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    Does anyone here -play- music?

    Just curious, I've never been one to simply sit back and enjoy something, I have to -do- it. Couple years back I got a guitar and amp and got hooked, still playing to this day. 'Course I still suck but I still play since it's fun. Any other aspiring musicians here? All I see is stuff about -other- musicians. What do you make? -Annie
  2. AnnieEclectic

    Next In Line preview thread

    Working boots at the ready, sir. Holy shit. And the IL/Pirata v. TKO match holds a lot of intrigue for me as well - I like this. And quite the stacked card at that... craziness! It's like 2003 all over again
  3. AnnieEclectic

    Let's talk about...

    I will show, and probably lose pushing me back down the card, heh. However I have never faced Munich to my knowledge, so yay facing an oldhead!
  4. AnnieEclectic

    Top-25 Stupidest Moments in Fed History!

    Rose was honored that she was remembered in some small way. By you folks, not Ash of course. Ahhh Lady Red - being at the same time the best and worst idea I've had. Well had and executed - I've had MUCH worse ideas. FLIP~! I want to know how we missed: Ebony I mean come on, we had an anthropomorphic lesbian weasel fighting. *shakes fist at Janus* I had to fight that thing, and if I remember correctly I even wrote. Mainly because I was afraid of Janus' imagination. As for not-Annie related items: 1) Wilson good god, he's everywhere in this list. No selling the flagpoles-to-the-hands was very memorable, I chuckled. 2) Hollyanna OK, slightly related but still. Fucking Ash. Who here remembers his aborted promo with the Hitler references? Anyone? That was GOLD right there. Remember kiddos - don't drink Jager when you're pregnant. 3) Angel I wasn't here for any of that, but I remember hearing people compared to him. That was never a Good Thing if I recall. -Annie
  5. AnnieEclectic

    Unwanted Penises

    And oh how they'll love you for that
  6. AnnieEclectic

    Unwanted Penises

    I've introduced -no one- to this place. Not a whit. I like to put up a front socially that I'm normal.
  7. AnnieEclectic

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Come to new hampshire, we'll take an hour drive, then I'll blow your mind. ... it's a trip to FunSpot, not an offer for a car BJ. Just so we're clear.
  8. AnnieEclectic

    I Should Be Dead

    Actually, it makes it sound like he has your second favorite black penis, out of all the message boards you frequent. While this may be the case, I don't think that was your intent either.
  9. AnnieEclectic

    Goal line blitz

    Is it me, or is Allison (the supposed 'backup' character) doing leaps and bounds better than Annie, even though Annie has 2 levels on her. Are the 'glory' positions by nature more productive on-field... or am I bad at making a CB?
  10. AnnieEclectic

    Other IGNWF oldheads here?

    well, IGNJL here... I got bumped literally on the move here. Still older than most of the regs though... I think. I remember you, but only by username, not by character... :/
  11. AnnieEclectic

    I Should Be Dead

    I'm glad to hear you're ok, but hell if I'm any more than a bit player in the social ladder scheme of things here. Still, I want to see the pics. All that and just a hand scratch. I'm calling shenanigans... or you're channeling the Fool at around 90%. God I'm a dork. I wish other people would get these jokes.
  12. AnnieEclectic

    Your table's ready

    That would be a bad room to be a Jew in. Maybe the Jewish folk would get lucky and end up with Tyson. Then they'd just get sent to Bolivia.
  13. AnnieEclectic

    Carbonated drinks.

    All soda fountains from here on out must carry OK Soda. God damn I miss that soda. Make a diet version and I'm your love slave.
  14. AnnieEclectic

    June dates

    The first date will be iffy - my next move's going to be frantic and messy from a purely logistical standpoint, so I won't know when I'll have 'net again. ... I better have it back by the second show though!
  15. AnnieEclectic

    DDDCC aftermath

    <usual grousing about not getting enough in, but only having myself to blame> Card review later... when I'm not at work
  16. AnnieEclectic

    Duck and Cover preview thread

    Here was my initial reaction: "... awwwww FUCK." Now that I've had a day I'd say I feel more like this: "..." "... awwwww FUCKSHIT!" There's a reason why no one wants to try for the cruiser gold, same reason why I recruited W&D into Catch-22 back in the day... so I don't have to face Wildchild Jakey, Spike... we need us some workin' boots. this'll be rough. That said, no matter who wins it'll probably be a hell of a match. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Well, make yourself more of a cruiser, fight more like a cruiser. Here we go...
  17. The video image starts (after some buffering) by spinning wildly around before clumsily settling on a familiar face - that of Annie Eclectic. Or as she'd rather be known: The Queen. "Ah, there we go," she says, steadying her hand, "Yes. I was asked by the Marketing Department to say a few words regarding what should be the final match between The Most Decorated Woman In SWF History and... well, the Baby Bitch. Normally my confidants and helpers set up a cameraman and whatnot but Allison isn't here for reasons that will soon be clear. Failing to find Ben Hardy anywhere, I shall do this myself and I wish to address the sewer rat. It seems my victory during our last meeting wasn't enough for Ms. Star. Mr. Maddix even sees fit to put us in a cage, and I hear that my dear sister and confidant is not allowed in the building." The entire time her face stays motionless, like a statue. Has she even blinked yet? Still, her voice leaves no trace of emotion "No matter. Ms. Star seems to be under the delusion that somehow I am some sort of golden progeny. That I was simply... handed everything that I worked hard for. No, my dear, I too know of the pain of isolation, of having nothing of value or family to speak of. I am now Queen because I worked hard to be so. You have challenged my status, knowingly or unknowingly, for quite some time. To demonstrate why exactly I am Queen, I have finally prepared a class. A History lesson, of sorts." The plain walls behind Eclectic start to fall back, even as Annie's face stays in the same scope. Eclectic puts the camera down onto an unseen surface, stopping at her navel. She walks back, carrying a duffel bag in her hand which she holds up to her chest. She unzips the top and opens it, but only enough so she herself can peer in. "I have not properly thought of these in some time," begins Her Highness, showing a hint of sadness for once, "and I can only say that truly, deeply, from the bottom of my heart I apologize. I apologize to the fans, to the other competitors, to Taiga Star. I apologize to staff, management, my friends and Allison. Most importantly..." Her voice begins to crack... but Annie catches herself and takes a deep breath. She seems to steel herself, and then relax as if all was suddenly normal and right. Her next words are emotionless and cold as before. "...I apologize to myself. I do not wish to do what I must..." Suddenly Annie crouches down, stopping so that her face centers in on the lens of the camcorder. "...but the alternative is too worrisome. You see, Baby Bitch, my continued success is important for more people than just myself, but for my whole Kingdom. To have gotten this far, I held many positions, one of which I now realize must be utilized. Tonight you don't fight The Queen." She blinks. Just once. "You fight the Executioner." Suddenly the video cuts out, a large replay button in the window.
  18. AnnieEclectic

    What's your honest reaction to this?

    Hell, I would've paid to have donated beard hair a bit ago. Where the hell were these people then?
  19. Personally, I find the Deep South repugnant. Not the people necessarily, one of my most respected friends lives with her g/f in the South. Dunno how, but they do. More the culture. Cons: -Bigotry - while the South can't lay claim to inventing bigotry, they're quite good at it. It's also practically a cultural cornerstone thanks to plantations and slavery but I think we've all been through enough remedial-level history to get this point. examples - David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana. I'm sure there's better, but possibly not funnier. -Weather - Hailstorms and Dust bowls and Tornadoes, oh my! Hot, humid, sweltering, and that's what I thought of North Carolina in the winter! Eww. examples - so, how're those floods in Arkansas and Tennessee doing? -Food (health)- I'll save most of this for below, but if you want healthy, southern-style food is not your first place to look. Pros: I won't be a total bitch about this, NO place is completely devoid of positives. -Food (taste)- god DAMN can Southern folk cook. Sure, it's a heart attack waiting to happen, but mmmmmm. I haven't been to a southern person's house who cooked their own food that didn't taste spectacular. -Football knowledge - Now I'm more of a pro gal (when you root for UNC, you kinda have to like the pros more) but you will NOT find a more knowledgable and crazy football fanbase than the southeast. Mostly on the high school/college level as I bet even Ripper would find more Bulldog fans than Falcon fans, but when I want to know something about football, I ask one of my Southern friends. They always know. So - I open the forum to... uh... the forum.
  20. AnnieEclectic

    M.E. ONLINE PREVIEW: Her Majesty Announces...

    You're making me wait till thursday, I make you wait until tonight
  21. AnnieEclectic

    Bill O' Reilly goes crazy

    I thought that was part of his regular routine. You know. 11:00am - Get coffee in break room 11:15am - Go outside, roll in mud and scratch fleas while yelling about America 11:30am - Danish time
  22. AnnieEclectic

    Middle School/Jr. High backtrack

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Leave? I'M STILL FUCKING THERE! Only now I work there. How did Annie's JHS experience go? Pfft - Grade Six: In grade six (back then) only kids from the town proper would go, in 7th you got the influx of the six surrounding towns. I remember very little about grade six other than a couple notes: 1) To prevent a bully from beating me up, I took the "I'mma gonna outscare you" approach and reapeatedly would headbutt my locker (still dented to this day) and scream at the kid "YOU REALLY WANNA GO AGAINST ME?" It worked. He ran. I can accept this because we were both idiotic kids and therefore idiocy wins out. 2) I fantasized every day about being the redheaded girl next to me in homeroom. Nothing perverted really, the honest truth is the previous sentence just as stated. Thinking about how cool it would be to wake up, be able to wear girl's clothes and go to school as a girl. Somehow the concept of "becoming a woman" didn't ever click at the time, I just thought I was weird. I know I'm weird, but now I have much better reasons. Grade Seven: This is when it allllll really started to suck. Thanks to the combined effects of: a) illicit drugs b) realizing WHY I was thinking about how living as a girl would work c) losing lots of friends, and socially shacking up with the drugged out retards I remember maybe 2 days of grade seven. However one of those days was too memorable for even drugs to knock out of the ol' beanbox. We didn't know it, but the assistant principal who was subbing for our study hall had cancer treatment, causing some removal of flesh. Of course, how're you to know that unless said flesh was a finger, arm or leg, right? So my friend who didn't like her to start with, gets up in the silent classroom and sharpens his pencil. And sharpens. And sharpens. After a good 3 minutes of filing he sits back down next to me. She's reading a book at the front of the class, not really paying much attention. So my friend WHIPS the pencil at her and got lucky - straight on the nipple. It sunk in. a good 3 inches too! We just stared except for the woman, who kept reading her book. She hadn't noticed because there was just styrofoam in there. After five minutes of us silently gawking (of course we were just silently bored before) she glances down, realizes, calmly pulls it out and places it down without a sound. Creepiest fucking study hall of my life. Grade Eight: Minus the story, same verse as above. Around the end of grade 8 I realized "Hey, grades are going to count soon" and put down the pipe. I remember trying to pick a fight with a kid (for those who know me IRL, yeah... really, I did try to pick a physical fight. Blind squirrel and nut, I guess) who wimped out (he obv. didn't know me well enough). Another kid didn't get the invite. I walked out of school, heard this idiot kid pick on me for the 238957394875th time as he leaned against the entrance. Next thing I remember he's a foot in the air hanging by his throat... and my hand. That was the scariest feeling ever. EVER. I've had times when I honestly thought I'd be shut out from transitioning, times when I thought I was going to die, and times when I thought I had lost my mind. NEVER did I feel as scared for myself and others as after that incident. I don't even know how long he was up there but I'm hoping mere seconds. He never messed with me again, safe to say. Now you know why I'm a pacifist. Grades... 19 and 20? (i.e. am I really eight years out of high school?) Here I am, working IT for the exact same school I left 10 years prior. It's a trippy experience that has, oddly, allowed me to exorcise some of the trans-related demons in my head. How? Because 'normal' kids are getting the exact same shit I got, and now I get to be the one faculty member that listens and gives a bit of advice on how to deal. Or survive, as the case may be. If any of these kids are like me, at least my hope is they'll have a bit of a less fucked up experience here than I did. That's all I can do. That, and fix broken computers. Still - I'm amazed I haven't gotten fired. I haven't done anything to deserve it, but as a transsexual lesbian atheist in a public school I feel... out of place here. Then again I felt like that the first run through so I signed up for one more (last) year here before I know I move to greener pastures. Hopefully somewhere without kids. :/
  23. AnnieEclectic

    Your table's ready

    This one would just be fun (for me anyway...) Bill Gates Richard M Stallman Larry Ellison Scott McNealy Linus Torvalds You think it'd just go down as a Gates-bashing fest but watch for interactions... Stallman and Torvalds, while both contributing half of the GNU/Linux equation, fight each other constantly. McNealy is not a fan of Oracle or Microsoft, and probably still blames the uprising of Linux for why Solaris (and now OpenSolaris) is struggling. Ellison owns Oracle and basically is richer than any of the other eaters, sans Gates. There's huge personal jealousy there that has been openly stated. I'd be the one playing moderator but really trying to say something to start a giant geek/tech-fueled shitstorm. Could you imagine a red-faced Larry Ellison screaming top of his lungs about no matter how rich Gates gets, he's still the main reason technology runs today. Ego and hubris all over the place, even from the FOSS-heads. Freakin Awesome!
  24. AnnieEclectic

    Damaged Doors Don't Come Cheap preview

    If it's the ghost of 2004, then feel free to put the woman who has yet to successfully defend a title ever up there in the Main Event. I can soooooo help with devaluing the SWF title
  25. AnnieEclectic

    Fundamentalist Christian Chat Rooms

    No, it's one of the top 100 quotes on the site, meaning one of the fundies said it. Much like the pro-Bush sign guy that called Kerry a "moran"