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  1. AnnieEclectic

    Next In Line preview thread

    Working boots at the ready, sir. Holy shit. And the IL/Pirata v. TKO match holds a lot of intrigue for me as well - I like this. And quite the stacked card at that... craziness! It's like 2003 all over again
  2. AnnieEclectic

    Let's talk about...

    I will show, and probably lose pushing me back down the card, heh. However I have never faced Munich to my knowledge, so yay facing an oldhead!
  3. AnnieEclectic

    Top-25 Stupidest Moments in Fed History!

    Rose was honored that she was remembered in some small way. By you folks, not Ash of course. Ahhh Lady Red - being at the same time the best and worst idea I've had. Well had and executed - I've had MUCH worse ideas. FLIP~! I want to know how we missed: Ebony I mean come on, we had an anthropomorphic lesbian weasel fighting. *shakes fist at Janus* I had to fight that thing, and if I remember correctly I even wrote. Mainly because I was afraid of Janus' imagination. As for not-Annie related items: 1) Wilson good god, he's everywhere in this list. No selling the flagpoles-to-the-hands was very memorable, I chuckled. 2) Hollyanna OK, slightly related but still. Fucking Ash. Who here remembers his aborted promo with the Hitler references? Anyone? That was GOLD right there. Remember kiddos - don't drink Jager when you're pregnant. 3) Angel I wasn't here for any of that, but I remember hearing people compared to him. That was never a Good Thing if I recall. -Annie
  4. AnnieEclectic

    Unwanted Penises

    And oh how they'll love you for that
  5. AnnieEclectic

    Unwanted Penises

    I've introduced -no one- to this place. Not a whit. I like to put up a front socially that I'm normal.
  6. AnnieEclectic

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Come to new hampshire, we'll take an hour drive, then I'll blow your mind. ... it's a trip to FunSpot, not an offer for a car BJ. Just so we're clear.
  7. AnnieEclectic

    I Should Be Dead

    Actually, it makes it sound like he has your second favorite black penis, out of all the message boards you frequent. While this may be the case, I don't think that was your intent either.
  8. AnnieEclectic

    Goal line blitz

    Is it me, or is Allison (the supposed 'backup' character) doing leaps and bounds better than Annie, even though Annie has 2 levels on her. Are the 'glory' positions by nature more productive on-field... or am I bad at making a CB?
  9. AnnieEclectic

    Other IGNWF oldheads here?

    well, IGNJL here... I got bumped literally on the move here. Still older than most of the regs though... I think. I remember you, but only by username, not by character... :/
  10. AnnieEclectic

    I Should Be Dead

    I'm glad to hear you're ok, but hell if I'm any more than a bit player in the social ladder scheme of things here. Still, I want to see the pics. All that and just a hand scratch. I'm calling shenanigans... or you're channeling the Fool at around 90%. God I'm a dork. I wish other people would get these jokes.
  11. AnnieEclectic

    Your table's ready

    That would be a bad room to be a Jew in. Maybe the Jewish folk would get lucky and end up with Tyson. Then they'd just get sent to Bolivia.
  12. AnnieEclectic

    Carbonated drinks.

    All soda fountains from here on out must carry OK Soda. God damn I miss that soda. Make a diet version and I'm your love slave.
  13. AnnieEclectic

    June dates

    The first date will be iffy - my next move's going to be frantic and messy from a purely logistical standpoint, so I won't know when I'll have 'net again. ... I better have it back by the second show though!
  14. AnnieEclectic

    DDDCC aftermath

    <usual grousing about not getting enough in, but only having myself to blame> Card review later... when I'm not at work
  15. AnnieEclectic

    Duck and Cover preview thread

    Here was my initial reaction: "... awwwww FUCK." Now that I've had a day I'd say I feel more like this: "..." "... awwwww FUCKSHIT!" There's a reason why no one wants to try for the cruiser gold, same reason why I recruited W&D into Catch-22 back in the day... so I don't have to face Wildchild Jakey, Spike... we need us some workin' boots. this'll be rough. That said, no matter who wins it'll probably be a hell of a match. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Well, make yourself more of a cruiser, fight more like a cruiser. Here we go...