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    Syndicated booking thread

    One night tournament for a World title shot on HeldDOWN~! (Involving the remaining MITB participants from AngleMania) Alfdogg vs Tha Puerto Rican Denzel Spencer vs Christian Wright Thunderkid vs Sandman9000 Winners advance to a triple threat match to determine who gets the shot.
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    SYN: tournament

    [b]Denzel Spencer vs Theodore Moneymaker[/b] Prior to the match, Christian Wright, who was originally scheduled to meet Denzel, announced to Terry Taylor that he had allowed Moneymaker to take his spot in the tournament as a sign of respect and solidarity. The former World champion appeared to take the Heartland champion a little lightly, and paid for it in the early going, as Denzel sent him to the floor with an array of kicks. Denzel continued to control the match as Moneymaker had trouble keeping up with his torrid pace, but finally managed to turn the tide by getting his foot up on a charge. Moneymaker slowed it down and kept it on the mat for the next few minutes, until Denzel ducked underneath a clothesline and hit a spinning wheel kick. Both men were out of it on the mat, then made their way to their feet, where Denzel went on a roll offensively, ultimately knocking Moneymaker to the apron. The referee backed him off, as Moneymaker went into his tights for a foreign object. Denzel ducked a swing, then tried a suplex inside, but Moneymaker drilled him with the object for the three-count. As Moneymaker celebrated, a second official ran to the ring and informed the match official of the shenanigans, stripping the object from Moneymaker's hands unexpectedly, which prompted the lead official to reverse the decision, DQ'ing Moneymaker. [b]WINNER: Denzel Spencer (reverse decision)[/b] [b]Thunderkid vs Sandman9000[/b] After both men made their entrances, Reject made his way to the ring and huddled up with his comrades, convincing them to call off the match. Reject made his way to the referee and told him to ring the bell and count both men out, which he did. The three men exited the ring, but as the referee got midway through his count, TK tiptoed back to the ring and rolled inside as the referee finished! [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ebGuKeuT_0[/video] [b]WINNER:[/b] Thunderkid (count-out) [b]Alfdogg vs Tha Puerto Rican[/b] Two former world champions with a well-documented history, Alf and PRL found themselves across from each other once more with a shot at another title reign on the line. The two legends battled to a standstill for several minutes as the crowd was divided. PRL gained the first major advantage when Alf sent him to the floor, but he was able to move out of the way when Alf attempted a plancha. PRL pummeled Alf on the floor, then rolled him back inside and began to set him up for the finish. Alf fought back with some right hands, but PRL ducked a swing and locked in a sleeper. Alf went down, but fought his way back up, ramming PRL into the buckles to break the hold. Alf whipped PRL into the ropes, and PRL ducked a clothesline, but both men then clotheslined each other. After a few seconds of laying on the mat, Alf was able to position his legs with PRL's, and attempted to execute the Sharpshooter from the mat, but PRL was too close to the ropes. Alf waits for PRL to get up and attempts a superkick, but PRL ducks and hits one of his own! PRL then goes for the P.R. Nightmare, but Alf is able to block it, so PRL hammers on his back and attempts an Irish whip. Alf reverses the whip, and PRL attempts a flying bodypress. Alf tries to catch him, but the momentum carries both men over the top rope to the floor! PRL comes up clutching his knee, and Alf picks him up and rolls him inside. Alf follows, but is held off by the referee. When the referee moves, PRL springs up and rolls Alf in a small package for two, at which point Alf reverses the move and gets the three-count. As the announcement is made, PRL and Alf sit on the mat and stare at each other, then nod in the direction of each other in a show of respect. [b]WINNER: Alfdogg[/b] [b]Alfdogg vs Denzel Spencer vs Thunderkid[/b] TK's bid at a World title shot didn't start out too well, as Alf and Denzel began the match working together against him. TK is sent to the outside, and Alf and Denzel engage in some chain wrestling sequences. Ultimately Denzel takes down Alf with a spin kick, only to be clotheslined to the mat by the returning TK. TK then floors Alf with a bicycle kick after tossing Denzel, getting a near-fall. Alf fights back and sends TK to the floor, then hits him with a plancha. Alf slugs away at TK, then brings him to his feet, but as he does, Denzel floors both men with a springboard moonsault! All three men lay on the outside, then Denzel comes to his feet and tosses TK back inside, getting a near-fall. Denzel picks up TK and sets him up on the top rope, then climbs up after him and hammers away. Alf comes back into the ring and brings Denzel off on his shoulders. TK gets to his feet on the top rope, and lunges at Denzel, who rolls forward and rolls Alf into a victory roll, which ironically does not get a victory. Alf comes to his feet first and catches Denzel with a CHOP~!, taking him right off his feet. He then starts chopping TK, then whips him across, but TK bounces out with a clothesline. TK then executes press slams on both men, and gloats to the crowd. TK then goes to the top and tries a swanton bomb on Denzel, who moves. Alf then goes to the top and hits the Five-Star Alf Splash on TK, but Denzel breaks the count. Denzel then scoops up Alf and hits the Carribean Compactor, but Alf gets a foot on the ropes. Everyone lays on the mat, then comes to their feet, as Alf sends TK over the top with a superkick. Alf then sets up Denzel with his suplexes, but Denzel comes back with a spinning crescent kick, then attempts the scissor kick, but Alf catches his leg at the last second, trips him up, and applies the Sharpshooter. Denzel reaches the ropes after a long struggle, and Alf releases. Alf whips Denzel into the ropes, but Denzel spins through a hiptoss attempt, and scoops up Alf, drilling him with a tombstone. TK breaks the count by pulling Alf out of the ring. He hammers away on Alf, but Alf reverses an Irish whip and sends TK into the steel steps. Alf then sends a shoulder into Denzel, and springs inside for a sunset flip, but Denzel hooks the legs ala Davey Boy Smith, and scores the pin! Alf comes to his knees with his hands on his hips, as Denzel celebrates, then comes to Alf for a handshake, which Alf gives him after some hesitation. [b]WINNER: Denzel Spencer[/b]
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    My status.

    Hey guys, I am still around. My laptop is completely out of service for now, and I'm on a computer which runs with Windows ME. This computer is pretty crappy at times, as well, and for that reason I haven't really tried to write anything for the fed on it since AM. Even when I do get the laptop back, though, I'm probably finished from a "full-time" standpoint with the OAOAST. I just don't have the time or energy to commit to actual storylines. So unfortunately that means I probably won't be able to do the big feud me and Patty had planned out in the fall. Patty, I'll send you a PM later tonight to discuss this further. I do still plan to do some stuff with the Heartland title, and probably the GGM segments here and there. I could probably still take on the Lethal Rumble, as well, and small stuff like updating the tour schedule and title histories (which I just did a few days ago!). But for a while now I've been concocting these big, elaborate storylines in my head and then not really fully delivering on them for the aforementioned reasons, and it's disappointing to me. As for my characters, you're all free to use them however you want with the exception of Alf and Sandman. I have an idea for the Alf character which I'll discuss with Patty in the PM, and as far as Sandman, he'll be used at the most as sort of a special attraction in the Heartland special matches. I figure Reject could be used to fill ME spots where needed, or in the tag division with TK, who I'll use from time-to-time in HL matches, as well.
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    Booking for the 4/8 HD

    That's fine.
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    AngleMania IX Feedback

    I am going to leave feedback for this show, just so you know. My computer has been acting up again this week.
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    Booking for the 4/3 HD~!

    I think I made San Antonio the location for this show, but it was by total coincidence.
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    AngleMania IX: Sin City Showdown

    Main event is in. Not to pat myself on the back, but I feel it's one of the best matches I've written. Hope you guys like it.
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    AMIX: Reject vs Mr. Dick

    *DING DING DING* (slow and dramatic) BUFFER [i]Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed by an official of the OAOAST, that the following match, will be NO HOLDS BARRED![/i] *crowd cheers* COLE Wow. That's a huge announcement! COACH I gotta think that favors the champion, Reject! The intro to Motley Crue's [i]Motherfucker of the Year[/i] hits, and the crowd comes to its feet. [b]I'm just the bone in your side, The disrespect in your eye, I can't control myself.[/b] Mr. Dick walks through the curtains, hearing the cheers of the Vegas crowd. [b]I'm like the stain in your drain, I'm taking over your brain, 'Cuz I can't help myself.[/b] COLE Mister Dick on the way for the biggest match of his career! COACH And quite possibly the [i]last[/i] match! COLE You know, Coach, I don't know that I agree that Reject is the one benefiting here from the NHB stipulation, because this now prevents him from saving his title on a DQ or a count-out! COACH Oh please, Cole, it was never going to come to that! Do you really think that after all the talking Reject's done, talking about how he wants respect, that he's going to come out here and take the easy way out like that? Get real. No Holds Barred, that just means Reject is not restricted in the amount of torture he deals out to Jock Mulligan! Mr. Dick goes through his theatrics in the ring as his pyro goes off. [i]Final Ride[/i] by TRU hits, and the boos fill Vegas as Reject makes his way through the curtains and walks to the ring. COACH And you know, Reject was right earlier, too! Do you think for one minute that Jock would be in the main event of AngleMania right now if it weren't for the Deadly Alliance taking him in? He'd be in some undercard six-man match with Biff Atlas and Jumbo! The Deadly Alliance made this guy, and tonight Reject's going to extract his debts! Reject climbs into the ring, as Buffer preps himself. BUFFER [i]LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLadies and gentlemen...it is now time, for the main event matchup of the evening! Tonight, two former associates turned bitter rivals, will do battle in this very ring. One man seeking glory, one man seeking respect...in this match, for the Heavyweight championship of the WORLD! *crowd cheers* BUFFER [i]Introducing first, to my left, the challenger![/i] *crowd cheers* BUFFER [i]He hails from San Antonio, Texas, and weighs in at 238 pounds! One of the hottest, young rising stars in the business today, and tonight, he has the chance to take that final step against his former mentor. Ladies and gentlemen...the challenger...MISSSSSSSSSTEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!![/i] *crowd cheers* BUFFER [i]And ladies and gentlemen, to my right, his opponent.[/i] *crowd boos* BUFFER [i]He hails from the Bronx, and weighs in at 232 and 1/2 pounds! A man who over the last six months has solidified himself as a top star in the business, and tonight, he makes his first appearance as the centerpiece of the grandest event of them all. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the leader of the Deadly Alliance...the reigining TWO-TIME Heavyweight champion of the WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLD...RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEJEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E EEEECT!!!!![/i] Reject poses as the crowd boos. BUFFER [i]Ladies and gentlemen...the time has arrived. ARE YOU READY?[/i] *crowd cheers* BUFFER [i]Las Vegas, Nevada...ARRRRRRRRRRE YOUUUUUUUUUUU RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREADYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????[/i] *crowd cheers* BUFFER [i]Then for the thousands in attendance here in Las Vegas, and the millions and millions watching around the world...there's only one thing left to say. Ladies and gentlemen...LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLET'S GET RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREADY TO RRRRRRRRRRRRRUMMMMMMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!![/i] Reject and MD meet in mid-ring, and have a staredown. As the flashbulbs go off, Reject removes the belt and hands it to the referee, who raises it in the air, and calls for the bell. *DING DING DING* The two men continue to stare down, until Reject lets a sizeable wad of spit fly into MD's face! COLE The ultimate act of disrespect from Reject! COACH Like Reject said, if that's the game Jock Mulligan wants to play, two can play at that game! MD backs off and puts his hands on his hips, looking out into the crowd, then wipes his face off, and connects with a right hand! COLE And here we go! The two men exchange fists, with MD getting the better of the exchange. He backs Reject into a corner, then whips him hard across, and catches him with a backdrop! COLE And Mr. Dick taking the advantage in the early going! MD backs Reject into another corner, and begins to hammer away, but Reject goes to the eyes and turns it around. Reject delivers a CHOP~! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! And another! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! MD turns it back around, though, and starts drilling him with rights once again. He whips him across, and this time clotheslines him down. When Reject gets to his feet, MD meets him with a DISCUS PUNCH~!, sending Reject backwards over the top to the floor! COLE And Reject sent to the outside! MD follows Reject outside, and hammers away on him, then drops him chest-first on the guardrail! MD rolls back inside, and Reject slowly follows, but when he sticks his head through the ropes, MD grabs it and drops down to the mat, executing a necksnap on the ropes! Reject falls back to the outside, and MD goes out once again, stomping away at him, then ramming him into the steel steps! COLE It's been all Mr. Dick in the early going here, maybe Reject wasn't giving [i]him[/i] enough respect! COACH Hey, there's still a long way to go in this match, Cole! Just wait! MD and Reject brawl into the timekeeper's table, where Reject gets hold of a chair and jams it into the gut of MD! COLE And Reject with a chair! Remember, this match is now No Holds Barred! Reject then measures MD, and lays a chairshot into the back! COLE Big shot to the back! Reject tosses MD back inside, and rolls inside with the chair. MD ends up in a corner, and Reject charges with the chair raised overhead, but eats MD's boot! COLE MD able to avoid another shot with that steel chair! MD picks up Reject and executes a back suplex onto the chair! COLE And now Reject dropped right onto the steel chair! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! MD stomps away on Reject until he falls to the outside, then follows him out, but Reject quickly recovers and meets him with a clothesline! Reject delivers right hands, and a CHOP~! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! Reject then charges MD, but gets backdropped over the guardrail into the stands! COACH They're taking it into the people, Cole! Reject and MD slug it out into the crowd, with Reject winning the exchange. Reject sets up for a piledriver, but MD blocks, and backdrops Reject onto the concrete! MD then finds a trash can and brings it down onto the head of Reject! COLE Mr. Dick looking great so far in this AngleMania main event! MD tosses Reject back to the ringside area, then inside the ring and grabs the chair. He waits for Reject to get to his feet, then clobbers him across the forehead with the chair! COACH Oh no! COLE What a shot with that steel chair from Mr. Dick! MD then lays the chair across the face of Reject, and drops a big elbow onto it! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! COLE And Reject has been split open by that chair! Reject uses the ropes to pull himself up, and MD charges, but Reject executes a high backdrop to the floor! COLE Wow, a long way down for Mr. Dick, and Reject catching a big break here! Reject catches his wind, then follows MD outside, delivering a CHOP~! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! Reject then grabs MD around the waist, and rams him back-first into the apron, then rolls back inside and poses, to the boos of the crowd. COACH See, what'd I tell you, Cole? It was only a matter of time before Reject took over this match from Jock Mulligan. Reject stomps MD as he slides back inside, then sets him up in a corner, delivering a CHOP~! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! And another! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! And a third! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! Reject brings MD out, and executes a fisherman's buster! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Reject picks Jock up, and executes a back suplex! Cover... 1... 2... Shoulder up! Reject sets MD up once again, and executes another CHOP~! in the corner! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! Reject then whips MD hard across into the other corner, then catches him and whips him back into the original corner, then catches him with another CHOP~! taking him down to the mat! COACH Beautiful sequence by the champ! Cover... 1... 2... Shoulder up! COLE Reject is slowly dominating this match! If he doesn't make a big mistake here, it looks like he may walk out of here still the champion! Reject picks MD up, standing him up straight, then delivers a big dropkick, sending MD rolling to the outside! Reject poses once again, drawing boos. COACH Yeah! Just a matter of time, Cole! MD climbs to the apron, and Reject hooks him, bringing him back inside with a suplex! COLE Great suplex! Cover... 1... 2... NO! Shoulder up! Reject whips MD into a corner, and hammers him down with right hands, then chokes him with his boot. He brings him back up, and delivers a CHOP~! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! But MD fires back with a right hand! COLE Mr. Dick fighting back here! Reject leans on MD in the corner, and delivers another CHOP~! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! Another right from MD! Reject leans again, then delivers a third CHOP~! Crowd: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! MD unleashes a flurry of right hands! COLE Look at the fight from Mr. Dick! However, Reject ends the charge quickly with a thumb to the eye. Reject then grabs the chair, and clobbers MD with it! COLE And now Mr. Dick takes one on the head! COACH lol Reject scales the top rope, as the now bloodied Jock lays prone on the mat. Reject measures, and comes off for the MACHO MAN ELBOW~!!!...but MD is out of the way! COLE And nobody home! Both men lay on the mat for a few seconds, then come to their knees and slug it out. They work to their feet, and tangle into the ropes, where Reject drives a knee into the gut of MD, then shoots him into the ropes. MD ducks a spinkick, then drills Reject with a STIFF KICK~! COLE And Mr. Dick lands a big kick! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! MD waits on Reject, then executes an inverted atomic drop, followed by a Clothesline from Hell! COLE The Cock Shock! 1... 2... NO! Shoulder up! COLE VERY close to a new champion right there! MD measures Reject, and clotheslines him over the top to the floor! COLE And now Mr. Dick taking it to the floor! MD grabs Reject by the head, and rams him into the steel steps! Reject staggers around, then is grabbed again and rammed into the ringpost! COLE Mr. Dick beating Reject all around the ring! COACH lol COLE Would you stop that?!? MD tosses Reject back inside, and whips him into a corner, charging and hitting him with a cross body block! COLE Bite My Giant Dick! Jock then lets him come into the middle of the ring, and hooks him in a full nelson...but as he lifts, Reject is able to slip out and connect with the EULOGY~!!!!!11111 in mid-air! COACH He got him! COLE What a counter by Reject! COACH It's over, Cole! I told you! Reject wipes his brow, then turns over and covers... 1... 2... 3!!! NO! Reject grabs the referee's arm as it's coming down for the 3! COLE Wait a minute! COACH What is Reject doing? Jock Mulligan is out, Reject, you got the pin! Reject gets to his feet and rolls to the outside. He reaches under the ring, and comes out with a BARBED WIRE-WRAPPED steel chair! COLE Oh, wait a minute. COACH He doesn't care about winning the match, he wants to hurt Jock Mulligan, he wants to change this man's life forever! He said it earlier tonight, Cole! Reject rolls into the ring with the chair, and rakes it across the face of MD, opening his wound even more. He then waits on MD to get to his feet. He raises the chair overhead, and DRILLS MD with it, with such effort that he even falls to the mat himself! COLE Oh my! Reject really out to do a number on Mr. Dick! Reject sits on the mat for a few seconds, then covers... 1... 2... 3!!! NO! Reject STOPS THE REFEREE'S ARM AGAIN! COLE Oh, come on! Reject exits the ring, and makes his way to the timekeeper's table, grabbing a Crown Royal bag. COACH What, is he gonna have a drink between falls? Reject opens the bag up, and pulls out a pair of handcuffs! COLE Oh my God...this is getting out of hand! Reject steps into the ring, and the referee steps in front of him, trying to talk him out of what he's about to do, and is met with a right hand for his efforts! COLE And now Reject assaulting referees! Reject gets the cuffs on one hand, but MD fights him off with right hands, then hits the PURE PENETRATION~! COLE Mr. Dick fighting back, and this time he hits that full nelson slam! Cover... 1... 2... NO! Shoulder up! MD picks up Reject and whips him into the ropes, but puts his head down, and Reject drives him to the mat with a Rocker dropper! COACH I think the tank is empty on Jock Mulligan after that one! Reject finishes applying the cuffs, then grabs the chair and holds it in one hand as he waits for Jock to get to his feet. COLE And look, Mr. Dick is defenseless! When MD turns around, Reject kicks a field goal with his balls! COACH DAY-UM~! Reject then raises the chair, and blasts the defenseless MD with it! Reject covers, as the referee slowly comes to... 1... 2... 3!!! NO! Reject once again stops his arm! The crowd boos loudly as Reject comes to his feet. COLE Reject is a disgusting human being! MD's face is now a crimson mask, as Reject lifts the chair once again. MD is near powerless to get to his feet without the use of his arms. COLE Come on, enough is enough! Suddenly, Malaysia runs to the ring and hops onto the apron, getting halfway through the ropes before Reject clocks her between the eyes with the chair! COLE I can't believe this! Malaysia, split open instantly from the chairshot, falls limp the rest of the way into the ring. Reject stares down at her as blood streams down her unconscious face. COLE [i]Damn[/i] him! COACH She is unconscious, Cole! One shot from Reject, and she is out! MD finally is somehow able to come up, but is immediately put back down with another chairshot! Reject places a foot on MD's chest and poses, with no count because the referee is still dazed. Reject sets up MD in a corner, and lifts the chair, then charges, but MD moves out of the way! COLE Mr. Dick simply going on instinct here! Reject continues pursuit, swinging the chair at MD on the ropes, but MD moves, and the chair hits the ropes and comes back into the face of Reject! COLE Look at that! Reject just nailed himself! Everyone is down, as Tim Cash comes running from the back with a police officer! COACH Oh, what's this idiot doing out here? COLE Tim Cash coming out with a policeman! The cop pulls out a set of keys, and finds one to unhook the handcuffs on MD! COLE And the officer, thank God, able to free Mr. Dick of the cuffs! COACH Now that is not right, Cole! No one from the Deadly Alliance has come out and interfered in this match, and we've already had two run-ins on behalf of Jock Mulligan! COLE Tim Cash didn't touch anyone! He just brought out that officer to free Mr. Dick of those handcuffs! And Malaysia was out here out of concern for Mr. Dick! COACH Oh yeah, we all know Malaysia would never interfere in a match, sorry! MD manages to prop himself on the ropes, and the first thing he sees is Malaysia laying unconscious on the mat. Seeing this, MD is able to pull himself up, with a scowl on his face. COLE Uh-oh, Mr. Dick just realized what has happened here to Malaysia, and he's got a renewed energy here! MD approaches Reject with fists clenched, and pummels him good in the corner. He whips him into the ropes, backing into the ropes himself, and drilling him with a STIFF KICK~! COLE Another big kick from Mr. Dick! MD collapses into the ropes, then pulls himself back up and executes an inverted atomic drop, followed by a Clothesline from Hell! COLE Cock Shock! MD waves for Reject to get up, as the camera cuts to the aisle, where Baron Windels is hammering away on Thunderkid, as Tim Cash is pulling himself off the floor. COLE Look at this! Tim Cash I think was just nailed by TK, and now Baron and TK duking it out in the aisle! COACH Well obviously Cash was on his way out to interfere again, and TK was putting a stop to it! COLE Oh please... The camera cuts back quickly to see Sandman9000 nail MD as he has Reject set up for the COCK BLOCK~!!!!!11111 COLE Speaking of interference, Coach! COACH Well, Baron was on his way down after his cheap shots on TK, Sandman was just cutting him off! COLE Are you blind? Sandman just took a cheap shot at Mr. Dick? Reject hooks MD as Sandman backs into the ropes with the chair...but MD slips out, and Sandman hits Reject! COACH Oh no! COLE And Mr. Dick able to escape, and Reject takes the blow! MD knocks Sandman from the ring with a STIFF KICK~!, then lifts Reject, and executes the COCK BLOCK~!!!!!11111 COLE HE HIT IT! THE COVER! 1... 2... 3!!! *DING DING DING* COLE YES! YES! YES! COACH No, no, [i]no![/i] COLE MISTER DICK HAS DONE IT! WE'VE GOT A NEW CHAMPION! BUFFER [i]Ladies and gentlemen...the winner of the match...and NEWWWWWWWWWW OAOAST Heavyweight champion of the WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLD...MISSSSSSSSSTEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!![/i] [i]Motherfucker of the Year[/i] plays, as Cash and Windels jog down to the ring to celebrate with the new champion. COLE Mr. Dick took an unbelievable amount of punishment in this match, against a man who was perhaps hellbent on ending his career! But he persevered, and now, Mr. Dick has reached the top of the mountain! He is the NEW OAOAST World champion! MD, leaning against the ropes, shakes Baron's hand, then moves in for an embrace as the crowd applauds. COLE And who'd have thought we'd ever see this again? The former Lone Star Gunslingers, celebrating together, as Mr. Dick has picked up the biggest win of his career! MD shakes hands with Tim Cash, as confetti and balloons spill from their compartments above the ring, and Mr. Dick puts his left arm around Baron for support as Cash raises his right arm, the belt in Mr. Dick's right hand, as fireworks explode in the Vegas sky. COLE And an exhausted Mr. Dick, as even in defeat, I believe Reject made true on his words, Mr. Dick will never be the same again after this war! MD then kneels in front of Malaysia, who is just coming to, and shows her the belt. MD I did it, baby! We did it! Malaysia wearily smiles, as Jock embraces her, and the two share loving kisses on the mat. COLE What a moment here, and what an unbelievable night! For the Coach, I'm Michael Cole, wrapping up yet another AngleMania! We'll see you next year in New York City, and we'll see you this Thursday on HeldDOWN~! Mr. Dick, Malaysia, Baron and Cash continue to celebrate in the ring as we... [b]FADE TO BLACK[/b]
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    AngleMania IX: Sin City Showdown

    And they're in. Denzel's is before the street fight, and Reject's is before Biff/Vinny.
  10. alfdogg

    AngleMania IX: Sin City Showdown

    I'm going to add short pre-match promos from Denzel Spencer and Reject.
  11. alfdogg

    HeldDOWN 3/18 feedback

    Nice match/ambush to build to AM with Crystal/Morgan. Some funny commentary in that match, too. Nice segment with Black/Scots. 6-man tag title match at AM. Should be a really good match. Another big tag match coming at AM, Heyross/THR. LKOS sending a message to the Cucaracha Kingdom, decimating the MGHC. Nice win for them. The usual great segment from COD. The Mr. Muggles line in particular got a good laugh. Terrific main event, with a big upset title change. Another Boston-over-LA triumph, poor Patty.
  12. alfdogg

    HeldDOWN 3/18 feedback

    Put it in, and put a brief GGM segment in after the AngleMania shill.
  13. alfdogg

    Syndicated: 6-man tag

    [b]Reject, Thunderkid, & Sandman9000 vs Mr. Dick, Baron Windels & Tim Cash[/b] The participants in the AngleMania IX main event got together with their associates for a big-time six-man tag team match. MD's team gained the early advantage, as they worked over TK in their corner. However, Sandman was able to land a shot from the apron into the back of Cash, turning the tide. The DA squad did a similar number on Cash, until Sandman missed a moonsault. Cash crawled to his corner, but the referee missed the tag to MD due to Reject's distraction. Reject spat at MD as the referee tried to put him out, enraging him and allowing a prolonged 3-on-1 assault in the corner. Moments later, Cash took advantage as TK put his head down, delivering a kick and making a quick tag to Baron, who was a HOUSE AFIRE, unloading with haymakers and big elbows, then getting a two-count on TK with a Myspace Comeback. A six-man donnybrook breaks out, which ends with all three DA members being whipped into each other, followed by MD hitting TK with the COCK BLOCK~!!!!!11111 and scoring the win for his team [b]WINNERS: Mr. Dick, Baron Windels & Tim Cash[/b] Reject sends Cash into the steel steps outside, as Baron and Melody raise Mr. Dick's arms, but MD takes a knee to the back from Sandman and is sent outside. Baron and Sandman tangle in the corner, as Reject slides in behind Melody, then spins her around and drops her with a EULOGY~!!!!!11111 Sandman slips to the outside, at which point Baron turns around and sees Melody unconscious, dropping to his knees to check on her. A concerned Cash slides in as well, followed by Mr. Dick, who leans against the ropes nearest the aisle, staring down the smirking Reject as he and his DA partners retreat down the aisle.
  14. alfdogg

    Next week's Syndicated booking thread

    We still doing Syndicated this week? I forgot about it myself until this morning. If so, I'll have that match done later tonight.
  15. alfdogg

    Booking for the March 18th HD~!

    I'll have a Deadly Alliance segment and possibly a Vinny/BB's segment (now known as the Ghetto Groove Monkeys).
  16. alfdogg

    Next week's Syndicated booking thread

    Reject, Thunderkid & Sandman9000 vs Mr. Dick & Citizen Soldiers
  17. alfdogg

    Booking for the 3/11 HD~!

    Sounds like a plan.
  18. alfdogg

    HeldDOWN~! 3/6 feedback

    Nice opening segment. Yes, Baron is indeed a forgiving man. Really good women's match, huge shocker at the end with the return of Crystal! Should be an awesome match at AngleMania. Funny segments with Melody/Biff and COD. Terry's blow-up was classic. Nice little return tag match, with the Moneygang overcoming the switch by the CAE. Nice finish. And the win's not enough, as they have to wreck poor Maya's bake sale! I forgot all about the PRL/Maggie relationship. Nice segment from Ed, and on time no less! Crazy, crazy segment with the coronation. I've always liked the Nathaniel Black character, and I'm interested to see what the future holds for him. Also, what becomes of the 8-man titles? Vinny Valentine, main eventer. Nice win for Alix. MOTN: Lindsay vs Morgan LOTN: "Are you kidding!? I once spent 6 days convinced I was Silver Sable. Then I got silver poisoning. That was an awesome summer holiday." - Melody Nerdly
  19. Reject is walking backstage, when he spots Malaysia Nerdly. He approaches her, and lets her know that despite what happened with Mr. Dick, none of the Deadly Alliance members had a problem with her, and in fact would like her to stay on with the group if she so chose. Reject said he would give her a choice, and that he would understand if she chose to stay with MD. He told her to think about it, and give him an answer on HeldDOWN~!
  20. alfdogg

    Booking for this week's Syndicated

    I'll have a segment tonight. I told Patty last night I'd have it last night, but this time I mean it!
  21. alfdogg

    Nerdly Spectacular Feedback

    Yes, the intro was tremendous. Nerdly Babies FTW. Lots of hot action in the KOTR first round. Particularly liked that CW was able to be eliminated with out his streak coming to an end. LOL @ the graphic for the AC final. And the match was classic COD. Great stuff New tag champs! Big upset right there, I thought for sure the Moneygang would keep on rolling through to AM. More classic Patty with the big pillow fight. Nerdlys victorious in their homeland! Awesome KOTR final. I kind of figured Landon was winning, but the match was done well enough to keep me guessing. Glad Denzel got a good showing. MOTN: KOTR final
  22. alfdogg

    Nerdly Spectacular!

    My segments are in.
  23. alfdogg

    Nerdly Spectacular!

    Oh yeah, and I also need either the last segment of the show, or the segment before the last match, if possible.
  24. alfdogg

    Nerdly Spectacular!

    BTW, I'd like for the above to open the show, if possible.
  25. alfdogg

    NS: Denzel vs TK

    [i]God of Thunder[/i] hits, and Thunderkid makes his way out. COLE King of the Ring matchup coming up, featuring Thunderkid of the Deadly Alliance! Let's go to Michael Buffer! BUFFER [i]The following is a first-round King of the Ring matchup, scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing in at 250 pounds...representing the Deadly Alliance...THUNDERKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!!![/i] TK climbs into the ring and poses on the buckles, drawing boos. He then warms up, as [i]Master Blaster (Jammin')[/i] hits, and Denzel gets a big reaction as he makes his way onto the stage. BUFFER [i]His opponent...from Montego Bay, Jamaica, weighing in at 225 pounds...he is the OAOAST Heartland champion...DENNNNNZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL SSSSSSSSSSSSSSPENCCCCCCCCCCCCCERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!![/i] COLE And Coach, in my opinion, no wrestler in the OAOAST improved more dramatically over the year 2009 than this man, Denzel Spencer! COACH Well, he's not one of my favorites, Cole, but when you look at his accomplishments, he definitely made some huge strides! Denzel sets his pyro off, then hands his belt to the referee, who calls for the bell. *DING DING DING* COLE Denzel handing over his Heartland title, which of course is not on the line in this match! TK and Denzel circle the ring, and tie up. TK grabs a side headlock, then takes Denzel down to the mat. TK cinches in on the headlock, then Denzel rolls him over... 1... 2... TK rolls back over, then tries to pull down more, but Denzel slips free and hooks in a hammerlock! COLE Ooh, nice escape there by Denzel! TK quickly gets to the ropes, then makes his way to his feet after Denzel breaks. The two move in on one another again, and this time TK delivers a kick to the gut, then whips Denzel into the ropes. TK goes for a clothesline, but Denzel ducks, and takes down TK with an armdrag! TK quickly gets to his feet, and gets caught in a drop toe hold! TK gets to his feet again, and Denzel hits him with a dropkick, sending him over the top to the floor! COLE Nice string of offense by Denzel, and TK has to regroup! Denzel cuts TK off as he gets onto the apron, but TK grabs him around the head with both hands and drops to the floor, hanging Denzel up! COACH But a nice move there, let's see if he can follow up! TK picks up Denzel and hammers away with European uppercuts, then brings him out and executes a gutwrench suplex! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! TK gets to his feet, and drops a knee to the sternum! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! TK picks Denzel up, and whips him into the corner, then charges...but Denzel moves out of the way! COLE Nobody home on the corner charge! COACH And TK went right with that right shoulder into the corner! Denzel grabs the arm, and starts delivering blows to the shoulder, then wrings the arm, stepping out to the apron, and dropping to the floor! COLE Nice strategy by Denzel, working over an appendage of the bigger, stronger TK! Denzel hooks the arm behind the back of TK, and scoops him up, slamming him onto it! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Denzel picks up TK, and wrings the arm once again, but gets backed into the ropes by TK, who then whips Denzel into the ropes, and plants his left elbow into his sternum! COLE And a BIG elbow from TK! TK retreats to a corner to rest his arm, before eventually making his way back to Denzel and tossing him to the outside. TK lets Denzel climb to the apron, then delivers a forearm blow to the chest! He then snapmares Denzel back into the ring, drops an elbow, and covers... 1... 2... Kickout! TK picks up Denzel and attempts to ram him into the buckles, but Denzel blocks, and rams TK instead! Denzel delivers right hands, then sets up an Irish whip, but TK reverses, and attempts a clothesline, but Denzel ducks, and hits a flying bodypress! 1... 2... Kickout! TK gets to his feet in time to floor Denzel with a clothesline! COLE And TK looking really sharp in this first-round King of the Ring match! TK dumps Denzel to the outside once again, and this time follows him out, grabbing him around the waist and ramming him back first into the apron, then lifting him in the air for a PRESS SLAM~! COLE No, not on the floor! However, Denzel manages to wiggle free, and delivers some right hands, then grabs TK in a side headlock, but TK shoves him off into the ringpost! COACH But just when you think Denzel catches a break, TK comes right back! TK tosses Denzel back inside, then rolls inside, and scoops him up, executing a FALLAWAY SLAM~! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! TK then whips Denzel into the ropes, and catches him with a powerslam! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! TK climbs to the top rope, but takes too much time in doing so, and Denzel shakes the ropes, causing TK to rack himself! Denzel then leaps high for a dropkick, knocking TK to the outside! COLE And that may have been the break that Denzel needed! COACH Mistake there by TK, too busy going back and forth with the fans as he climbed the ropes! Denzel catches his breath, then takes a couple steps back, then does a HANDS-FREE SOMERSAULT PLANCHA~! onto TK! COLE Denzel going for it all, and he got it! Denzel picks up TK and tosses him back inside, then climbs to the top rope, and hits a MISSILE DROPKICK~! Cover... 1... 2... NO! Shoulder up! Denzel delivers a foot to the gut, then hits TK with a SCISSOR KICK~! Cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Denzel then scoops TK onto his shoulders, and goes into an AIRPLANE SPIN~! COLE And an airplane spin! How about this? Denzel drops TK forward onto his back, holding onto his legs, then executing a rolling cradle! 1... 2... Kickout! Denzel whips TK into the corner, then goes for the handspring elbow, but TK moves, then runs to the ropes, flooring him with a BICYCLE KICK~! COLE And what a KICK from TK! COACH That's got to be it! 1... 2... NO! Denzel gets the shoulder up! COLE But no, Denzel comes out! TK picks up Denzel, and hooks him for the SCORPION DEATHDROP~!!!!!11111, but Denzel swings his right hand up a couple times, dazing TK. Denzel tries to turn out, but TK hangs on with a side headlock, and tries to take him over, but Denzel does a FRONT FLIP to escape! COLE Look at that escape! Denzel hits TK with a Codebreaker, then climbs to the top rope...and comes off with the KINPUPPALICK~!!!!!11111 COLE Denzel with his 450 splash! 1... 2... 3!!! COLE And Denzel Spencer advances! BUFFER [i]The winner of the match...DENNNNNZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL SSSSSSSSSSSSSSPENCCCCCCCCCCCCCERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!![/i] COLE Denzel will meet the winner of the match between Tim Cash and CPA in the semifinals! COACH Well, Reject can't be happy about this one! We've already seen one member of the Deadly Alliance removed tonight! COLE Indeed, the fallout from this will be most interesting! Right now, let's go to...