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  1. converge241

    Judgment Day 2009 Thread

    They must have felt it was "too obvious" or known they would do that lol
  2. Just saw it on ESPN during Rome Is Burning today. And if you have seen it do you know where it can be found online?
  3. converge241

    Sublime Re-Unite After 13 Years...

    Somewhere Badfish is weeping (Sublime cover band that seems to get a ton of gigs..helped that Sublime got big as/after no one could see them live anymore) I could do without either of them, but still interesting news!
  4. converge241

    Guitar Hero World Tour

    Minor complaint: The vocals arent as good as on Rock Band..even with the vocal track turned all the way down and the mic turned up its still too present. Considering we didnt have to buy multiple instruments to play the different games though, it's liveable.
  5. converge241

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    cant wait for the rumored Zombie gane in it
  6. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    yeah wondering if it is just a storyline "holding down" of punk..time to try meltz if its up (acting funny before)
  7. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    or not!!! shame on me..riding jericho while hes hot (??)
  8. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    wow @ jericho..still think punk will come in at the end though we shall see
  9. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    batista - jbl to start p.s. justintv seems to be working better now http://www.justin.tv/xtreams
  10. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    how could these former tag partners battle with each other..oh the humanity!! *rolls eyes*
  11. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    A thousand apologies. I only put effort into typing for my work, when I was in school, and for any serious writing. *sigh*
  12. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    excited for the new faction BTW nice layout of Punk and Kofi
  13. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    more hammering that odds are against Punk (see previous he'll retain)
  14. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    yep so far so good HHH retains
  15. converge241

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    says that to me too yet im watching it live It doesn't work for me in any browser. everyone in the chat is saying it doesn't, either. Dont know what to say..im getting it..i do miss gaps from it freezing but im catching almost everything, sorry