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  1. Special K

    My Conversation With Mike

    You should know, after fucking with people's PMs! Time to say goodbye after 8 years.
  2. I've been a little leery about raw shellfish. It just sounds wrong, and clams are CRUNCHY raw. Yeck. (though I've always dug raw oysters) However, I just had scallops raw, and they are delicious. There's very little I really dislike, sushi-wise. Squid and raw shrimp are tasteless. Clam's gross. I don't see the point of tamago/egg omellette. That's about it. There are certain things that aren't worth the price, like Sea urchin. Eel, mackerel, halibut, each and every type of tuna (toro being the best) those are king.
  3. Special K

    Pictures I Like

    If we're going cute girls with unreal cow tits, I like Shay Laren.
  4. Special K

    What are you reading?

    Ha ha, I'm reading Emma too! Also Spook Country by William Gibson. And Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings because I'm apparently eleven years old again. Just finished Neal Gaiman's Neverwhere, looking forward to picking up American Gods.
  5. Special K


    At least your taste in characters is paramount! I was going to suggest you do Pembleton next... but there you go. Best cop character ever, IMHO.
  6. Special K


    ^Indeed they are! In fact, I think the ad in the theater said in stores now... but I'm not sure.
  7. Special K


    There's a reason the best, most affecting part of the movie is Jon's reflection on the moon. In the movie, it exists as essentially a series of still images and narration, not dialogue. Also, I doubt it'll be fun to go back and pick through the movie frame-by-frame to find all the little visual nuances you missed, like little subplots going on the in the background foreshadowing events to come, counting how many times you can find the 'splatter', etc. It could be, Snyder could have hidden all sorts of fun stuff, but I doubt it, subtlety not being his strong suit and all.
  8. Special K

    DLC and it's future in videogames

    I wonder what will happen when the current systems fall out of vogue and networks die off. Granted, I hope the current generation of hardware stays around for QUITE a while, but retrogaming might be a huge pain in 10-odd years. Of course we might be downloading Blu-Ray games in a flash on the next consoles.
  9. Special K

    How I Met Your Mother

    This is the only show I can watch that has a laugh track. (besides old reruns of Seinfeld)
  10. Special K


    SJ, everyone in this thread was having a perfectly fine time agreeing and disagreeing on the merits of this film. You know, having a conversation on a topic. Something you apparently can't do without making broad generalizations and blanket statements and failing to back them up. The only thing people can agree on is that you have shit for brains. Is everyone else in the thread wrong or just you? You don't know what irony is. You seem to think that ironic means 'apt' or 'fitting'. It kind of means the exact opposite. Do you misuse the word 'literally' a lot too? You further compound this by seeming to think sharing that you think something is kind of apt or fitting (or in your world 'ironic') is making a joke. It is not. You cannot present a cogent argument. Everything you say is a non sequiter. State specifically what you did or did not like, or share an observation. Do not start screaming about how everyone takes the movie way to seriously. We don't. We just think you are incredibly fucking stupid. Stop derailing the thread. Stop making terrible non-jokes. You are awful.
  11. Special K

    Keanu Reeves appreciation

    I LOVE that movie, though you're right about Glover carrying it. Dumb, pretty teenage Keanu acting like a dumb, pretty teenager is quite poignant, really! I liked Constantine quite a bit. And he's hilarious in Much Ado About Nothing! I've heard a couple actors day that Keanu is pretty much dumb as a bag of hammers, and is also just about the nicest guy in the world. I feel that comes through in most of his movies. He's can't emote, or hell sometimes read lines, but he's instantly likeable. He's like an adorable puppy.
  12. Special K

    Comic Request thread

    I don't think Moore had a stint on The Authority... But issues 1-12 are fantastic. Can't speak past that. You might be thinking of Moore's run on Supreme (maybe?) which is really fun. It's flagrantly just Alan Moore writing Superman and calling him Supreme. To be honest, I really loved the first collection of League, and didn't like the second. Volume 2, the plot barely seems to move, and it's very anti-climactic. A few great moments for Hyde, and that's it. If you're looking for some newer Alan Moore stuff, I really can't recommend Top 10 enough. It's so damn fun. Probably the most humorous thing he's ever written. Still quite twisted though! Have you used ScrapeTorrent, Kotz? That usually works for me.
  13. Special K


    Really, if the movie had been the same up until the ending, and then they had just NAILED it, I would have been VERY happy. But they pretty much killed every emotionally resonant moment in the ending: Every one of these, fucked up or omitted entirely. It really makes the film land with a thud. Jerk, stop pouting because people asked you to explain your opinions and you don't know what irony is. Not one person has simply pointed out differences and whined, they've explained clearly why they do or do not like the changes. You sound like CronoT. For shame.
  14. Special K

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Ha ha, I'm not busting your balls Lushus. Just saying, Watchmen has its problems but League was SO bad. You know speaking of, that makes Sean Connery share the honor (with Uma Thurman) of being in TWO of my least favorite movies ever: Avengers and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And shit, they're both based on Alan Moore comics! That's... something.