and Batista to get themselves suspended? Child pornography? Murder? Terrorism?
  3. humongous2002

    WWE General Discussion - September 2007

    Or maybe they bought roids so they could sell it to other wrestlers smart enough to do things under the table instead of dealing with having their names on a doctor's list.
  4. humongous2002

    OAO Raw Thread for September 10

    This time I'll be rooting for the government.
  5. humongous2002

    OaO Non spoiler ECW Thread 9/4

    That was a good match and hopefully Punk gets a chance to make the ECW belt into a real world title rather than a third rate championship. The last time that belt meant something was when RVD became the WWE/ECW champ back in 06.
  6. humongous2002

    Ric Flair quits WWE

    If this was 1988 and Flair wanted to quit then it would be a big deal but it's 2007 and he's lucky that he's got a job with WWE, I guess kissing HHH's ass didn't work out for him. I like Flair but he needs to retire already.
  7. humongous2002

    WWE suspends 10 wrestlers

    How can they suspend Edge when he's out with an injury? When you have a guy like Funaki on your roid user list then you know that every WWE wrestler is a roid user, I imagine that guys like London, Jimmy Wang, and even CM Punk are members of this infamous group.
  8. humongous2002

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    Here ya go: Look a psycho and Chris Benoit.
  9. humongous2002

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    It's not just ridiculous but it's also a very ignorant thing to do.
  10. humongous2002

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    RVD's thoughts on Benoit from RobVanDam.com Benoit Balls Well, there’s no need to wait until we have our heads wrapped around this, because I doubt that’ll happen, so here it is. I know that a monster committed those terrible, unforgivable acts of horror. Just like everyone who knew Chris Benoit, I can’t think of him as a monster. Not Chris. Chris was truly a role model’s role model. You simply had to respect him and admire his focus and unmatched discipline. If I ever got asked a question about who I looked up to the most in the business, you guessed it. That’s me sharing a real feeling with you. Not talking about bull shit that I have little interest in, like who would I like most to wrestle with, or what’s my favorite color, but who I actually looked up to in the dressing room. It’s Chris Benoit- in the ring and in the dressing room and with his family. The last time I talked to Chris, a few weeks ago, he told me how much he respected me for stepping away from the business. His message now comes to me from beyond. He said “Some of us don’t know when to get out.” I told him that I always held a little contempt for him telling me back in 1992 that I was a dumb-ass for wanting to quit WCW, and mentioned the irony. Over the last several years, on overseas tours I’d always see Chris in the gym when the other guys were recovering from the night before. He’d train hard and sometimes I’d see him allowing young wrestlers to follow his lead and get a guaranteed killer workout. He took pride in what he did and set a great example for others, myself included, to follow. How many murderers…baby murderers at that… are praised so highly by EVERYONE who knew them? This is all so bizarre and new information seems to come out every few hours but I can’t imagine we’ll ever understand what happened here. It appears that Chris took the answers with him. To tell you the honest truth, the easiest thing for me to believe at this moment is that if no frame work was involved, he was taken over by demonic energies with no compassion. I have to believe this is often the case with such inhumane acts. Nancy, Daniel and Chris’ tragic deaths obviously have affected a lot of people. Just remember, there’s enough hate in this world. Hateful thoughts do not move us in the right direction, so make a conscious effort to remember that. It’s important now and always.
  11. humongous2002

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    So, then you created an account to unleash this gem on us? You could've at least had the right name for the kid. Idiot. Yeah, looks like a lot of dumb ass n00bs having been joining over the last few weeks and have been dropping these classic posts. Fucking idiots Some people have a lot of free time.
  12. humongous2002

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    They are responsible insofar of the severity of their condition. No rational or healthy person can murder their family like that. So obviously Benoit had reached the point of no return where his breakdown cause a complete collapse of rational thought and morality. Such a condition isn't something you can just turn off at will. Ok, he was neither rational nor healthy. He was also a 40 year old man who, presuming he was mentally impaired to such a degree that it required professional help, had opportunities to seek that help. It's not my fault, nor his wife's fault, nor his boy's fault that he didn't do that. It's his own fault. He held down a job that paid him enough a year that he could've, realistically, gotten help for whatever his problem was. Apparently, he did not choose to get help or put enough of his resources into getting himself help. He went 40 years of his life without murdering anyone; I don't think the fact that might've had something in his head 'snap' should make him in any way a sympathetic character. There are resources available. That Chris Benoit chose not to take advantage of these resources to an extent that would've caused him to not savagely and brutally murder two people and, in fact, apparently did many things that would contribute to his own mental breakdown does not and should not make him a sympathetic character. He certainly probably did have some type of mental breakdown, but, still, he took two innocent lives. No amount of psychobabble will change that. Chris Benoit is not a victim. Chris Benoit is a murderer. Amen to this. Benoit might've been crazy or not but he went out of his way to torture his wife by tying her up like a worthless animal and then choking her, even O.J.'s killings pale in comparison to the Benoit tragedy.
  13. humongous2002

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    First of all the guy was an entertainer on a fake sport not a hero (unless he saved you from a burning building), Benoit is actually a coward and a monster for killing a woman and a kid. I do admit he was a great wrestler but after this tragedy he doesn't deserve to be missed, praised, or to rest in peace.
  14. humongous2002

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    The sad thing is that the media is already making this tragedy into a steroid issue instead of getting their facts straight, wrestlers are out on the road 300+ days out of the year and they need to take a lot of painkillers to perform every single night, drugs to wake them up and drugs to put them to sleep. The Roid accusation is not a valid one since I don't see bodybuilders or guys like HHH or Hogan going out on a rampage.
  15. humongous2002

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    OJ killed two people but since he was a great football player let's throw him a parade in his honor.