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  1. haVoc

    Who would you like to see in WWE

    Joe wouldn't last long anyway with his rumored attitude problem.
  2. haVoc

    WWE Monday Night Raw.. Three 4 All!

    Creative really need to step up their game and elevate MVP pronto. At this point I don't care if they forcefully shove MVP down our throats until he gets over as a believable headline talent. There has been far worst talent who have been forced feed to the fans. Raw is atrocious and needs some new blood at the top. I really like Orton and believe he is the best option to hold the title at the moment but he needs new guys to work with.
  3. haVoc

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    I can't say I'm shocked Kennedy was released, but I'm surprised WWE would release him when he's injured. There must be more to this story.
  4. haVoc

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    Kennedy looked like he got hurt...again. He was holding his hand/wrist. King was talking to him outside the ring before they finally got in there to pose at the end. Seriously, Kennedy is useless as a wrestler. He's a walking accident. They need to find a character role for him.
  5. haVoc

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    This not only has potential to be the worst Raw of 2009, but possibly the worst Raw ever.
  6. haVoc

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    Did the pub go out of business? Anyway, I read Shawn Michaels doesn't want to come back until the end of this year, maybe early next year. That pretty much kills Raw for me. Say what you want personally about Shawn, but he is always a highlight of every show.
  7. haVoc

    Lance Storm Article

    At times? Are you kidding me? Vince and Co. take a piss on the business at least once a week. As far as Impact goes, this is the first Storm article I've read in a year, maybe two, and he was saying he was done and boycotting TNA back then.
  8. haVoc

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    Bob Holly said recently in an shoot interview Mr. Kennedy was the one who accused him of stealing pain pills from his bag and threaten he'll kick Kennedy's ass if he ever sees him again. Getting Holly fired is the highlight of Kennedy's career.
  9. haVoc

    Vince wants a Wednesday Night show

    Raw and ECW replay on Universal HD on Saturday nights.
  10. haVoc

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    Any word on Shawn Michaels?
  11. haVoc

    The WWE Caption Game!

    Taker: Did you ever fuck Michelle? Batista: ...........
  12. haVoc


    I would love to see Edge pass Triple H. Also, Meltzer's reporting Matt Hardy broke his hand last night during the table spot and he will be out 4 to 6 weeks.
  13. haVoc


    Edge will be recognized as one of the greatest heels ever because of the underhandedness and cheating. It's goes with his ultimate opportunists character. It works and he shouldn't be winning clean.
  14. haVoc

    The future of WWE.

    I'm willing to give a young guy a chance, but Ted DiBiase Jr is pretty vanilla. He might be able to develop into a good heel, but I can't see him as a face. Plus, he really needs a new finisher. I still think MVP is one good storyline/push away from taking off.
  15. haVoc

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    It's funny Triple H has been in two anticlimactic main events at Mania. I can't decide which was worst. His match with Jericho or Orton.