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  1. razazteca

    NFL Week 1 Paneled Basement Party & Chat

    Considering that the NFC's hype is behind the Bears, Saints, Seahawks, Cowboys, I think that the Saints is still the team to actually live up to the hype now if only they can fix the secondary.
  2. razazteca

    NFL Week 1 Paneled Basement Party & Chat

    Not enough smiley faces.
  3. razazteca

    NFL Week 1 Paneled Basement Party & Chat

    yup I'm crying right now
  4. razazteca

    Shoot Em' Up

    If it opens in more than 500 theaters it will be #1 all yes it will.
  5. razazteca

    NFL Week 1 Paneled Basement Party & Chat

    the other starting WR http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/players/6837
  6. razazteca

    NFL Week 1 Paneled Basement Party & Chat

    Gore's hand is healed so...what's the conspiracy? And his legs are fine which is most important. Yeah and the Pats never lied about injuries every week.
  7. razazteca

    NFL Week 1 Paneled Basement Party & Chat

    Huh? News to me. They were 15th ranked in total offense last year, not great but nowhere close to "no offense". This said, the Chargers should win. Thomas Jones left and on bad days Grossman looks like past his prime Favre and I'm not sold on Berriman at WR.
  8. razazteca

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Billy Gunn stealing her pants.
  9. razazteca

    NFL Week 1 Paneled Basement Party & Chat

    Colts v. Saints I take Colts with the usual Manning heroics but the Saints will keep it close Eagles v. Packers Do the Packers even have a starting RB? I foresee Favre throwing bombs and INTs all day. Vikings v. Falcons Dud its the Love Boat vs the Replacements if anything Norwood will be the star of the game. Dolphins v. Redskins Jason Campbell is surprise everyone with a big game or not Patriots v. Jets The spread offense will have Brady throwing TDs to everyone including Linemen Titans v. Jaguars Vince Young to Lendale White for a few TDs. Broncos v. Bills Zone Blocking is unstoppable Broncos by 3 TDs Steelers v. Browns Now that Ben is wearing a helmet he can think straight so a pair of TDs to Santonio Holmes for the win. Panthers v. Rams Stephen Jackson vs Steve Smith who will win? Why its this years MVP Mr. Jackson! Chiefs v. Texans Don't know what to think Larry Johnson is a one man team vs the team that has done nothing period other than make alot of bad business decisions...I'll still take Houston by 6. Seahawks v. Buccaneers Easy win for the Hawks Bears v. Chargers Da Bears have no offense so its up to the Chargers to lose the game Lions v. Raiders Somebody has to win this why not the new Mike Martz 6 WR offense? Giants v. Cowboys Giants lost some players in the pre-season and Stratham held out and they have been planning a mutiny for the past 3 years so there is no way the Cowboys can lose this. Ravens v. Bengals Is everyone in this game a criminal? Ravens might have an offense more offensive than da Bears. Forty-Niners v. Cardinals Look at the schedule...the Cards swept the 49ers last season and add to the fact that Norv Turner is no longer there and Gore claims that his hand is healed but really do you believe that?
  10. razazteca

    Fantasy Football

    Gore is going to score all the TDs so only start Smith on a bye week as a last resort.
  11. razazteca

    OAO 9/6 Impact Thread

    For some reason I expect Robert Roode roll down the window of his limo ask Harris, Storm, Rhyno, Kim, if they have any Grey Poupon then drive past them doing the evil Million Dollar Man laugh then throw out a contract for Roode Inc. with stock shares, health plan, etc.
  12. razazteca

    The What If Topic...

    I don't know who I like better Piper, Pillman, or Austin at doing the loose cannon promo. If they kept it simple and did not do fucking stupid shit like the home invasion it could draw both guys are masters of the promo so it could of main evented some In Your House PPVs.
  13. razazteca

    OAO 9/6 Impact Thread

    What he isn't the guy who has been going to bars looking for Rhyno? Total Nonstop Angle does not have time to focus on anybody not named Joe. Oh and I'm still wondering where the hell is James Mitchell and his new monster! Poor Jay Lethal is lost in the shuffle too as I don't ever remembering anything remotely mentioned about the X title which brings up the question why the fuck is Kurt holding that belt?
  14. razazteca

    The What If Topic...

    So who were the options back then Dusty, Nikita, Luger, Ronnie Garvin, Funk?
  15. razazteca

    Samoa Joe and Alex Shelly staying in TNA

    So Alex Shelly will be in limbo doing nothing for awhile unless they find a way to get XXX to feud with McMg? Considering that Jerry Lynn left town the only other person willing to put over talent is Christopher Daniels? Poor Joe, stuck in the never ending chase for the belt with Kurt who does the obvious cheating tactics to win everytime and yet Joe gets the #1 contender spot every month cause Kurt isn't done torturing him yet...so how many more times are we going to see this match 4, 7, 20, or until they have the final fight in the cage? Then Joe loses it back to the owner of the company 2 months later thus making the whole Kurt/Joe feud meaningless?