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  1. The Metal Maniac

    Another Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    Not really a gambler. I've gone to the casino a few times with people, but not even with the intent to win; I'll drop $20 in a slot, play it for a bit, then get my change and use it to wander around playing machines at random. When I lose it all, whatever, it was only $20, I'll leave. Don't go anymore, really. I think I did manage to come out ahead once or twice though. Won't touch the card games there. I'll play poker with friends once in a blue moon, but I'm awful at it. Still like playing, but I know I'm gonna lose.
  2. The Metal Maniac

    Fire Pro Wrestling

    I'm aware, but the more important part of what I was trying to say is that Misawa/Kawada/Kobashi are known to be legends in Japan, so for your average US fan looking to see what Japanese wrestling is like, those people/matches are what they're likely to see first, and those are the backdrop, back up matches. So they see the "best" wrestlers wrestling that style first, and thus it forms their opinion on Japanese wrestling. I'm not saying it's a correct view or anything, but you wondered why people thought like that, so I tried to explain why I think they do. Also, I gotta say, on simmimg - I don't sim, but to say that even with the logic they just do random moves is unfair. A good Dean Malenko edit wouldn't pose or go for pins all the time, he'd try for submission holds a lot. Conversely, a good Hulk Hogan edit would pose a lot. Granted, it's based on percentages and how likely they are to do things, so it's still random to a degree, and it's not like the computer will use heavy psychology, but I think that to call it totally random isn't fair.
  3. The Metal Maniac

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    That's....a tricky one. It's probably either my youngest sister or my cousin. I mean, I don't really hate either of them, but my sister has this incredibly annoying method of "debating", whereby she ignores everything you say and just starts talking louder and louder until she's shouting over you, repeating the same points you've already refuted, but she hasn't noticed because she's stopped listening to you. I've seen her get to the point that she'll cut me off when I try to say something, but not even with a word, with like a sound. She has nothing else to add, she just doesn't want me to add anything because she also seems to believe that whoever gets the last sound in is the winner. It's incredibly frustrating. This method of hers has led to a 20-minute argument over the car radio, because I leave the volume set too loud, and she could not even give me one single solitary reason why she couldn't just turn it down herself. I basically just asked her that a bunch of times and she got madder and madder. It was kinda funny. Also, one of my cousins. He has a really annoying method of talking - He used to say "You wannna know something?" before saying like, anything. It got to the point that I'd just say "No". He was also one of those people who told the exact same boring-ass stories to everyone, so if you were unfortunate enough to be around him long enough, you'd hear about his new skillet about 15 million times. I dunno if he's still like that though, I haven't seen him in years. But yeah, outside of that, I don't really hate anyone in my family - hell, I don't even hate them, they just annoy me more then anyone else.
  4. The Metal Maniac

    Fire Pro Wrestling

    I think people get that impression when they first go looking for Japanese wrestling, and they've heard so much about how Misawa/Kawada/Kobashi are so great, so they go watch one of those matches, and they see someone get dropped on their head 15 times in a row, get straight back up after every move, and then go down for the count via an elbow smash. I mean, even as a fan of Japanese wrestling, you have to admit that the psychology used over there (at least sometimes) is way different then what goes on here. Thus, I can see how people would wonder where the psychology is, cuz it's not where they normally look for it.
  5. The Metal Maniac

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Deadpool received Wovlerine's healing factor via the Weapon X program, didn't he? Maybe the two characters are closely related within the story, hence the confusion?
  6. The Metal Maniac

    Medical Marijuana

    Wait, someone explain something to me. K, medical marijuana clubs that operate within the laws won't be prosecuted. Okay. I'm assuming that such a club is a place where someone who has a medical marijuana card can go, buy some weed, and smoke it. Okay. So, how does not prosecuting these places (if they follow all laws) mean weed is essentially legal? Is it just easy enough to get medical marijuana certification that anyone who wants to, will? Like, if I didn't have a card, I couldn't go in and buy weed, could I? Wouldn't that still be illegal? Or could I just go and GET a card, thus making it perfectly legal? But yeah, I'm for it, I'm just confused.
  7. The Metal Maniac

    Things that Amuse or Please You

    The other day, while I was working at Wal-Mart, a customer came up to me. He was foreign, but I wasn't sure exactly from where. Anyway, he asks me where he might be able to find the CAVIAR. Totally serious. This guy came to WAL-MART looking for CAVIAR. He somehow interpreted the look of utter confusion on my face to mean "I don't know what caviar is", and not, what I intended it to mean, "Why the fucking hell do you think you could find CAVIAR in WAL-MART???" I couldn't really be mad though, it was just too goddamned funny. I went through the whole "well, if we have it, it's over here routine, but look, it's not here, SURPRISE" because I probably woulda gotten in trouble if I told him that he was an idiot for looking for caviar at a FUCKING WAL-MART. I'm really curious where he was from now; they must not have Wal-Marts or something.
  8. The Metal Maniac

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    Would all 5 moons still reflect sunlight like the current moon does? That'd make for some amazingly bright nights when all 5 moons were full. Be an excellent time to party. Plus you'd have to imagine such an occurrence would be rare, for all 5 to be full at once.
  9. The Metal Maniac

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    That'd be cool. I always thought it was lame that other planets had a bunch of moons with cool names (Fuck, even Mars has two moons) and we only get that one moon - And it doesn't even have a cool name, it's just "the moon". Lame. If 5 moons were suddenly in the sky, I think I'd break my neck trying to get to a phone to call an observatory and call dibs on naming one of them. Assuming it didn't cause some sorta crazy mass chaos. I read a short story like that once, where it was never ever night on this one planet, and then they had a solar eclipse, so everyone on the planet lost their minds. I can imagine 4 extra moons showing up might be seen as a portent of destruction.
  10. The Metal Maniac

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I'm not allergic to anything, so far as I know. I think I could potentially be allergic to bees, I guess; My sister was allergic, and I've only been stung once (I seem to recall being told you need to be stung by bees twice before you'll have an allergic reaction) so I dunno. But no, no known allergies.
  11. The Metal Maniac


    Just saw it this weekend. Good, but I'm annoyed at the changed ending. I still think it's absurd to try and make the most faithful recreation possible and then change the ending. I hated the ending for all the same reasons I was angry when I first heard about it. Sure, that probably means I was biased going in, but I personally didn't feel that needed to be changed. Also, I was quite disappointed when I realized that Rorsch's time in prison was over, with only that brief chat with the doctor. Yes, I understand that things needed to be cut for time, but why was I watching fights that never happened instead of seeing Rorsch actually explain his fucking character? Like, that pissed me off, especially since they stopped just shy of Rorsch giving the whole truth. They had the blood splashing up his face, even the "Walter Kovacs died" bit, but how could they have left out his speech about how there is no God, there is no anything, there is only us and nothing has any real meaning except for what we impose? And the whole talk of his mask? Again, I understand things needed to be cut for time, but for me, cutting that part out of Rorch's backstory is like cutting Krypton out of Superman's. It's the heart of the story! Perhaps more will be in the Director's cut. I liked the movie other then that.
  12. The Metal Maniac

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    I understood from your first post that this was what you wanted. Stamp someone's hand if they're legal age, let them in otherwise. But, how does that actually stop minors from drinking? Let's say I was underage, and I got to the bar with my buddy, who's not underage. I don't get a stamp, he does. He goes to the bar and buys 2 rum and cokes. Now we're both drinking. I suppose you could go the "only one drink per customer" and refuse to serve a drink to someone who already has one/is buying one, but then what prevents him from buying a rum and coke, bringing it to me, and then going to a different bartender and getting another rum and coke? Again, now we both have rum and cokes, and I'm underage. I don't have a stamp on my hand, sure, but unless there's bartenders/bouncers wandering around the bar and checking the drinks of people without stamps on their hands all night, how do they really know the underage people aren't drinking? Like, I'm not trying to be a dick, I just really don't get what you're saying here. I don't see how those things would prevent anyone from getting booze underage, and I don't see why bars should bother inviting that kind of trouble. Well, okay, they should invite that trouble so that kids don't stay home and cause trouble in their homes - that doesn't strike me as a good business model. Also, things that anger me: The smell of ammonia. Holy balls, I was on work term today, and we had to pump out an ammonia-filled compressor....Jesus Lord.
  13. The Metal Maniac

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Um, so you don't think they'd be getting drunk without getting drinks from the bar? They'd just have their friends who are of age get mixed drinks. Unless every single glass was marked as either a booze glass or otherwise (and assuming that they didn't figure this out and get one non-alcoholic drink, then pour their alcohol drinks into that), how would you be able to tell if someone with a stamped hand was drinking booze or something else? Besides having your bouncers spend the whole night pestering people with stamps on their hands to make SURE they're not drinking booze, and that just sorta seems like a waste of time to me. And yes, I am aware that they'll just get drunk at home, but that's way better from the bar's perspective. They don't need minors causing shit and getting the whole bar in trouble for illegally serving them liquor, even if they didn't intend to. Hell, I can't really even imagine why you'd want to go to a club where you can't drink. I can barely stand to go to them when I can. Edit: Beaten to the punch. Damn you.
  14. The Metal Maniac

    Great Unsolved Crimes or Events

    Well, it's not like they could walk here. Also, you should consider that an alien who was from another planet would have a radically different view then people on pretty much everything. Maybe they don't talk to people because we're literally not smart enough to comprehend their viewpoints. Maybe they think of us the way we think of animals. Could be any number of reasons why aliens do that sorta thing. And no, this isn't a "don't be a skeptic" argument. I think there's plenty of reasons to disbelieve in this kinda stuff, but I just don't think that one is fair.
  15. The Metal Maniac


    Yeah, that was pretty fucking stellar, I gotta admit. "If I could only get that kiss" made me just about die laughing.