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  1. geniusMoment

    Coach, Trips, and Goldberg

    JR gets on Lawler for not calling the match a lot.
  2. geniusMoment

    Trish Stratus DVD Extras Announced

    I've never seen anyone with trish merchandise. I've seen divas stuff like the magazines but I've never seen anyone wear a trish shirt
  3. geniusMoment

    Most significant match of the decade

    The only question I have about Montreal, even though I picked it, is that McMahon was already turning into evil Vince. It started a couple of weeks earlier when he suspended Austin and then culminated at MSG when he became a heel and Austin gave him a stunner to a big pop. I think Austin/McMahon was already planned before Montreal.
  4. geniusMoment

    Trish Stratus DVD Extras Announced

    If the wrestlers were promoted correctly their dvd's would out sell the divas. If it is true that the divas are outselling the wrestling product then people might as well just go watch Wild On. There is so much stuff WWE could do with the WWF, ECW and WCW libraries that it is a complete joke they are wasting their time sending out crap like this. They have a goldmine on their hands and they release a Trish dvd. You're right I don't have to buy the dvd, and I won't. As for the T&A, I am now in college so I guess that could jade my opinion on how easy it is to get, but when I was a teenager I never knew of a kid who couldn't get porn if he or she wanted it. One more thing, how embarassing would it be for your parents to buy you the trish stratus dvd. I don't know of anyone who would ask their parents for something like that. They know you're just going to jack off to it. I just can't picture myself going up to my mom and saying, "Next time you're at Best Buy could you pick me up the trish dvd, I need something new to jack off to."
  5. geniusMoment

    Bye Bye Alexis

    There will almost always only be one womens match per show. Trish Molly Victoria Ivory Jackie Jazz Stacy The other Jackie Lita is back soon Now Alexis Stop signing these women. Its a waste of money as there are only so many spots for the women and now 5 or 6 of them will be getting paid for doing nothing. If she is being brought in for T&A she is really screwed as WWE hasn't done any T&A matches, on television, in the last couple of months. I don't consider the sable-mcmahon crap T&A, its more along the lines of bad soap opera acting. I wouldn't even know Dawn still worked for the company if I didn't read the house show reports.
  6. geniusMoment

    Trish Stratus DVD Extras Announced

    No way this video sells unless its promoted as T&A, which means there will be T&A on it. But really who is going to buy a dvd just to see trish in a bikini. You can go out and buy a god damn adult movie for about a fourth of what this dvd will cost. Think of what wwe could be releasing and instead we are forcefed this garbage. Trish has never even had a fucking **** match.
  7. geniusMoment

    Kurt Angle's Favorite Wrestler

    Ray maybe some of those wrestlers were just "on" in some of those matches. Ray its not always a damn carry.
  8. geniusMoment

    Paul Bearer rips into WWE...

    Paul wants more talk about cake and things of that nature.
  9. geniusMoment

    Getting into the business

    I am considering it, as once I get out of college I will have an athletic background, which many promoters seem to like. I have a good body and I think a pretty decent look for the business. I am only about 6 feet and I weigh about 190 without any fat on me so I will need to lift more after I get done playing baseball, I can't really do it now or it would fuck up my swing. Plus I live in cincy so I could go to Les Thatchers promotion, its only 15 minutes from my house. I have always been a good natural athlete and above all I really love the business.
  10. geniusMoment

    Kurt Angle's Favorite Wrestler

    Didn't the anvil get in trouble for beating his wife, brets sister, and then got a divorce.
  11. geniusMoment

    RVD on NO HOLDS BARRED radio

    Why is Rob doing an interview like this? I am begining to think he wants out.
  12. geniusMoment

    Fucking Announcers

    Choken the ban was lifted in cincy when Greg Vaughn brought his facial hair with him from San Diego. Then in 1999 it seemed like everyone including: casey, vaughn, larkin, boone,hammonds, tucker, larue, brian johnson, villone and harnisch all grew out facial hair. It was like they escaped from prison and were free men and went on to win 96 games.
  13. geniusMoment

    Heyman's Return Cancelled

    Damn Paige is a good idea, just don't bring along Max.
  14. geniusMoment

    Smackdown screwed

    Since power is out all over the east coast, including New York tonights smackdown in pretty much meaningless. If the show was live this wouldn't be a problem but since its taped all advanced storylines will need to be retold to most of the viewers. In other words tonights show is a waste.
  15. geniusMoment

    Cornette Rules it once again

    Cornette has no suit. It is very hard to win a lawsuit against journalists, Woody Paige has been sued over 11 times for what he has printed and has never lost. You have to prove malicious intent and the journalist can still hide behind "sources". The one thing they have drilled through our heads in journalism classes is don't worry about being sued.
  16. geniusMoment

    Smackdown screwed

    Well I think Cleveland, Toledo, much of columbus, Detriot and much of the northeast will severly hurt the amount of people who see the show. They will need to replay it for them not because you don't matter but because they want all of their fans to see the storylines. I didn't realize people were going to jump down my throat.
  17. geniusMoment


    I guess Rob doesn't have to worry about wrestling paying his finances since he opened that sure fire money maker
  18. geniusMoment

    The best part of Raw tonight-MOLLY~!

    I'm comparing Molly to college girls not women maybe thats the difference. Almost all studies have shown the majority of women in the US are fat so I guess you are right. I am not calling Molly fat, she just has some extra weight on her. She doesn't look bad now but can you imagine her after she has had a couple of kids, now that is why guys cheat on their wives.
  19. geniusMoment

    The best part of Raw tonight-MOLLY~!

    Slim I am in no way saying everyone hates the girls like torrie because of the reasons I mentioned. My point is this, don't you think its kind of strange that about 90% of the guys on this board rip on girls like Torrie and love Molly. I am almost positive they all don't have your same straightforward reasons. If one uses some common logic and agrees with the principal that while beauty is subjective there are some reasonably obvious guidlines then you most look for ulterior motives. I guess what I am getting at is do you think many of the people on this board are basing their opinions on things other than pure looks or am I just a rambling idiot? I can take it doc, give it to me straight. Yes I realize that last sentence was gay.
  20. geniusMoment

    Official Mortis Returns Thread!

    OMG this can only mean one thing... The reformation of the Flock. Next week they will show raven back at mommies with the drunk and the porn star. His strange fetish with a drug abusing Scotsman will leave the world wondering whats next for this deranged individual.
  21. geniusMoment

    The best part of Raw tonight-MOLLY~!

    CanadianChick I don't know what you are comparing Molly's weight to. All I know is I look around campus and I see the vast majority of girls seem to weigh less than Molly. Now if you are talking about the girls softball team I can understand.
  22. geniusMoment

    The best part of Raw tonight-MOLLY~!

    I have never understood the Molly love here. The only possible answer I can come up with is simple, yet it also pisses off the majority of posters here. I feel that many of you look at girls like Stacy, Torrie and Sable and see the classic soriety blond haired bitch that either made fun of or totally ignored you throughout your young adult life. You look at Molly and see the wholesome girl who would be willing to talk to you and you immediatly take a fancy toward her. In no way am I calling Molly ugly because by society's standards she is reasonably attractive. Yet for the vast majority of people on this board to take shots at Torrie, Stacy and Sable and faint over Molly is absurd. I realize beauty is subjective but there are some basic guidlines that most of society seem to accept as factual. As for the skinny vs. fat debate, well I look at it like this: I keep myself in good shape and therefore I feel my girlfriend should keep herself in good shape. Is Molly fat? Well the answer is no but she does seem a little too heavy for me.
  23. geniusMoment

    JR's back 11 Aug because Coach Sucks

    Anyone who liked shanes commentary on heat deserves to be shot in the face.