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    Jericho and Kelly Kelly

    Kelly in the sink (slightly NSFW) What proof do we need? How about something other than pictures that could simply be a guy getting caught up in heavy partying and drinking. I doubt he's the first guy to do something like that while married. How about Kelly's friend referring to them as an item? Well, I'm convinced. Her friend said it so obviously it's true. A combination of sexually provocative pictures and the word of a friend not enough to even make you think it? This is an example of a smark double standard. When pictures of Taker and Michelle first surfaced, we were willing to believe that they were a couple based off of them holding hands. While it has been confirmed by IWC news sources (I think so anyway), people were extremely willing to believe that Taker was cheating on Sara and didn't want to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, when it's Chris Jericho, we're reluctant to even entertain the thought. Taker and McCool were holding hands, and that's important. I find that to be highest sign of public affection and intimacy. This is why we were extremely willing.
  2. A Happy Medium

    The YouTube comments thread.

    "O Man she's built. Id suck vodka out of her ass infront of my grandmother"
  3. A Happy Medium

    MLB 09 The Show & MLB 2k9

    I'm kinda in a tough spot. I have the blockbuster monthly pass, so I can rent MLB 2k9. The problem is that my darling 360 just died for the third time in the last two years, and I can't pay the one hundred dollars to send it in right now. I have an old PS2 that could play the downgraded version. I do wonder how much of a difference there will be in the gameplay and everything. I have absolutely no faith in MLB 2k9 not being glitchy and choppy. And for all I know, my store won't be carrying the PS2 version of The Show. It's also very possible that the PS2 version will suck and feature absolutely nothing.
  4. A Happy Medium

    Sidekick named for "Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien"

    I started watching the show a couple of years before Andy left. I think this can only be a good thing. Both the staring contest, and the desk driving can be done on an early show. There aren't masturbating bear, or pimpbot. This is a good thing, because the first year or two could and should be kind of rough.
  5. A Happy Medium

    Debating D'Antoni's Suns

    The Suns played defense, guys. They just weren't very good at it. Raja Bell, and Kurt Thomas were brought in for defensive purposes and did well, except for how Kurt Thomas missed some time. Shawn Marrion was very underrated as a defender, as he could guard twos, threes, and fours. When he guarded fours, it just made him more dangerous on the offensive end. Steve Nash has never been a good defender, and as his injuries piled up, he became a liability. Also, Nash should not have won two straight MVP's. I have to say this.
  6. A Happy Medium

    Pictures I Like

    For having 160-200 dollars in his right hand, you'd think douche could purchase a better pipe.
  7. A Happy Medium

    This will be the greatest thread EVER!

    It will not be the greatest thread ever because I will post in it. I, for the most part, am thread poison. I'm sorry.
  8. A Happy Medium

    So, it's time for Princess Leena to come clean.

    I did want to add something... But I just don't give a shit about the fascination with one person...especially over this long of a time period.
  9. A Happy Medium

    2009 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

    Also..the last Harry Potter came out nearly two years before this award show will air.
  10. A Happy Medium

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    I like the Rangers picking up a former ten-time gold glove winner. He wound up picking the Rangers over the Yankees due to our hitting coach, and at next to nothing, he could wind up being a great bargain. I do wonder how he will fit in to the clubhouse, though. I don't know how he'll get along with the emerging stars and awful pitching staff that already has two guys pretty much out for the year.
  11. A Happy Medium

    Sports Cliches

    "He's a player's coach". Some people would think this to mean that he doesn't work them very hard and lets them do whatever they want to. Or.... "He's out with a knee."
  12. A Happy Medium

    TSM Wrestling Spotlight: The Big Show

    I recall when he started off in WCW and squashed Benoit. He simply hit a dropkick and a choke slam. His dropkick wasn't half bad, and could've been a finisher itself. I would prefer to see him in a bloodthirsty, semi-psychotic role. Let him run over people in the ring, and outside of it to...just not letting him drive in top of arenas, though. How about you pair him up with a heel diva, she breaks his heart, he goes crazy, and takes it out on everyone with no exceptions?
  13. A Happy Medium

    BCS Championship Game Thread

    That is inexcusable from those two. How do you lose track of something like that?
  14. A Happy Medium

    Guitar Hero World Tour

    I picked it up at a gamestop after some trades. I bought it for 360 with the guitar bundle. It's pretty fun. I find the track list superior to III, just because it's so much more varied. Beating the game in hard is pretty easy too, although the Joe Satriani song is pretty tough. And no more stupid boss battles with the damned double notes attack that made the boss unbeatable.
  15. A Happy Medium

    The Office Season 5

    Well. Angela is a wretched cunt and nothing will change. Kelly is a lot like the female version of Michael. They lack maturity in a lot of situations, and it was nice for them to have their moment in his office. They both want to be loved by all, but are very petty. Pam's friend from New York, whatever his name is, is so much like Roy. He's the art fuck to Roy's meat head.
  16. A Happy Medium

    8 year old kills father

    This kinda reminds me of that shitty movie "Mikey", where this kid kills different families that he lives with. I do remember this trick he used. He lays down on a ball to somehow hide his heartbeat. That sure comes in handy during a massacre when he needs to kill the last, and smartest, person. Anyways...terrible story...
  17. A Happy Medium

    Fifa 2009

    I took Dag & Red and marched up to the Prem, and domination is taking place. This is a bit easy. The sponsor deals are awesome. Meanwhile, one thing I miss from previous FIFA games is where when you upgrade your stadium to a ten, you get to watch the stadium build up around you. While I like the small stadium, it's hard to think that I make a million dollars for home game.
  18. A Happy Medium


    I try to unleash the code as I do the missions. Saves time. Plus, some of the hacker attacks are cool. I just need to get my processing up a bit higher to go with my ego. Fun times, though. I got up to level four today.
  19. A Happy Medium


    I'm in as WOOLDOOR-RISING....yeah, I know. I'm a new hacker...this is a fun game.
  20. A Happy Medium

    English Football

    Woo! Go Reds! Wasn't Harry managing Portsmouth?
  21. A Happy Medium

    NFL Week 8

    The new Cowboys punter just blew up the returner to start the game. Bronze him!
  22. A Happy Medium

    2008 World Series: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Tampa Bay Rays

    Quality...yes..but the choice is classless.
  23. A Happy Medium

    2008 World Series: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Tampa Bay Rays

    During the intro for the Rays they were playing what sounded like a children's song that was about fish. We're going to hear about it.
  24. A Happy Medium

    2008 World Series: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Tampa Bay Rays

    That's pretty awful. I am now officially pulling for the Rays. This is the World Series...
  25. A Happy Medium

    2008 World Series: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Tampa Bay Rays

    It's Tim "I caught Bob Gibson!" McCarver!