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  1. geniusMoment

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Wow, I come over here for the first time since going over to the new place and read this thread. I don't know this guy, but his obsession with Czech is frightening. Seriously, if he ever turns up dead and a cop reads this thread they'll have their number 1 suspect. I'm not joking either. In short, this thread may be the single most pathetic display in the history of the internet.
  2. geniusMoment

    The Office Season 5

    I wonder if next week Ryan joins the Michael Scott Paper Co. I do wonder if this is going to be a story where Michael gets people from the Scranton Branch to join his office one by one, meanwhile the Scranton Branch does horrible sales, eventually leading to everyone getting their jobs back.
  3. geniusMoment

    Spring Training 2009

    Anyone else's local teams doing things like this because of the economy: The Reds are offering 5 dollar tickets all season now They have $1 hot dogs, cokes, ice cream and peanuts And they've dropped the price of a draft beer down to $5 This was done because tickets sales aren't just low, but they are alarmingly low due to the economy. Corporate sponsors are dead, so they're desperate to get people to buy seats. It's now cheaper to go to a reds game then it was in 1996. I'm not really sure that's a good thing, maybe it's a bad sign.
  4. geniusMoment

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    I think next time they should do the WBC with teams split up into various ethnic groups. I mean think about the heat for the Jewish-Arab game, the fire would be so hot the stadium would implode upon itself.
  5. geniusMoment

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    What are the chances HBK could convince hart to do this: Shawn Michaels told WWE Magazine that he has considered asking Bret Hart to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. "I sometimes think, 'Will he ever make peace with me?'" Michaels said in the WWE Magazine interview. "I'm not in denial about what happened in Montreal. I'm OK that I was that way, but that doesn't make it right. It's still wrong, but it is what it is. There's nothing I can change about that, and I don't want to pretend it didn't happen. It's something that really bothered me. But in the end, I want to be inducted without all the fluff. I want the truth."
  6. geniusMoment

    Spring Training 2009

    Yeah, I really don't get why there was no interest in signing him. The only time he was really bad was last year during his short stint with the Yankees. I really don't get why there was no interest in a catcher who will probably hit .280 with about 10 HR's and 25-30 doubles. It's not a bad signing at all to me. Sure, he's not the force he was 10 years ago but in that ballpark he might hit even better then the numbers I wrote above. I don't know if his defense fell off a cliff, but if he's even decent defensively he's not a bad option at catcher for a lot of teams. About 2 months ago I wondered why no one would take a chance on him for a million or so, to me that's a potential great deal if he's motivated. Hell, just last year for the Tigers he hit .295 with a .338 OBP in 82 games, before being traded and nothing working out in the 30 games or so he played in NY.
  7. geniusMoment

    The Savage / WWE bad blood

    Here is the video where Macho Man says he's gonna take Steph from Hunter. He really starts in on Steph and Hunter at around 4 minutes in. Could Steph or Vince have heard this and really gotten offended? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzFC0RcefS8
  8. geniusMoment

    The Savage / WWE bad blood

    About Savage, Lanny Poffo (Randy's brother) did a interview with Wade Keller. And Keller asked him why he thinks Savage has never went back to WWE, never been inducted into the hall, and really never mentioned. Lanny said he's heard the rumors, he's seen what's on the net, and he didn't deny it. He said he doesn't have the guts to ask Randy about it. Now, if he even had any doubt over whether that happened don't you think he would deny anything with steph ever happened. Lanny and Randy get along, it's not like theres any trouble. So if your own brother wonders whether it happened I've got to believe something occured, it may have been something as simple as flirting or an off color remark that she later told vince about, but i think it happened.
  9. geniusMoment

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    That's what I don't get, he may never get a another shot again. Who knows, but I'd rather try and make mid six figures then try to win the WBC for my country. Maybe it's something they put in the water here, but I wouldn't really feel any national pride if USA won.
  10. geniusMoment

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Oh come on, you guys act like WBC fever is sweeping this county. 11,000 people showed up in Miami to watch the US team play. It may be big in Japan and some of the other countries where they take actual national pride in this tournament, but the US doesn't care about stuff like this. Honestly, maybe it's because I'm a jaded american, but I really don't get the extreme national pride that many feel. An example is Ramon Ramirez for the Reds, he had a slight shot of making the Reds this year as a long reliever/last guy out of the bullpen player, but choose to play for his country (venz) in the WBC, this has cost him his chance at making the team. So he choose to play in the WBC for pride and make 50,000 a year in AAA instead of staying in camp and trying to get on the team and make 400,000. I'm sorry, I just don't get it. I really don't think most Americans do, to me that choice is easy. And it's not the choice he picked.
  11. geniusMoment

    All the Admins are gone?

    I thought I was the only person ever who knew this song. Like, EVER! I was gonna say: Why is Czech* an guest? *I noticed this in the Test thread. It's asterisked because I don't see Czech going into the WWE folder. Considering she was a headliner on perhaps the most successful musical tour of the 90s I'd say millions know that song. I would say a good tour to go to in order to get laid, but well, your chances may have been better if you didn't have a dick.
  12. geniusMoment

    This is not a Test - Andrew Martin dead

    You always hated Test. I know it, goldengreek knows it. Everyone on the board knows it. Where were you last night?
  13. geniusMoment

    This is not a Test - Andrew Martin dead

    I see Cheech is reading the thread. Well, I hope you're happy now
  14. geniusMoment

    This is not a Test - Andrew Martin dead

    Yeah, what about the funeral when Bossman pulled Big Show's dead daddy behind him. The car with the loud speaker on it was hilarious itself Also, we got to see Bossman's softer side, what with the poetry and all
  15. geniusMoment

    This is not a Test - Andrew Martin dead

    I doubt it's suicide, as here was a recent post by Test on his trip to Japan to work for Vader: Hey all! I just got back from Tokoyo Japan. I have been to Japan several times but this was by far the best trip there for a number of reasons. First I must thank Mr. Aso who treated me beyond first class and is a total gentleman as well as a great human being himself. My trip there was first class all the way. Thanks to Mr. Ena for making my flight the best flight I had ever been on. Mr. Aso flew me first class on United airlines who I must thank the ladies on marks, who kept feeding me steak and chicken every two hours. It ended up being about a 24 hour travel day. When I landed I was greeted by Mr. Yabe another kind and stand up man. We chatted for a bit and waited for Vader. For those of you who do not know Leon (Vader) he is a total gentleman. I met Leon about ten years ago when I was training at Brets house he was kind to me then and was nothing but a gentleman to me now and we became good friends on this trip. Leon is a stand up guy and I want to thank him as well for a wonderfull trip. Mr. Aso put us up in the Keio Plaza hotel which is one of the nicest hotels in tokoyo. I want to thank Mr.Tiger Kihara who is one of the funniest guys I have met and a master at wrestling impressions and kept me laughing the whole time. Thanks to Golds gym who took great care of me there. I worked my first match with Lance Hoyt. Lance is green but has a lot of promise and under the right guidance can have a great match because he is a good athlete. He needs to be in the WWE were I think he could learn and reach full potential...thanks Lance. My second match was with a Japanese shooter named Nagai{hopefully I spelled that right} A totally diferant style but we had a great match together. He works almost as stiff as I do...lol. I was very humbled by the reception from the Japanese fans. The Japanese people are so respectfull you can't help but love it there. I loved Japan for so many reasons and hope to makee it my wrestling home. Japan is so beautifull and full of things to do, I could see myself living there it was that much fun. Thanks again to Mr. Aso your a real gentleman and number one in my books. On March 16th, I will be heading to Europe for two weeks in France, Sweden and Belgum. This is with the crew from Ireland. These guys hold a special place in my heart because they stuck by me when I was going thru some hard times and we all ended up becoming good friends. Great guys and fantastic people to work for, from Martin, to Mick, Joe, Jamie, Grant, Patty, Justin Shape, Lizzy, Anne, Ken, the whole crew are just great and I'm looking forward to this trip. That's all for now..talk to you soon Andrew