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  1. BoboBrazil

    The OAO ECW Thread for 1/16/07

    Watched the ep of ECW today. Is it just me or are his mic skills better on WWE than they were in TNA? He seems much better on the mic. Maybe because WWE writes the promos for him...Also thought it was funny the crowd started chanting ECW when he did the pounce...
  2. BoboBrazil

    Impact rating for last week

    If TNA continues with its upward trend in ratings, Spike will give it two hours gladly. People want to see the type of show TNA is putting on right now. They are really living up to their moniker of total nonstop action. The hour this last few weeks has gone by faster than any wrestling show for a long time. I can't even stand watching Raw or Smackdown anymore. They are just old and stale.
  3. BoboBrazil

    Impact rating for last week

    When? Back when Russo had the book before up until the Jarrett-Raven title match debacle a few years ago..
  4. BoboBrazil

    TNA Has Been Better With Russo

    Ratings are on an upswing thanks to the new booking...
  5. BoboBrazil

    Impact rating for last week

    It's been proven that ratings and buyrates go up during Vince Russo's reign in TNA. Before when Russo had control TNA was super hot leading into the biggest fumble ever of Raven losing the title match in 2002 or 2003. Buyrates were increasing and the crowd was super hot...
  6. BoboBrazil

    TNA Has Been Better With Russo

    Yep. I couldn't even stand to watch Impact for a long time. The writing now makes me wanna watch it. I think if they continue along this path ratings will go up within months.
  7. BoboBrazil

    TNA Has Been Better With Russo

    The feud is still going between Angle and Joe. It is far from over. Can't blame TNA though. You don't know how long Joe or Angle will be with TNA. How would you feel if they built a feud for a year then one guy jumped to WWE before they even had the match...
  8. BoboBrazil

    TNA Has Been Better With Russo

    The storylines seem good to me. I had stopped watching and just started watching the last couple of weeks. I can already tell what is going on with seratonin, joe vs angle, abyss and mitchell, etc. I like it...
  9. BoboBrazil

    TNA Has Been Better With Russo

    I think Russo has made TNA much more exciting than it was in the past. The hour just flies by now and most everone has some sort of storyline. I think he is doing a good job...
  10. BoboBrazil

    The Marine trailor

    Anyone else notice the gas prices? $1.74! When was this thing filmed?
  11. BoboBrazil

    Spirit Squad has a new cheer

    I never got the point of this spirit squad vs dx feud. DX comes out on top every week. Even 5 on 2 DX killed them in an elimination match. I kept thinking maybe they would win one week or come out on top only for one of them to join DX, but it never happened...
  12. BoboBrazil

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    What signs should I take to SNME? I might make one that says Vince needs his vitamin c with a rooster(cock) on it. Any ideas?
  13. BoboBrazil

    OAO ECW Week 4 on Sci-Fi, July 4th

    They used to put more effort into Sunday Night Heat...
  14. BoboBrazil

    OAO ECW Week 4 on Sci-Fi, July 4th

    ECW is fucking dead now. They are jobbing out everyone from the old ECW, made it WWE with an apron change(why the fuck do I need an extreme rules match? its fucking ECW!). This product sucks shit and I'm kinda mad now that I'm not even gonna get to see RVD at Saturday Night Main Event when I go.
  15. BoboBrazil

    OAO ECW Week 4 on Sci-Fi, July 4th

    Noone gives a fuck about Kelli except for maybe 13 year olds. We all know she will never show anything. The whole act is old. She starts stripping, stalls, heel comes out and stops her yadda yadda yadda...