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  1. This is easy, the Rock returning to Raw as a heel in 03. "You MOTHER CANUCKERS!" 'Oh Yayyyyyyy, he said TORONTO, that's where we live!" "Take all your boos and shove them up your maple syrup sucking candy asses"!
  2. Shanghai Kid

    Eddie Murphy

    Life is pretty underrated. I don't see how anybody can call it a bad movie. It's definetly Martin Lawrence's best performance, and it's the best drama/comedy Eddie has done.
  3. Shanghai Kid

    Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy did 'Delirious', for that he should always be respected. We're talking about arguably the greatest stand up routine of all time. Somebody in here actually said that 'Eddie could of been a comedy legend' What are you smoking? Eddie IS a comedy legend just based on his 80's work alone. Not only was he a beast in the 80's, his work heavily influenced guys like Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, and Dave Chappelle. I also think Eddie's career falling off is severly overrated. Shrek, Shrek 2, and Dreamgirls are all a huge success. Bowfinger and Life were both pretty damn good movies. His children movies are usually horrible, but they do make alot of money. He's had a great career overall. But anybody questioning Eddie, all you need to do is watch 48 hours, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America. Those 4 movies really put him on a level higher than most guys. He basically introduced the 'smartass' hero character.
  4. I have to agree. Rock is the best ever on the mic, and he definetly could get fans caught up in his matches. When I think of the matches with the most heat in the modern era I think Rock/Hogan, Rock/Austin. When I think of the best feuds of the modern era I think Rock/Austin, Rock/Mankind. Austin was a bigger draw, but Rock as a draw did pretty damn good in 2000 and I don't think Austin was quite as entertaining. He did have a few months where he got stale as a face, it was when he started overusing the Streudel bit probably around 2001. The biggest thing with the Rock is that he had 3 heel stints, and all 3 of them are among the best heel characters of all time. Nation Rock, Corporate Rock, and Hollywood Rock. Theirs so much memorable stuff, remember when Rock thew threw Austin off a bridge? Giving Farooqu a picture of himself? Doing his own commentary during his own matches? No Sing along with the Rock? The Concert in Sacramento? The stuff with Hurricane? I would honestly say Rock in 2003 for that 3 month period, that was the highest quality of promos/entertainment that a wrestler has ever done. Who has left the buisness when they were that good? That's the definition of leaving in your prime.
  5. Shanghai Kid

    If you could only watch one wrestler

    2003 Rock is the most entertaining wrestler I have ever seen. His mannerisms and taunts vs Hogan, Austin, Goldberg are so over the top funny.
  6. Shanghai Kid

    Vince Russo

    According to Russo, at his highest point he was writing the entire Raw show on his home computer and than turning it into Vince who would make minor changes. Russo feels like he wasn't getting enough credit back than, he felt like WWF was keeping him a secret, and he had some beef with Jim Ross. We know the low points of Russo's tenure, and he completely bombed in WCW, but to me at least alot of midcarders seemed to be bigger stars than they actually were during 98-99 (D-Lo, Val Venis, Mark Henry). Then again, who really knows what Russo was really responsible for? He claims to have written alot of the Vince/Austin stuff in 98.
  7. Outside of the obvious (Hogan, Austin, Rock, Foley), what past and current wrestlers do you think are currently millionares? I'm guessing Roddy Piper is still a millionare.
  8. What makes a great wrestler is completely up to the individual and what entertains them and what their looking for. Their are many people who will go to their grave with the opinion that Hulk Hogan is the greatest wrestler of all time. Their are many people who don't get into what Chris Benoit provides because it's not charismatic or entertaining enough for them. "Quality" is as subjective in wrestling as it is anything else. On a WWE board I don't think their should be an uprising of "why this is ridiculas" to the notion of Shawn Michaels being the best wrestler of all time. I'm pretty sure their is more than 1 person who thinks that, maybe cause they only watch WWE.
  9. Shanghai Kid

    Little Man

    I agree with the idea that Shawn drags Marlon down. Marlon actually was doing some nice work by himself until the Wayans Bros TV show was canceled. Since than almost everything he's done has been with Shawn. Don't be a Menace is a classic and Scary Movie was good, but White Chicks was straight garbage and Little Man looks like it also. However these movies will always have an audience and people will go see it which will inspire more White Chickesque productions. I just don't know what the purpose of Marlon doing Requiem. "Yes I can do drama but I'd rather settle for the lowest form of comedy."
  10. Shanghai Kid

    OAO Post Mania 22 Raw Thread

    Do some people actually watch the show and say "man if HHH uses his political power tonight im going to sleep pissed off". ?
  11. Shanghai Kid

    OAO Post Mania 22 Raw Thread

    This sucks......HHH is the most over guy in the company....how the HELL did we let this happen? Righhhhhht.
  12. Shanghai Kid

    Bret Hart confirms he will not be at WrestleMania

    The bottom line here is that Shawn Micheals can burn in hell. A WWE Main Eventer should not be allowed to attend the Hall of Fame if he has beef with Bret Hart. Look Shawn, just stay away. Bret doesn't want you there. You lied to Bret Shawn, Bret NEVER did anything bad to you, but you kicked Bret and he never kicked back. We here on this board actually have personally watched your life through a Truman Show like microscope for the last 10 years, so we KNOW that Bret never did anything to you and that your the consumate asshole. I have no respect for a guy who without any reason at all, without any justification, has beef with a guy like Bret Hart. I think all of us here who have met Bret KNOW that the man hasn't done wrong, and since we have followed Shawns life seeing everything he does we know he gave Bret an eternal superkick right to the heart and Bret Hart kickers be damned! No but seriously, I'm guessing Shawn shows up and than walks out right before Bret's turn comes up.
  13. Shanghai Kid

    Bret vs HBK vs Flair vs Austin

    List each wrestlers best match, and than rank them as workers, talkers, and than as an overall wrestler.
  14. Shanghai Kid

    Bret Hart's legacy

    I think people who grew up watching wrestling during the mid 90s will always hold Bret in high regards. From 92-97, the audience wasn't as huge but Bret was pretty much "the guy" to the audience who was watching. He was the guy in between the Hogan/Austin era, what I like to call the Bret/Shawn era since those two held it together. If you started watching wrestling 97 on, than your probably thinking of Bret as just the "screwjob" guy, but for the most part his legacy is as secure as anybody.
  15. Shanghai Kid

    Hogan DVD match listings

    'Hulk Still Rules' did actually have some stuff you won't find anywhere else while missing some of Hogans biggest matches. It had alot of funny old interviews and segments and some obscure matches which is what some here seem to want. So if you get this new one which has every big Hogan match and have that old one, that really is the most complete Hogan set that could possibly be compiled.