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  1. treble

    The End - Part Deux

    Not that I believe this, but even if you could delete a post, why would that delete the whole thread?
  2. treble

    The End - Part Deux

    I want to know how we can delete our own posts.
  3. treble

    The End - Part Deux

  4. treble

    MLB Mock Draft

    3B Stan Hack
  5. treble

    30 Rock

    It had a few good lines ('I thought this was a job interview!'), but the whole Dennis stuff wasn't any good (except for his vending machine) to begin with and it was topped off with WAY too much Jenna, which is almost never a good idea.
  6. treble

    MLB Mock Draft

    Gotta be the youngest guy picked so far: Miguel Cabrera From ages 21-24, his most similar player was Hank Aaron. At 25 it was Ken Griffey Jr. I'll take that and probably use him as my DH.
  7. treble

    Sports Page in the Business Section

    Loria wasn't the Marlins owner for the 1997 World Series. It was leaving the Expos for dead that makes everyone think he's a piece of shit.
  8. treble

    MLB Mock Draft

    LF Minnie Minoso
  9. treble

    MLB Mock Draft

    CF Max Carey
  10. treble

    Awesome Apartment for Rent

    I guess they moved.
  11. treble

    MLB Mock Draft

    I'm going to take an "international player of renown" 1B Sadaharu Oh
  12. treble


    I was a big Cowboys fan when I was 10 or so and they were winning Super Bowls. I don't really give a shit about them now.
  13. treble

    I Love You, Man

    I thought it was pretty good. Took a while to get going, though, and most of the stuff before Segel showed up was pretty bad. Enough funny one-liners, though, and that's pretty much what I expect from a movie like this. I'm going to try and use 'Totes McGotes' as much as possible.
  14. treble

    MLB Mock Draft

    SS Arky Vaughan
  15. treble

    MLB Fantasy League Announcements

    What kind of league is it?