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  1. WrestlingDeacon

    I'm not dead

    Frost here. I was feeling nostalgic and thought I would check in. It's good to see you guys still trucking and some names I remember still around. Let me know if you guys need anything, short of me writing, because that's not happening.
  2. WrestlingDeacon

    Help identify a TV show for my column

    It's called Mr. Moon's Magical Circus.
  3. WrestlingDeacon

    Help identify a TV show for my column

    Yeah, that's about the only time I check in anymore when I really hit a wall and am really go after help. I certainly do appreciate all the help and always give credit.
  4. I have a question that has been bothering me for almost 25 years. There was this tv show. It was on Saturday mornings and had a character named Mr. Moon. He was a clown. All I can remember is that he would say, “See (touching his eyes) you (pointing at the screen) later (waving).” It was probably the early 80s. It might be local, but it was not a live show, at least I do not think so. I never got the idea it was local, but I was just a kid. However I grew-up in the greater NYC area so it could be. I think there was circus type thing going on for background of the show. It might have been on channel 11 in NY but I am not sure.
  5. WrestlingDeacon

    Help identify movie

    Any help as always would be appreciated. I have been dying to find out what movie this is. When I was younger I remember seeing a part of movie where Jesus was on a cross, but it was present day. This part of the movie took place on a live TV Show, like Jerry Springer. The crowd was cheering or booing and I remember the camera zooming into see Jesus' face who had a tear in his eye. What movie is this?
  6. WrestlingDeacon

    Help indetify two movies

    It's been awhile since I've posted here, but I'm trying to run these two movies down any which way I can and you guys have helped in the past. Thanks for any help this time. I remember a horror movie from the mid to late eighties. The killer was a shadowy figure who used a stick with razor blades somehow imbedded in the stick to do away with his victims. I remember one scene where he's hacking away at some guy and we see the chopping of fingers. It's pretty gross. And the other scene is of a girl showering, she looks kind of like a very, and I mean very young Janeane Garofalo, except for being very well endowed. And then the killer comes in and, well, kills her. This first one I remember seeing when I was very young so we're talking late 70s. It's about a man who is a teacher and turns into a kid at random times. He tries to keep it a secret. The episode I remember is when it's vaccination day at the school and the teacher turns into a kid and he gets vaccinated. Then at the end of the episode he becomes a man and the other teachers take him to get vaccinated again much to his chagrin.
  7. WrestlingDeacon

    Identify movie for my column

    "Hi there, I have a very obscure question, and I have been wondering this for years now. There's a movie that takes place a college (so that narrows it down right?) and really, the only thing I can remember about it was this hot girl standing on top of a roof of a building and looking like she wants to jump off, but all the kids at the college just ignore her, except for this one guy who I don't know who he is. I think darlene from roseanne MIGHT be in the movie?" I checked Sara Gilbert's filmography and a couple movies seem possible. I want to say it's Poison Ivy, but it's been years since I've seen that.
  8. WrestlingDeacon

    Help identify movie for my column

    I didn't see that this got so many responses. My buddy Shawn identified the film and it was indeed the Boys in Company C thanks for your guys' help.
  9. WrestlingDeacon

    Help with Question from my Column

    A guy this week wrote in to ask what the song is that is playing during the cage match in the underground club section of Land of the Dead. I can't find a music credit anywhere and the soundtrack appears to be the score and it's not on there from the sources I could find.
  10. WrestlingDeacon

    Help identify movie for my column

    My guess here is Tribes, but I haven't seen it in years and I have the gut feeling that it's someting a bit more well known, but it's not clicking with me. "It's a Vietnam war movie. The opening scenes are some conscripts being sent to camp and having the mandatory shave. Sergeant says about one guy, "I want Jesus here bald!" And later in the film, in Vietnam one guy is stuck with his foot on the mine, and he can't move it or e4lse he would blow up... This is where I had to leave, so I would like to please know the name of the film so i can find it and see how it ends."
  11. WrestlingDeacon

    Help identify movie for my column

    I don't think this is Signs. Any help is appreciated. I'm trying to find out the name of a movie. It had to do with a family on a farm getting terrorized by aliens. It starts when a couple of them go out into the field at night to check on their cattle. What they see is an alien cutting it open with a laser. They get back to the house to warn the others, but when they go to leave the engines in their vehicles are all melted. different things happen during the night like everyone having nosebleeds. It's all filmed by one of the people in the house, and showed like a news story on the missing family. Feels a lot like blair witch, but I'm sure this came out before.
  12. WrestlingDeacon

    Help identify movie for my column

    I figured Emilio Estevez and Wonderful World of Disney were red herrings. I don't think asking the guy who else was in the movie would be any help. Bill Murray did the first Meatballs and Michael J. Fox was in Poison Ivy. Thanks for trying guys, I appreciate the help.
  13. WrestlingDeacon

    Help identify movie for my column

    No, I don't think that sounds like it at all.
  14. WrestlingDeacon

    Help identify movie for my column

    Any help as always is appreciated. I don't really have an idea on this one and couldn't find anything through my usual searching. First of all, an obscure movie from my childhood/early adolescence. I believe this was on the Wonderful World of Disney in the late 80s early 90s, where this man becomes a camp counselor for this troubled youth whose only love is cross-country running, the typical blond-hair angst-filled pre-teen. The movie culminates with a race between the boy and a boy from a rival summer camp. What sticks out in my head is that the troubled boy was mediocre at running on the road, but as soon as they entered the woods he was this phenomenal runner among trees and through dirt and stuff. Emilio Estevez could have played the camp counselor, but then my brain was also convinced that Emilio Estevez played the teacher in Summer School, so I can't say for sure.
  15. WrestlingDeacon

    TV Shows on DVD

    Right now I have Dallas Season 1 Columbo Season 1 Dukes of Hazzard Season 1 Space Ghost Coast to Coast Volume 2 Quantum Leap Season 1 Soap Season 1 Some random Dragnet stuff Sledgehammer season 1 Chapelle's Show Season 1 The Ray Bradbury Show Volume 1 HR Pufnstuff comple series I think that's it