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  1. El Psycho Diablo

    Fallout 3

    Broken Steel DLC Preview May 5th.
  2. El Psycho Diablo

    Fallout 3

    They haven't said, but it got a stealth update Sunday, which added the achievements in. The Pitt's stealth update happened a week and a half before release, if that's anything to gauge it by. I hope Broken Steel provides more content than O:A or The Pitt. Anchorage is neat, but has no real replay value at all - but it does add a suit of power armor that never degrades. The Pitt is better, but is still really linear.
  3. El Psycho Diablo

    Fallout 3

    News time! There's going to be a new Fallout game next year. Bethesda's farmed it out to Obsidian - a.k.a. the remnants of the guys who developed the original games. Good news, IMO. Link
  4. El Psycho Diablo

    Mass Effect

    How bad are we talking here? Like initial release Rome incomplete, or..? As far as ME goes, I just picked it up a few days ago, and I'm loving it. I'm not even having any trouble with the Mako segments, and the fact your main cannon can hit from a long-ass way off helps.
  5. El Psycho Diablo

    Zero Punctuation Reviews

    I agree with his RE5 review, basically. As far as RE4 goes, I (for one) liked it because unlike the older games, it had a camera/control scheme that made the game playable.
  6. El Psycho Diablo

    Legends of WrestleMania

    I kind of wish the no on-screen ref thing would travel over to SD! They're mostly just annoying, and get in the way - besides, you can't attack them deliberately any more with the silly targeting system, so what's the point?
  7. El Psycho Diablo

    Once Great Cable Channels That Have Gone Downhill

    Speed Channel. It was all doing really well until FOX bought it, when it may as well have been renamed NASCAR2. Food Network has also decidedly made a shift for the worse over the last couple of years.
  8. El Psycho Diablo

    Final Crisis

    Legion of Three Worlds #3: So, is alive again. Plus, Sodam Yat is convinced by Mon-El to take up the ring again, and has a fucking awesome oath. Something tells me that ties into the current GL storyline, even if it is a thousand years later.
  9. El Psycho Diablo

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Backtracking isn't as bad as the Random Encounter, or my personal (least) favorite, press X to not die/Quick Time Events.
  10. El Psycho Diablo

    Dawn of War II

    Perhaps my sarcasm detector is off, but the SC races were based off WH40k's in the first place.
  11. El Psycho Diablo

    Fallout 3

    Not really. FO1 and 2 were even more breakable. Crank all your points into Small Guns in the first few levels, have a decent Perception and Agility, get a half-decent weapon, and you're unstoppable. FO2 also had the infamous 15 minute APA walk.
  12. El Psycho Diablo

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    According to TeamXbox, Yukes/THQ says it's coming out "soon".
  13. El Psycho Diablo

    The one where we talk about Secret Invasion

    A good while, I hope. He's been righteously awesome in Thunderbolts, and if he's written even half as well elsewhere it'll be good stuff.
  14. El Psycho Diablo

    Fallout 3

    I don't think I've ever finished a game in 'tard mode in Fo1/2 yet. There's just so much it blocks off, or screws you out of.
  15. El Psycho Diablo


    It still doesn't make much sense - especially the fact they waited to sue until after the trailer with TDK aired. Somebody was asleep on the job, or something. Even then, licenses don't generally last forever.