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  1. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    Black Screen

    The other day my wife decided to play WoW on my computer, and as soon as she logged on the screen went black. She turned it off and waited for me to get home from work. I turned it on and the screen remained black. Then it started making a noise like a flatlining hospital patient. I haven't turned it on since. What the fuck is wrong with it?
  2. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes


    I love paralyzers but since I hate hitting the bar I've been mixing them at home lately. My problem is they awlays curdle, not matter what order I mix them in. I usually go kahula, spiced rum, milk then coke which seems to get me the biggest time frame where there is no curdling but I've also tgried putting the coke in before the milk. Any suggestions?
  3. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    CSI:Las Vegas

    I thought I've seen every episode since the wife is a CSI junkie but I just realized something I don't know. I'm watching the episode where Grissom goes for the surgery to fix his hearing and I realized I don't know if the surgery was a success
  4. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    Lance Storm News

    LANCE STORM MAKES RETURN TO TV! When? Where? What Does it Mean? Watch for details in next Commentary. That's copied and pasted from his website. Storm Wrestling.com I have no clue what he's going to be doing, but if it is actually wrestling again he sadly won't get pushed and will be a jobber after a month if they even bother to start him off with a push Edited because I can't type
  5. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    A Public Service Announcement

    Posting and You I know I found it useful Son of a bitch! Can a mod fix the title so it says something not somethine?
  6. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    The Spiderclone Saga

    Granted it's been quite a few years since it happened, it was what like 10 years ago? Maybe 8 but I don't remember it being THAT bad. I mean it wasn't the greatest series of comics ever written but I became a huge fan of Scarlet Spider. The hoodie over spandex thing looked really really really gay but it was a nice extension on Peter Parker, especially the name he chose Ben Reilly. The biggest problem I had with the whole thing was it was almost like Vince Russo was writing the damn series. It swerved you so many times and alot of the time it seemed to be just for the joy of fucking over the reader. My biggest gripe with that was during the "Which One Of Us Is Real?" bit. First Peter was the original, then Ben, then Peter. Got to be really frustrating, really fast. Oh and Ben Reilly took it like a bitch when he died. Impaled by a goblin glider and knocked off a building...fuck that would have sucked.
  7. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    A TSM For The Next Age

    So with the recent bannings/user euthansia I was wondering who's going to take the place of some old "established posters" Choken One..... CWM..... I was going to say IDRM but he seems to be back, but only time will tell.... But more importantly who will replace the ones we have Who's going to be the new.... Zack Malibu AngleSault Mole Banky Kotz Czech Canadian Chick Feel free to add any more posters I may have forgotten
  8. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    New Lance Storm Commentary

    July 31 Commentary If you don't have anything nice to say... July 31, 2004 After all of the back and forth going on, on the Internet, with some of the greatest in our business bashing each other, I am reminded of an old adage; "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I can't help but think that if everyone could just abide by this simple rule of thumb we would all be much better off. So I think this week I will take the time to say a few nice things about some of the people I've had the pleasure of working with. Johnny Smith: Johnny was a Stampede and All Japan regular and the first real vet I worked with. Johnny was the first person to call me through a match and set the bar of working light that I aspired to. I even wrestled my longest match with Johnny. We did a 45-minute time limit draw. Gerry Morrow: What can I say about Gerry that I didn't in my recent archived commentary. Gerry was one of those Vets who gives back, and he gave me plenty. Chris Jericho: I've worked Chris in more companies than anyone else. We worked Canadian Indies, 2 different companies in Japan, SMW, and WWE together. We have tagged and feuded more times than I can count, and I don't think we ever had a bad match. I don't think anyone does near falls at the end of a match better than Y2J. Fit Finlay: I've said this many time before, but I don't think you can say it often enough. Fit is the most talented man I've ever been in the ring with. If more people worked like fit no one would ever believe this stuff was a work. Hiro Tenzan: Hiro is a big star for New Japan, but I worked him in Europe when he was a young boy. We feuded over the CWA Jr. Title in 93 and our Title Match on Hanover Germany is still one of my favourites. We got a standing ovation after the match, which I was told was exceptional rare. Chris Candito: I always loved working with Chris, he was always professional and put the match ahead of himself. My ECW days with Chris were always a pleasure. Chris could also remember every spot we ever did, and I don't just mean during the match he would remember them 5-years later. I don't think I know anyone who loves just wrestling matches as much as Chris. Ultimo Dragon: I worked with Dragon in Japan before he went to WCW and hurt his arm. Dragon is something special in Japan and a pure pleasure to work with. He is an amazing flier, but a very smart worker too. Dragon was responsible for my run in WAR and I can't thank him enough. Bam Bam Bigalow: I became a fan of Bam Bam's work in Japan. When he came over and worked for WAR, I was amazed at how he took control of the ring and the crowd. Bam Bam was made for the Japanese style and was awesome. We really only worked two matches together (both in ECW) and oddly enough I didn't like either one. The first was a single match in Buffalo and it was one of the only times in my career when I was just off. I don't know why but I screwed up a couple times. Bammer covered up and carried me through. The second match was in New Jersey somewhere and Bammer was off that night. I talked him through the match so I guess we are even. Jerry Lynn: I've had more fun working with Jerry than anyone else. I always get asked why Jerry never caught on in WWE. I always use the same analogy: Jerry is an Academy Award winning Supporting Actor, and WWE was only looking for Lead Actors. Jerry makes everyone around him look good, and sometimes people over look him. In ECW he was everyone's best match. My best stuff was with Jerry, as was Justin Credible's, not to mention it was the feud with Jerry that put Van Dam on the map. You can't have a bad match with Jerry, and even the longest and hardest fought are easy. Tommy Dreamer: For all the Hardcore stuff he did he was soooo easy to work with. He was the most unselfish baby face I think I ever worked. Tommy was super over and almost always lost; that is a real rarity. The best promo I ever cut was on Dreamer. Unfortunately it never aired. It was for an Extreme Death Match at the Arena but for some reason the match got changed so the promo never aired. My favourite angle of all time was also with Dreamer: The Urine Test challenge at the Arena. Mikey Whipwreck: The one angle that could have out done the Urine Test angle was the build up for our Three Way dance with Jerry Lynn at a Guilty as Charged PPV. Unfortunately the match never happened as Jerry got hurt and Mikey went to WCW. Oh well it was good while it lasted, and working with Mikey was always a pleasure and very Fake! Shane Douglas: Shane gets bashed by a lot of people, but I always loved working with him. Truth be told I did hate one of our matches but all the rest were a pleasure. Our first match in ECW was at an Armoury somewhere, Shane tripped landing on a leap frog during our "Heat" spot and we covered it up adlibbed a new one and everyone thought it was a planned spot. Now that is working. Billy Kidman: I once called Kidman my WCW Jerry Lynn, he was that easy and fun to work with. Kidman and I also hold the record for the shortest feud. I turned on him in a tag match during segment 4 of Thunder, and we had the blow off match segment 7. Nothing like a huge build up. Rey Mysterio: Rey is a one of a kind experience, working him is like working no one else. He is so fast, so smooth and so much fun. You can't really explain it until you are in there; he is something special. Edge: My favourite single match in WWE is my Summer Slam match in 2001. Edge is both talented and a great guy, he is a future World Champ! Christian: I think Christian may be the best all around talent in WWE. If he looked like Lex Luger he would be World Champ, he is that good. Personality, Acting ability, Work Rate, and In-Ring Psychology, he has it all, if Christian can't make you look good, try a new line of work. I think I enjoyed putting matches together with Christian more than anyone else in my career. Kurt Angle: This guy is an absolute machine. My one single match with him on SmackDown was awesome. A program with him would have been a dream. This guy is the definition of Professional. I hope he can stay healthy because Pro-Wrestling is better with him in it. The Rock: I hear all the time about how people don't think he is technically a good worker. This is obviously coming from people that have never been in the ring with him. I didn't appreciate his work all that much either, until I stepped in the ring with him. His energy, his timing, and his ability to electrify a crowd is unreal. He makes everyone in that ring better just by being there, and because of that the fact that he does a shitty Sharp Shooter just doesn't matter. Hulk Hogan: I could out wrestle Hulk Hogan in my sleep, but that doesn't mean he isn't a great worker. It's all about entertaining the crowd and that is what he does in spades. When Christian and I were working with him he actually felt bad that we were doing all the work, but I told him, "You bring the people, we'll do the rest." It's not all about the headlocks. Hogan was fun, easy as can be, and the crowd was always wild, what more can you ask for. This is not an all inclusive list, I've skipped over a lot of great people, but there is only so much space and this is getting to be a long commentary. Till next week, Lance Pretty cool read I thought. The bad shit everyone is saying about each other the last year or so just isn't cool.
  9. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    New Storm Commentary

    New Lance Storm Commentary Here's the new commmentary. Trivia Contest: Who have I worked? July 10, 2004 I've been getting hit with a ton of Q and A questions about who I've worked. Instead of having a ton of "Yes I've worked him, no I haven't worked him" answers I decided to make it fun and do a trivia contest. I've looked back over my career and realised that I've worked with a lot of great, and some unusual people. Below I'm going to list some people, some of which I have worked and others I haven't. I'm not going to say how many I haven't but they will be in the minority. It is your job to pick out how many on the list I have NOT worked, and list them. I will be giving away signed photos to either some or all of the winners, depending on how many of you there are. By "working with" I mean either facing in a match or tagging with. Run-ins and confrontations don't count. We have to have been involved in an actual match. Working someone under a different name or Gimmick also counts. The List: Hulk Hogan Kevin Nash Ric Flair HHH Lex Luger Buff Bagwell Sting Terry Funk Undertaker Tug Boat Earthquake Jeff Jarrett Abdullah the Butcher Gregory Peck Rick Rude Raven Chris Benoit Brock Lesnar Steve Austin Dean Malenko Jushin Liger Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) Hiro Tenzan Fit Finlay Gene Kiniski Dawn Marie Jazz Eddie Guerrero Atsushi Onita Ultimo Dragon Taz Sabu Sandman Bam Bam Bigalo Horace Hogan Tyson Tomko Eugene Batista Chavo Classic Genichiro Tenryu Tarzan Goto Great Sasuke The Rock D Lo Brown Baron Von Raschke Ricky Choshu Mr. Perfect When you send in your responses please put Trivia Contest as the subject line so I can find them easily, and if anyone complains about my atrocious spelling, you will not be receiving a photo regardless of how right you may be! Let's see who the most knowledgeable Storm Mark is. Lance I bolded the ones I know for sure he's worked with Hulk Hogan Kevin Nash Ric Flair HHH Lex Luger Buff Bagwell Sting Terry Funk Undertaker Tug Boat Earthquake Jeff Jarrett Abdullah the Butcher Gregory Peck Rick Rude Raven Chris Benoit Brock Lesnar Steve Austin Dean Malenko Jushin Liger Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) Hiro Tenzan Fit Finlay Gene Kiniski Dawn Marie Jazz Eddie Guerrero Atsushi Onita Ultimo Dragon Taz Sabu Sandman Bam Bam Bigalo Horace Hogan Tyson Tomko Eugene Batista Chavo Classic Genichiro Tenryu Tarzan Goto Great Sasuke The Rock D Lo Brown Baron Von Raschke Ricky Choshu Mr. Perfect I'm fairly certain he worked with Taz, Bam Bam, and the Sandman but I ain't sure. I ain't down with the Puro so I don't know who he's worked with in Japan unless he's mentioned them specifically, but I think he may have worked with The Great Sasuke. Edited to reflect the names people have thrown out.
  10. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    Big Show

    I never thought I'd miss Show, but ever since Wrestlemania XIX he's been incredible. Well incredible to what he used to be. Smackdown needs Show back as soon as possible.
  11. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    Hiddem Cameras

  12. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    WWE Online Poll

    Benoit winning 30.15 % Foley returning 15.56 % The Cat dancing 10.27 % Undertaker gong 44.00 % I can believe that the Undertaker gong beat out Benoit winning. It was a pretty markish moment, and 'Taker is way more popular than Benoit. But 10.27% for the Cat dancing??? I didn't know Vince could vote that often.
  13. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    ROH DVDs

    Yesterday I ordered Crowning a Champion and Death Before Dishonor. I thought maybe the ironman could be kind of decent and the Raven/CM Punk dog collar match was spoken highly about. Are the rest of the matches any good?
  14. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    Greatest ECW Champion

    All over this board I've seen posts that said "Justin Credible was the worst guy ECW could have picked to be champion" and "Jerry Lynn as champion was so boring" and I got to wondering who was the best ECW champion? From a total mark standpoint I'd have to choice either Terry Funk or Mikey Whipwreck. Terry Funk had the story behind him. It began around the Raven/Dreamer feud, with Raven saying he'd lie down from Dreamer if Funk didn't get his shot at the title, and Joey Styles' "Do you believe in miracles?" as Funk got the 3 count off of Raven. Throw in the footage from Beyond the Mat of Terry Funk after the match, and what he went through and I can't help but cheer the middle aged crazy bastard. Mikey Whipwreck has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't know what it is but I can't help but cheer for him, ever since I saw my first Mikey match which was Guilty as Charged 2001. maybe it's because nothing about him says wrestler, and he still goes out there and entertains. From a 'smark' stand point I'd have to say Raven. The Dreamer/Raven feud was epic and monumental, especially for it's time. You could feel the HATRED between the two and Raven always went over Dreamer. He was always booked as a strong champion (at least as far as I know) and you wanted him to lose the belt to Dreamer every time they fought.
  15. A Guy Who Injects Heroin Into Kids' Eyes

    New Storm Commentary

    Houston: We have a problem November 19,2003 I haven’t had the best of luck whilst traveling in Houston. Houston is where I spent 9/11 and while this past week certainly wasn’t the globally felt disaster of 9/11, it was still a tremendously huge pain in the @$$. Now some of you may be wondering, Houston, wasn’t Smack Down in Houston? Yes, Smack Down was in Houston, but RAW was in Beaumont, TX, which is just 95 miles east. With Houston being a large airline hub, both crews flew in and out of Houston. We landed Monday morning and had to head straight to the building in Beaumont. On our drive East on I-10 we heard on the radio that a Tornado had actually touched down just North West of Houston George Bush, International Airport (the one we were flying in and out of) and that a severe Tornado watch was in effect. Weather wasn’t too bad where we were so we didn’t think too much of it and just drove to the show. During the show word got around that several Tornados had hit Houston and that they had closed I-10 east of Houston. For those of you with poor short-term memory, we had just driven East on I-10 from Houston to get to Beaumont. Yes they had just closed the road we needed to get back to Houston to catch our morning flight home. Always the travel optimists (I’m not sure why we’re optimistic, considering all of the travel difficulties we experience) we figured they’d get the roads open before we needed them later that night. By the end of the show, word was that they had closed Houston International, all local hotels were sold out (we of course hadn’t checked in or made reservations yet) and I-10 was still closed. At this time I was checking maps to see how far we were from New Orleans, in hopes of laying groundwork for a backup plan. We (Hurricane Christian, and I) decide to give I-10 a go anyway and hope for the best in Houston. Weather was atrocious, but the roads were drivable. Half way to Houston, break lights start to light up. I slow down (I’m driving, while Christian and Hurricane nap, Be sure to watch Confidential this week for details on this travel partner violation) and see a Tractor Trailer jack knifed completely sideways across I-10 West Bound. (again for the directionally challenged, the direction we are traveling) When I get up to the accident there is one car ahead of us and another pulled off to the side. The one car inches around the accident on the shoulder and gets by. I then decide to do the same, as we pull up on the shoulder I realize that the car of the shoulder in Test and one of the referees whose last name I can’t even begin to spell so he will remain nameless. Test is on his cell phone and said referee has a flashlight and is inspecting the accident. We pull off to find out what is going on and realize that the transport has completely pinned and crushed a car up against the cement divider of the highway. Test is talking to the police and our nameless referee is yelling that the guy in the car is breathing but crushed pretty bad, and that there is no way they are getting him out of there. At this point we see sirens pulling up from the other direction and try to decide what to do. We didn’t want to just drive off and worry about ourselves but couldn’t think of any help we could really provide. Emergency crews were arriving and traffic was backing up behind us. We took the chance while we had it and eased back on I-10 and continued west. It was a pretty cautious quiet drive from that point with each of us hoping the guy in the car would make it. We made it to Houston but our adventure wasn’t over yet. On Belt Line 8 heading north to the airport we hit a huge water covered patch of road. There was only one other car on the road and it was a large truck, which had stopped, obviously debating how far the washed out section extended and whether or not he could make it to the other side safely. I decided to try it but before to long I could feel the water splashing against the floor of the car and could see no end in sight to the water. Eventually I chickened out and backed all the way out of the water. (I really didn’t want to get stuck in a lake in a flooded rental car at 1am. We backtracked and found another way to the airport. Now for the fun part, finding a hotel. The first couple places we tried, they all but laughed at us, claiming no vacancy. There is a 24 hour breakfast place by the airport and Christian decided that we were most likely going to spend the next 5 hours sitting there drinking coffee while trying to stay awake. On our way there we made a few more unsuccessful attempts to find rooms, until we happened along a Motel 6. Motel 6’s are usually on our Cold Day in Hell list, but apparently, the difference between a, Cold Day in Hell, and Wet Day in Houston, is really just splitting hairs. Christian runs in to check if they have rooms, while Hurricane decided he doesn’t care anymore he’s just sleeping in the car. Christian comes back out and says, “They’ve got 2 rooms, smoking, $37, no airport shuttle.” Hurricane and Christian had 7:30 flight and mine was just after 9. I told them I needed sleep, I’d drop them at the terminal then return the car in the morning, so I wouldn’t be all that early. Hurricane said great, you guys take the rooms; I’m sleeping in the car. Christian and I go to check in, but wait! We’re not done yet. Christian tells the lady, we’ll take the rooms. She replies that she only has one room left, everything else, sold-out! But you told me a minute ago that you had two rooms? Sorry, I only have one room, with two double beds. Fine, it’s only 4 ½ hours we’ll share. To this the lady replies, “Would you like smoking, or non?” Okay this is where I started losing it. If there is only one room left in the hotel how can she be offering us an option? After further futile debate, she checks us in and tries to show us on a map where our room is located. I’ve been in hotels before where this is required, but this Motel 6 had one hallway and three floors. We were in room 311. I’m guessing we were on the third floor, and more often than not the room numbers are in order so I’m pretty sure we could have found it without the 5 minute Motel 6 geography lesson. Miraculously enough our room was on the third floor and as I predicted between rooms 310 and 312. We settled in and despite a power outage, and a fire alarm, managed to get almost 4 quality hours of sleep, before returning to the car to scare the living hell out of Hurricane. I guess we could have woken him nicely but where is the fun in that. Thankfully flights were on time in the morning and we all headed home. Till next week, stay out of Houston. Lance