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  1. Use Your Illusion

    Yeah, bye.

    Been here forever and it's finally dead. Later team.
  2. Use Your Illusion

    The State of TSM Address

    Whatever. Join the Observer and use their boards, hilarious.
  3. Use Your Illusion

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    Kennedy didn't break his wrist, he just hurt it. Meltz is crediting the departure to possibly the pull of Orton. Orton had a talk, a non-confrontational one, with Kennedy after RAW, expressing that he (Ken) needed to freakin' *TONE THAT SHIT RIGHT ON DOWN* or he was going to hurt someone (after dropping Orton on his bad shoulder/collar bone, as mentioned before). This may have got back to Vince or whatever, who has obviously pulled the plug. Thank God too, Kennedy was sheeite. Next.
  4. Use Your Illusion

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    I'm amped. Fuck the haters. I really enjoyed the first one, in a "I'll look past that" kinda way. Yeah. .. Seriously - Devastator - awesome. Now all we need is Omega Supreme. He *always* had the best dialogue in the Transformers cartoon... "Talk: Excessive. Time: Limited." "Sarcasm: Not appreciated." "Constructicons enemies. Enemies die!" "For once I will talk like I did on Cybertron, before the betrayal." "Failure: Impossible." "Prepare to meet your manufacturer, Decepticons!" "Next time we meet, Decepticon, your twisted wreckage shall join those of your brothers. I guarantee it." "I do not hide from evil, Starscream. I eliminate it!"
  5. Use Your Illusion

    10 Years Later

    Yeah, sucks. R.I.P Owen, you deserved better.
  6. Use Your Illusion

    Which game system do you own?

    You idiot.
  7. Use Your Illusion

    Judgment Day 2009 Thread

    I like Umaga.
  8. Use Your Illusion

    Judgment Day 2009 Thread

    Erm, Jim Ross?
  9. Use Your Illusion

    Judgment Day 2009 Thread

    I tip: Orton - I know Vince loves his 'back and forth' title changes with his heels, but I ain't feelin' this. Edge - No chance on Hardy, Punk may be involved, depends if they want to develop this Umaga feud anymore. Swagger - He's the star in Vince's eyes, I'm sure. Show - Cena's armour won't even take a scratch with this loss, plus he needs some monster heels to chase. Jericho - He's cheating, this one will likely have legs, so it makes sense for the heel to go over here. Umaga - May not be clean, but I've got a feeling with this - Vince *does* like to humiliate people in their home town for cheap heat. Morrison - Easy pick here. So *yeah*, basically JayCon's with one or two differences. On paper, this show looks outrageously awesome, I hope the product lives up to the hype. UYI
  10. Use Your Illusion

    UFC 2009

    Seriously, all the fuck over this. Awesome.
  11. Use Your Illusion

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    This has continued to do huge business over the weekend. Star Trek will probably have the legs, but it couldn't top the money Wolverine made in it's opening weekend. At least this guarentees a Japan spin-off, I'm amped. Bring back Gambit, too.
  12. Use Your Illusion

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Hugh Jackman and Seed Planning Wolverine 2 Source:Variety May 5, 2009 Variety reports that Hugh Jackman and Seed Productions partner John Palermo are developing a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fox and Seed are in development on a sequel to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which topped the domestic box office over the weekend. The Seed partners have begun planning the sequel, which they are squarely focusing on the samurai storyline originated in the comic series, and whose Japanese locale was teased after the film's final credits. A writer has yet to be hired. Seed will produce. Source: http://www.superherohype.com/news/x-mennews.php?id=8304
  13. Use Your Illusion

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Oh right, that movie. Yeah, nice knowin' ya, Jackman. You have good points, Jingus. I agree, for the most part. Although, it is obvious you have much more invested within the character than I do, which is the difference here. My experience of Deadpool is Marvel Ultimate Alliance for my PSP, so yeah. Man, he is fuckin' awesome in that though, I must say.
  14. Use Your Illusion

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Anyone into X-Men Origins for PS3? If so, thoughts?
  15. Use Your Illusion

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Film raked in $87 million this weekend, which is a strong opening. Is there any real competition coming in the next little while? I know there are serious summer blockbusters on their way this year, but Wolverine will be said and done by then. This should mean at least a decent run at the box office, enough to intice them to give us some f'n Wolvie in Japan. Silver Samurai, bitch! And, uh, yeah, add me to the list of people who don't really have a problem at all with the portrayal of Deadpool.