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  1. MillenniumMan831

    One and Only Smackdown Thread for October 30, 2K3

    He can go on Steve Harvey's Big Time with those lactating tits.
  2. MillenniumMan831

    One and Only Smackdown Thread for October 30, 2K3

    Holy shit . . . THAT'S the same guy with the bum knee on TE2?!?
  3. MillenniumMan831

    One and Only Smackdown Thread for October 30, 2K3

    Can't Heyman just send Raven/Sandman/Mikey/Dreamer to kick Vince's ass and turn Smackdown EXTREME?!? Obviously, a resounding NO!!! Back to watching Bloodbath.
  4. MillenniumMan831

    One and ONLY Joe Schmo Season Finale Thread...

    What a fantastic finale to a fantastic series!
  5. MillenniumMan831

    WWE Bloodbath DVD

    Easter Eggs . . . DISC ONE On the menu, highlight Sammartino/Zbyszko and hit right twice. You'll see the match that led up to the cage match with Vince/Bruno narrating it. Honestly, the VQ of the match is better on CV's Best of WWF Volume 1 but still a very nice touch. As mentioned, highlight Flair/Garvin, hit right twice and see Garvin actually win the NWA Title from Ric Flair in a cage from Detroit. In the extras, highlight Snuka/Muraco, hit right twice and see the complete Roger's Corner with Don Muraco to set up their cage match. The best easter egg I've noticed. DISC TWO As mentioned, highlight Hart/Hart, hit right twice and check out Owen's interview with Vince from a darkened cage.
  6. MillenniumMan831

    80's Strike Back

    Favorite Moment: Gilbert Gottfried talking about ?Yale? having a 13 week course on how to master the Rubix cube. "What next? Oh, I'm majoring in English but my minor is in Boggle! What the FUCK?!?" I didn't care much for the other What the Fuck moments from what I saw but the above one was gold!
  7. MillenniumMan831

    The ONE and ONLY....

    Remember, Ralph said, "If you think you know how it will end, you're DEAD wrong." I must say, I've never been more pumped for a tv show as I am for tomorrow's finale.
  8. MillenniumMan831

    Wrestlers without entrance music

    I still crack up thinking about Bob Backlund celebrating his 1994 WWF Title win going from buckle to buckle with no music at all.
  9. MillenniumMan831

    Just Noticed...No Heat!?

    He's acknowledged as the GM by Coach/Snow, but other than that . . . the gimmick is DEAD.
  10. MillenniumMan831

    The "Official TSM Rating Scale"

    I have two ratings: I'd like to see that match again. I wouldn't like to see that match again. If I see a match of the former sort enough times, it can move into the latter group.
  11. MillenniumMan831

    Just Noticed...No Heat!?

    Ya know, if anyone in WWE realized HEAT would air on Saturday, they should have really filmed 4 Stevie is GM segments just to spite Steph on her wedding day. And I wonder if the wrestlers who wrestled matches on HEAT were exempted from having to go to the wedding since attending both events would be impossible for anyone other than HHH. (Dreamer reading the wedding invitation he didn't receive until this past Monday) Dreamer: Dear WWE Superstar, You have been cordially invited to the holy union of World Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley and the former and future Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon. We would . . . . . . . Oh Christ, do I really have to go?!? It is a free meal, but I'll probably have to wear a damn tie! (Dreamer thumbs through TV Guide) Dreamer: Holy shit! Joe Schmo Marathon Sunday! Fink: Yeah, Tommy haven't you heard? Heat's on Saturday this week. It's the talk of the wrestling world. Heat airing on the same night as the holy union of . . . Dreamer: SHUTTUP! (Dreamer spots HHH refusing a young fan's autograph) Dreamer: What was that for? HHH: Shut up Dreamer! Maybe you haven't noticed-uh, but we have a thing in this business called kayfabe. Look into it. And good luck on Heat-uh. (Dreamer wrestles his Heat match and leaves the following message on HHH's answering machine Saturday morning.) Dreamer: Hello HHH. Tommy here. Just wanted to let you know that I will not be able to attend your wedding due to my match vs. Rico tonight on Heat. Saturday Night's Main Event has nothing on Heat! C'ya on Raw one of these weeks. Gotta keep the kayfabe. (During the reception, HHH notices Dreamer is missing) HHH: Where's Tommy? Steph: Who? HHH: Tommy Dreamer. Steph: Who? HHH: Ya know, that Tommy Dreamer guy from ECW! Steph: ECW? Is that a new cable channel? HHH: No bitch! He's that guy who would eat . . . Steph: BITCH?!? BITCH?!? You think I'm a BITCH?!? HHH: No listen, it's Tommy's fault. Steph: DAAAAAAADDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vince: Yes honey. Steph: Hunter just called me a bitch! HHH: No no no, you got the wrong impression. Vince: You called my precious Stephany a bitch? HHH: No, I have an itch. I would never say . . . Vince: You have insulted me once too many times Hunter! Now, you will hear the four words I have been meaning to say since you met my daughter. HHH: (gulp) Vince: LANCE STORM IS FIRED!!!
  12. MillenniumMan831

    MNF game might have to be moved

    Yep, it's in Phoenix. EDIT --- Got beat to it.
  13. MillenniumMan831

    Just Noticed...No Heat!?

    FYI --- It was Hurricane/Rosey over Arch Kincaid/Bobby Rude.
  14. MillenniumMan831

    Alright, who's avatar is better?

    I think I'll go with Dr. Tom for now.
  15. MillenniumMan831

    The OAO VelocidentialHeAT Thread 10-25-03

    I wonder if Coach will review The Bible for the Heat viewers.
  16. MillenniumMan831

    The OAO VelocidentialHeAT Thread 10-25-03

    If I may add a 6th star, I shall ******!!!
  17. MillenniumMan831

    The OAO VelocidentialHeAT Thread 10-25-03

    Well, at least WWE are making the shows 'sound' interesting. The GM is still to come!
  18. MillenniumMan831

    The OAO VelocidentialHeAT Thread 10-25-03

    If anyone's watching, is it me or they piping in some major crowd noise/chants?
  19. MillenniumMan831

    WWE Bloodbath DVD

    Went to FYE . . . they had Unforgiven 2003, but no Bloodbath. I asked about it, and they looked at me like I was asking for beastiality porn. Better luck Tuesday.
  20. MillenniumMan831

    The OAO VelocidentialHeAT Thread 10-25-03

    Why wouldn't they just put Heat on 9pm instead of 7pm. Although, the preview says Sunday. It probably won't air at all . . . more room for Joe Schmo!
  21. MillenniumMan831

    Biggest rumors about Scott Keith

    12 HOT DOGS?!? I COULD ONLY EAT TWO!!! Three cheers if anyone knows what the hell I'm talking about.
  22. MillenniumMan831

    HHH & Stephanie wedding, this Saturday

    What the Hell is wrong with Flair? Flair has been married to the same women for years. He has kids who he supports. He doesn't get to spend as much time as he should with his family due to work, but at least he supports them. I always read he tries as much as he can to go to his sons matches/games and I think his daughters events. What have you done? I meant physically. Since Steph sees HHH as a legend in the business and Flair is HHH's role model, you know that HHH's body will begin to break down, but he'll never stay off TV. Flair's on TV because the people demand it. HHH will always be on TV because the McMahon-Helmsley Factgeme will tell everyone that the people demand it. Granted, Flair was never Lou Ferrigno, it's obvious that he's not up to par than he was 10-20 years ago. Don't worry, I'm totally aware that Flair is a legend and HHH is a legend in his own fantasy. Never meant to imply anything about Flair's personal life.
  23. MillenniumMan831

    Upcoming WWE storylines

    JR: Welcome back to Raw . . . fans, we wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that there has been a trade . . . What's that? I'm being told there's an incident in the back. (In the back, HHH pedigrees Matt Hardy and walks away.) JR: What the hell was that for?!? Don't worry fans, there will be hell to pay for HHH when Stone Cold finds out!
  24. MillenniumMan831

    WWE Bloodbath DVD

    Cool, didn't think it was supposed to come out until Tuesday. I'll be picking it up soon without a doubt. Any Easter eggs?
  25. MillenniumMan831

    What new TV shows are you digging?

    Joe Schmo is absolute gold! I also thought Reno 911 was hilarious! Crooked cops = FUNNY! However, there's no way that show can go over 2 seasons.