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  1. Angle-plex

    Eastbound and Down

    Funny show but I don't know if it will be able to keep up. It felt redundant even after just six episodes.
  2. Angle-plex

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    i think he meant worst thing you've ever done on the net, right? that's the only way that first sentance makes sense. I appreciate the jerking off to aunt and cousin story though.
  3. Angle-plex

    Legends of WrestleMania

    A lot of reviews have been 8+ though.
  4. Angle-plex

    Rescue Me

    New promo I'm so hard in anticipation.
  5. Angle-plex

    Legends of WrestleMania

    Really mixed reviews for this one. I'm having a fun time with it though.
  6. Angle-plex

    Legends of WrestleMania

    I got it this morning and am having a fun time with it. It's not perfect but definetly fun. Importing the SVR guys suck though, because they look completely different than the legends.
  7. Angle-plex

    Legends of WrestleMania

    IGN gave it a 6.5/10. Most places are giving it around an 8/10 though.
  8. Angle-plex

    Rescue Me

    Most of those "spoilers" are actually from the "about the show" section of the official site, so I expect all it is 100% true.
  9. Angle-plex

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    I'm sad there is no gay porno tonight.
  10. Angle-plex

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    It might (Even I'll admit it's the biggest match on the show), but a World Title match should always close Wrestlemania. Why does it even matter at this point. Neither title means anything at this point, plus the main event at Mania has been above the title matches before (VIII and XI). HBK/Taker should absolutely close.
  11. Angle-plex

    Rescue Me

    This comes back on the air in early april. Rumors/Possible spoilers: Tolan and Leary said this season is supposed to be more like seasons 1 and 2, focusing on the guys in the firehouse instead of Tommy banging everyone.
  12. Angle-plex

    WrestleMania Roundtable Part Four:2000 to 2004

    I'd argue that Rock/Hogan actual wrestling match than Jericho/Triple H. Hogan busts out some cool moves (when he's a heel, he actually add some moves to his arsenal). As bob said everything after the first rock bottom is gold, and everything before that is pretty good too.
  13. Angle-plex

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    I saw somebody suggest the Ultimate Warrior vs Jericho. What do you guys think of that.
  14. Angle-plex

    Legends of WrestleMania

    All the hype about the sequal will be the ability to leave the ring during a ladder match.
  15. Angle-plex

    Jericho and Kelly Kelly

    songs that will make you think of Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly.