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  1. Kaertos

    Ground Zero Talk

    What... ::snirk:: ::yawn:: Somebody say sumthin'? Mmph... didn't think so. I'm going back to sleep at the rest home. This is a comfy chair. - Grand Slam
  2. Kaertos


    We can hope. I want to get a huge poster of Sentry killing Carnage and frame it. Made me sooooo happy. I hate hate hate hate Carnage.
  3. Kaertos

    The Prestige

    Finally saw this over the weekend and I have to give it a massive "eh." The acting was good, but I usually need at least one main character in the movie to be a sympathetic character, someone you can empathize with a root for. Every single main character in this movie is a dick. Plain and simple. Plus, I sussed out all the "twists" at least 30 min before the reveals. It looked gorgeous, but it really lacked in getting me emotionally invested in the story.
  4. Kaertos

    My Name is Earl

    I don't know. I kinda got the impression from the first couple of episodes that Crabman was way smarter than he acted.
  5. Actually, I didn't. I went out to dinner with King and some friends on Kingmas, and I bought him a gift and gave him a card... did any of you get him a card? HMMM?
  6. You missed Kingmas... YOU MISSED KINGMAS!!!!!! What is there left to believe in????
  7. Kaertos

    Making the SWF myspace page

    One quick note, my name is actually "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens. I never once wrestled under just Mark Stevens. I'd love it if you could fix it. *duh* It's a Wiki... I fixed it myself.
  8. Kaertos

    Better Know A Writer!

    Real Name:Chris Characters Portrayed: "Grand Slam" Mark Stevens In SWF Since: August 2000 (?) Real-Life Height: 5'11 Real-Life Weight: 235 Real-Life Age: 33 Real-Life Location: Xenia, Ohio Picture: I'll edit it in later Education: Some college, almost a junior! Accomplishments Outside of SWF: Livin' the American Dream, married, house, two cars, good friends... Favorite Band: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Favorite Song: "Born to Run" or "Thunder Road" depending on my mood. Favorite Movie: Star Wars Virgin? Explain.: Nope... married... Accomplishments Within SWF: IGNJL Euro Champ, 2xSWF World Champ, 2x ICTV Champ, 3x Tag Champ, won Clusterf**k 2002 (?) Favorite SWF Moment: Outside of my own stuff (hey, I mark for me)? Honestly? King beating Thugg for the World Title the same night I won CF. It meant so much to him and I. Also, King v. Raynor and Raynor v. Edwin. Favorite SWF Writers (All-Time): King, Edwin, Raynor, Thugg, X, Tom Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Is Landon still active? Toxxic Why You Joined The SWF: It looked like a lot of fun, I love to write and I was a huge wrestling fan. Seemed a natural.
  9. Kaertos

    State of the SWF, 2007

    Well, I have a couple of things to say. - MySpace is a good idea, but only if someone, or a very small group of someones, is willing to step up and own the process. It has to be an assignment, something that there is a responsibility for and a plan for what to do when, not if, something happens and the people in charge flake. - If this is the end, I agree with Tom. there needs to be time for people to finish angles and for the people who put a lot of time and effort into this place, the people who loved this place, to come back and say goodbye the right way. After 8 years, we should not just fade away, we should end with a bang and, frankly, give the people taking their characters to other feds a running start, something to hang their hats on. That having been said, I hope we could all celebrate Genesis X...
  10. Kaertos

    How I Met Your Mother

    That, my friend, is why DVR's and TiVo has become so damn popular. No more of this "I wonder if it's a new episode" crap. Just check the list and say "Wow. New episode. Cool."
  11. Kaertos

    Marvel's Civil War

    You know, the more I think about it the less sense it makes for the X-Man to stay on the sidelines. They've been fighting against the Mutant Registration Act for what, 30 years of comics now? So the Registration Act happens, in effect, and they say, "Nah, we're sitting this one out. It's nice for the other heroes to see what we go through." It makes no sense at all. Basically what they are saying is that they've seen all of these possible futures where a Registration Act happens and the world is just destroyed, and when it is actually happening they say "Fuck 'em"? Baffling to me, and it makes me like the characters even less than I did before. If Professor X was around they wouldn't be acting like petulant little brats, they'd be on Cap's side kicking some ass.
  12. Kaertos

    Lurker/Retiree roll call!

    I'm still around, although I honestly don't read that much of the shows, I do try to read the comments and summaries just to have an idea who / what is going on. As for marking... you know, I wasn't that good at it when I was helping run the joint. I'm not interested in ticking off people just for the heck of it.
  13. Kaertos

    Hey dude(s), whatever happened to...

    You know, I might try the NaNoWriMo thing if it were any time of the year but now. November / December is a terrible time for me to try to devote that much time to writing. If it were, like, February (I understand it's a short month) or January I'd be able to at least give it a shot.
  14. Kaertos

    Question about splitting up MP3s

    Believe it or not, I've used Windows Movie Maker to do exactly that. It isn't the greatest .mp3 editor around, but for simple tasks like this, it is pretty good, already on your computer (assuming you have XP) and simple to use.