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  1. Dr. Tom

    Marney: RIP

    I didn't have to. That's when he was gone for a few weeks months on end and I was the one holding the bag. And since guys like Sass and Kahran tended to think like I did, I wanted to bring someone in who thought differently, just so we wouldn't miss something we should have seen or considered. Maybe you're still around because you still bring that to the table.
  2. Dr. Tom

    Marney: RIP

    Yup. I wanted someone who could think outside the box we had in place at that time, IIRC. I maintain that adding you to the staff back then was a good decision. Whether your retention on staff is a good decision or not is something I'm not here often enough to answer. I'd lean toward no on general principle, but that's nothing personal; it's just because I'm a term limits sort of chap. Throw the bums out, etc.
  3. Dr. Tom

    Airbag/How Am I Driving?

    I know, I know, it seems silly and annoying, but I really think it's ultimately necessary, especially with a large community that has a number of notable posters airing concerns surrounding possible management bias. Writing up formal rules will save you a lot of time and frustration down the line by circumventing any claims of selective enforcement. Yes. "Don't be a dick" or "Don't be a dumbass" is a nice overarching philosophy, but you need to spell out specific things people should not be doing. Then those things need to be applied consistently. If that happens, you'll get some bitching, but it won't be justified bitching.
  4. Dr. Tom

    Gas Price Check...

    $3.37-$3.45 here. I got a 57 on the walking test thing, but it also referred to a grocery store that closed last year, and a couple other random places that either closed or moved. I do live right around a lot of things that are pretty easy walks, though, and I generally walk to them anytime the weather is good.
  5. Dr. Tom

    Marney: RIP

    You should. Doing so would make that debacle right again. Czech, I don't know what you're doing on this staff, really. You seem to be the only one who "gets it." And I mean that in a good way, obv.
  6. Dr. Tom

    Dr. Tom is 33 today?

    I'm not. Not even close, really. I've never been the most svelte of individuals, but he's got quite a lot on me. I get the Daly comparison a lot. That, and Alex Lifeson (Rush guitarist). I wish I could hit golf ball half as well as Daly, and play guitar half as well as Lifeson. I haven't been the board dictator in about a year now (much to the board's detriment, from my occasional return trips). And that picture of me is from either 2000 or 2001. It's much more under control now.
  7. Dr. Tom

    The TSM Suggestion Box

    I can see it now... Bob bans someone, and then starts a thread complaining about the banning. Awesome.
  8. Dr. Tom


    I wouldn't go so far as to call it blasphemy, but yes, I'd want to see Stephen Fry have a guest turn on House before the other fellows who were mentioned. And I think Fry is already reasonably famous, though perhaps not to American audicences. Jeeves and Wooster, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and Blackadder must have given him some recognition. Incidentally, did anyone catch his guest role on Bones this past week? Fry played a shrink who had to evaluate Booth before clearing him to return to work. Very well done, of course, and now that Fry has already worked with Fox, maybe a role on House can be worked out.
  9. Dr. Tom

    So, I'm looking to buy a gun.

    A shotgun really is the best weapon for home defense. Everyone knows that chick-chack sound when they hear it. Most places don't require you to get a permit or license to own a shotgun. The weapons and their ammo are easily available. And you don't need to be accurate. Handguns are great, as long as you can reliably hit your target. A shotgun relieves you of the need to be a good shot.
  10. Dr. Tom

    The TSM Suggestion Box

    Bob was someone I always thought would do a pretty good job. He's generally level-headed, which is always a plus. Looking at the current makeup of the staff, adding Bob would certainly be an improvement. Locking threads because you don't like to see a celebrity get discussed in a culture that glamorizes and even worships the very concept of celebrity is not something a staffer should ever be doing.
  11. Dr. Tom

    TSM Writers....

    The last attempted relaunch of the main page produced some new writers and content for a while, and then it all dried up. As it always does, and as, I'm sure, it always will. At this point, I think another relaunch of the main site would be like beating a dead horse. Just use the domain to display the forums home page. If you want to make an Articles forum and get people to write that way, that might be worthwhile. But beyond that would be a waste of many people's time.
  12. Dr. Tom

    Dr. Tom is 33 today?

    You have seen my face. NOW YOU MUST DIE~! The pic is about six years old by now, but yep, that's me. Thanks for the thread, kids.
  13. Dr. Tom

    No Holds Barred (Feedback & Voting)

    This looks like the best idea so far.
  14. Dr. Tom

    Who Called Admin Bot?

    It's been a while. It might be coming up on a year by now.
  15. Dr. Tom

    Your thoughts....

    That sounds very likely. This is, of course, absurd. Sure, the guy is an asshat for picking on a retard, but to expel him for sexual harrassment is one of the most absurd things I've ever heard.