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    Vince wants a Wednesday Night show

    IIRC, the first week did a .9 and I think they are hovering around .8 for the last two weeks. EDIT - Actually in looking into this, they did weeks of .9, .88, and then .9 again this past Thursday.
  2. RedJed

    WWE Superstars 4/30

    Yeah, its already week three and this show has completely gone dull on me. I still have hope it will just turn into the workrate hour and have really excellent matches for guys begging to get airtime on TV more than anything. Starpower isn't going to ever drive this show, as the network probably isn't cleared in enough homes for them to justify putting their big stars on here and not keep them focused on their main brands show every week.
  3. RedJed

    Vince wants a Wednesday Night show

    I don't know if there is any substance to anything significant being negotiated with any network right now or if it's just Vince and the company wanting to do something or coming up with an idea to sell to potential networks, but it's not a bad idea really, perhaps something for the WWE to aim for by the fall. One thing though, I feel it cannot be, is just another version of WWE Superstars. That is what makes that particular show unique (or maybe not so unique depending on how you look at it) in that you have an ECW, Raw, and SD match on there each week. So for this idea to even take off, they are going to have to throw something very unique and niche market a bit, They would also have the night to themselves in terms of competition with maybe the exception being The UFC sometimes on Wednesday nights. But as long as the idea presented was unique, they could probably sustain it to reach at least a 1.0 or so on any given weeknight evening, and they could tie in any potential matches for this show in either/or/both the Raw and Smackdown weekly tapings just fine, question would be where it would go TO. I suppose My Network TV (if they even make it to fall) may be a possibility, but one would imagine WGN America is thrilled of the success of SuperStars, so they may want another show just as much as WWE wants to make one. Also, I wouldn't count out the possibility that USA Network wants to have another hour of WWE stuff this week BECAUSE of the success of the SuperStars concept. Plus, USA is within a sizable suborganization of other channels, which means they could throw another hour on Sci-Fi (perhaps to tie-in to the re-launch of the channel?) or else even go to Bravo or something crazy like that, particularly if they did something with the women exclusively. For what it's worth, I think a Diva "reality" show on a Wednesday night would be alright, but it would depend how it would be presented. There has been talk of them doing for a good while now, so I wouldn't be surprised for them to go through with it finally. And it could work as long as it had a different edge to it, kind of like the original Tough Enough concept of busting your ass more than normal to get a spot. I don't think the structure that they have applied with the Diva Search would fly in a concept like this. The challenges would have to be more, well, challenging, to start. Sadly, I would expect that WWE would likely follow more of a format of it being more like a Top Model type show, and be trying even to cater more towards the women viewers if they went down this road. I also think a Wednesday show wouldn't be bad either as just a strictly Divas show in general (and would prefer that over a Divas reality show or something), having just 2-3 women's matches from both Raw and Smackdown, and maybe occasionally from ECW (including your Divas and Women's title matches on here every so often) just put on this show....and then take them off Raw and Smackdown's weekly show. They have enough women on their roster to easily fill an hour each week of matches, ultimately only 15-20 minutes of in-ring action a week and the rest of the TV time for the allotted hour could be vignettes, backstage segments, and promos with all of the ladies. If it was a success, they may even want to just outright create a new "Divas" brand of the company in which all of the women essentially were not exclusive to one of the other three brands anymore, and they merged the Divas and Women titles together to just have a Divas champ and nothing more than maybe even starting a Divas tag team title or something. Hell, they got something like 25-30 women under WWE contract, why not just go ahead and do it already? An other idea I've heard being floated around on the net on other boards is to switch ECW to Wednesdays and bring back Tuesday Night Titans. That may be a far better idea than creating anything exclusive for the women, as it would be more of a recap show in some ways as well, as the host could recap the past week in the three brands and then preview the next three brand shows, almost in a news format type of thing. The only thing I would worry with a show like this is how the WWE writers would do in actually making it entertaining and not just hard to sit through, but time would tell on that one. Obviously, there wouldn't be any matches on the show as well, which is a good or bad thing depending on you look at it.
  4. RedJed

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    WTF are you even talking about? Figured Roxxi was being released, since she has been off TV for awhile. That character they tried with her did nothing for her though, and dare I say if they got rid of her, why didn't they get rid of Taylor Wilde, since she was just as annoying in terms of the character they write her as. She always did well though with working hardcore matches and I'm annoyed they never went ahead and did a really straightforward Roxxi/Kong program. It would have probably been good. Sadly, I don't see WWE having any interest in her either, though.
  5. RedJed

    Impact 4/30

    I'm finally getting to watching the show right now, and I'm up to the Morgan segment, and for the most part, this has been solid stuff. Yeah, they did a 180 with Brutus Magnus, dumped the damn Gladiator gimmick and teamed him with Williams, makes sense. Still not sold on the third guy of that team though, does anyone know much about him? Reminds me of that A1 guy from Team Canada in a way, just little talent to the guy. But if the company is so high on Magnus, maybe we'll finally see it here. Williams back in the company will be a plus, as will be bringing Red back, who dressed and looked like they did really have a plan to team him with London since it seems like he dressed in a similar attire to London. One thing about the whole Red thing though, AGAIN, Tenay just undersells the shit out of these re-debuts or people returning. When he came out to the stage, he is clearly being figured to be reading from a script word for word with no enthusiasm. As for Red in the ring though, he still can work hard and those tag tournament matches were both pretty good for Impact tag standards. Angle as the overimposed "Godfather" bit gets a little ridiculous at times too, but I'm almost expecting him to be the fallguy in the world title match as Foley going to MEM and taking over his spot could work since they are going heel with Foley anyway. Speaking of Angle, what was the deal with him in the MEM backstage segment with the women yelling at each other. What was he implying with Jenna when he flashed the money sign behind her back? I was thinking he was implying that she was paying them to give her "starpower" or something? Or was it that he was basically calling her a whore? Or maybe neither, who knows. She is definately one person in the company I could do without, same with Lauren the interviewer who would be a perfect fit for an upcoming Troma movie role with that horrible acting she does. It's clear that what they are doing with Joe now is going to be much like Taz's gimmick in ECW, and that means they gotta be bringing Taz in to salvage this whole Nation of Violence thing they are doing with Joe. Possibly by the end of this story playing out, by using Taz as a manager to him or some sort of influence, "he" will bring back the old Joe a little bit. I still do want to see a Joe/Nash blowoff match, by the way. The potential of Daffney and Abyss going heel with Richards in leading a group might work. Wow, there are getting to be a lot of three or four person stables in this company, has anyone noticed that? Russo influence for sure, which seems to be an ok thing at this point with some of the pairings they are doing to get certain guys over more. Oh and going back to Morgan's promo, I'm thinking he will eventually go to the Mafia and I could see them putting him in there against Lashley in one of his first matches for TNA (who I think they will keep as a face for now to feud with Angle also). One thing that I have noticed Impact does now which makes the shows seem more different and better than they used to be is that after every main event match (or sometimes in ring segment) ending, they still do one more "follow-up" segment after it. It makes some things more significant when they comment on them and add to it after what is normally the end of a typical wrestling show. I remember when WWE actually did this with some of their In Your House ppvs and I liked it. I swear that in the spoilers, didn't Styles and Joe brawl or something? If so, wondering why they cut this out of the show. So was that last segment the deal that Foley was raving about? So who was Foley talking to anyway, I'm guessing Lashley.....so we are to assume Lashley is still possibly with the Mafia then since Tenay openly said that Foley had to be talking to Lashley as well. Then, by pro wrestling standards, it should be someone else instead. Right? I suppose it could have been Goldberg too, if that was the idea. But he never really headlined Mania, even though TNA tends to be loose with those things, meaning Lesnar/Goldberg could be headlining Mania. Nice little swerve there with Sting showing up too. Seems like they have to be doing Jarrett/Foley/Angle/Sting at Sacrifice for sure. Overall, there was alot of stuff happening on this show, but it seems more self contained than usual and the question mark of who was Foley talking to makes me interested in next week more than usual, to see how they follow up on that. Considering I didn't even recall that the last segment of the show was in the spoilers at all, that was a strong ending, partly because I didn't even know about it. EDIT - I just realized what the point of the last segment was, seemed to be to that the sock was who Foley was actually talking to, kind of bringing out the Mankind persona of Foleys much like he did as Cactus Jack to lead to his match with Sting at Lockdown. So it wasn't that he was even talking to anyone.
  6. RedJed

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    I went to an early showing today and it was decent enough, but not any close to on par with any of the other XMen films, thus a bit of a letdown. There is a short scene (pretty big spoiler, too) at the end of the film after all the credits roll, by the way.
  7. RedJed

    Smackdown Spoilers for 5/1

    I was hoping for Punk/Edge at Judgment Day too, but I guess they have to build this MITB redux with Punk or something. Sounds like a decent tease there, though. With that said, he still could conceivably be added to the Hardy/Edge match at Judgment Day. Very WCW-like of Vince to change the scramble match announced on Raw to a fatal four way here, taking Khali and Morrison out of the match and adding Kane to it. Funny that it doesnt sound like they even acknowledge the match was originally what it was. If they are going to pull book on the fly shit like that, they should at least try to make sense of it. Iffy on the idea of John Morrison as a face also.
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    The OaO Raw Thread for 4/27/09

    Like alot of you, I was just dumbfounded by the ending of Raw. First off, what a horribly mundane and boring match between Show and Batista (not that I expected anything less of course), neither of them against Orton has sort of potential to me (especially since we've seen Batista/Orton how many times now, and everytime we see it, it sucks) and then they take the "can it get any worse" farther by having Cena show up at the end. Of course that's ridiculous in itself since he was stretchered out at the ppv, as was HHH, and we didn't get any HHH here on this show (and from how they are playing off it, it sounds like it should be awhile before he shows up again). To me, even if Cena hobbled a bit out there, its still stupid as hell because if you are stretchering a guy out, by no way, shape, or form should he be coming back out the next night, ESPECIALLY if another worker does the same stretcher job on the same show the night before. Then the whole Miz calling Cena out thing made it even more illogical to do. Made me think this show was booked on the fly a bit and little to no detail was paid attention to in terms of logic. Fortunately, I enjoyed the rest of the show for the most part. Some of the promos by the new Raw guys (MVP, Miz, Hardy, etc) were solid and hopefully they keep giving them mic time to shine. MVP also looked really good in there against Orton, and the Shane run-in got some great heat there. Once again, I could have done without the Santina shit, but this was a little more bearable than the ppv nonsense, since it was just on Raw.
  9. RedJed

    Halloween 2

    I like the homage to the original Halloween 2 here for sure......like most I'm iffy on a ghost of his mother telling him to do this and that, but I want to see more before I judge. Honestly, I thought the trailer looked really good other than that one detail of the ghost mom.
  10. RedJed

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    As a followup to that Strikeforce show a few weeks back...... Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith at a 180 pound catch weight has been added to the Strikeforce show on 6/6 in St. Louis in a battle of two winners from the 4/11 show in San Jose. Diaz beat Frank Shamrock in the main event, while Smith beat Benji Radach in one of the year's best matches earlier in the show. I expect this to be something fierce.
  11. RedJed


    From what I've seen for responses, it's one of those segments that you either loved or hated, with very little middle ground. Personally, the "humor" felt extremely forced to me, the crowd wasn't hardly responding to anything (except the Jim Ross thing) and it just dragged on. I guess I just don't get the humor in the whole drag queen bit or something, and Khali's knack at making almost any segment he is in become overtly lame keeps on keeping on. Do I even need to comment on how bad Beth Phoenix was in that segment too? Not that she had much to work with, of course. Like I said before, it resembled that god awful ODB Dating Game segment they did on a TNA ppv not too long ago. In both of these cases, when there is even a possibility that a segment is going to be trainwreck bad, such as I felt this was, I think these things shouldn't be put on pay per view, and I still stick to my guns that any excuse that it was ok that it was on pay per view is ridiculous.
  12. RedJed

    ROH on HDNET Tapings Results

    Yeah, that was the best main event match ROH has done as of yet on the HDNet show, that's for sure. Next week starts the second set of tapings (which I read deviated from introducing all of the wrestlers like the first taping and now the focus is establishing the feuds and whatnot), Ric Flair in ROH, and I'm sure there will be alot of new champ Jerry Lynn.
  13. RedJed


    That was a phenomenal main event, it's a shame they just didn't do that match at Mania, as it was easily the best Cena/Edge match I've ever seen, which is saying alot. Lots of the typical buttons and whistles in the match (especially the finish and the FU into the crowd), not that I'm complaining though as it's been missed in big WWE matches as of late on top of the card. One of the better Last Man Standing matches WWE has ever done, if you ask me. Felt like one of those main event title matches you would see on pay per view 10 years ago in the Attitude days, where a bit more creative thought was put into laying out the match. And you would see more big spots. Interesting night, Orton and Edge get the titles, and Cena and HHH BOTH do stretcher jobs. Can't complain about that! Overall it was a really strong show though, the first two matches were very solid stuff, Kane/Punk wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, Hardy I Quit match was ok (still feel like they are holding off on some finale of sorts with these two) and while most of the six man was boring, the last few minutes of that match really made it. And then of course the main event delivered for sure. By the way, I swear I thought I saw DDP out there tending to Cena, but that couldn't have been him.
  14. RedJed


    Yeah, THAT was my point to Army, that defending that shit in any way is pretty much ridiculous. But to each their own, I just haven't recalled such a piss poor segment on WWE pay per view in years.
  15. RedJed


    If it ran too long then isn't that a bad thing? Intermission segments are saved for house shows, not pay per views. Didn't say it wasn't bad, sid it wasn't really all THAT bad. I bought [a little too late] too see 3 matches, and I knew that segment would be on and probably go long. So it didn't offend me nor was it something for me to complain about or deem "THE WORSE THING EVUH!" What in recent memory has been worse than that on WWE pay per view then? You're completely missing my point so I might as well just give up on ya.
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    If it ran too long then isn't that a bad thing? Intermission segments are saved for house shows, not pay per views.
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    Lets just say you are clearly in the minority if you are saying that segment wasnt as bad as it was. I'll leave it at that. And if you are calling me out, I'd chill out because I'm far from an apologist in any sense of the word. Check your facts.
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    No I totally disagree, you would have to be the ultimate WWE apologist to accept that shit as entertaining, much less acceptable for pay per view. It was THAT bad.
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    The match itself up until two minutes left was some sub-standard shit to me, just seemed too formulmatic to me. But the last few minutes were strong. Hell of a nearfall there when they even did a bell ring on it, I thought it was over for sure. But then even besides that, Orton still beats HHH clean, nice. Glad to see they avoided the obvious of going the DQ route. They are actually continuing to try to make Orton a big star. Heat between Batista/HHH also, which seems to indicate sooner or later, a Batista turn.
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    What a shitty match so far. Punch, kick, punch, etc.
  21. RedJed


    Wow, that Santina segment was so bad it was just plain bad. Nothing entertaining whatsoever about it. Can't recall them pulling such a shitty angle on ppv like that in years.
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    Yeah, there was little intensity in that match, I think that was the problem.
  23. RedJed


    I don't know what it was exactly, but something was definately missing from that I Quit match. Seemed a bit rushed, although I think they got 15-20 minutes. Guess I was just expecting more from the apparent blowoff match between the two. That said, it was still a solid match. Kane/Punk was better than expected, but the crowd was super dead through that, and most of the night so far.
  24. RedJed


    Both Christian/Swagger and Steamboat/Jericho were way better than average undercard ppv matches.
  25. RedJed


    That was a pretty damn good opener, thought the title match they had on ECW TV was a tad bit better, but still this was solid stuff. Christian will probably give it back to Swagger within the next month or so, though. Rematch is inevitable.