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    The worst webpage ever

    http://www.angelfire.com/hi/TheAngryBeavers/index.html You have to scroll down through the page to feel it's wrath. God I have a headache.
  2. http://www.deadlikemeonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=701 http://www.deadlikemeonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6990 Hopefully it's just a rumor.
  3. MrRant

    Fucking Wisconsin

    Christ there are a lot of deviants in Wisconsin.
  4. MrRant

    What Happened last night

    You got owned by someone named Bobby.
  5. MrRant


    Any interest in doing the "friends" thing on Netflix? I have a couple and occasionally see some movies that I didn't know existed or that look interesting on my friend's queue.
  6. MrRant

    Guys, I think Marney is dead.

    I remember hearing about that, but what was it? A dildo? It was the BBC Narnia collection.
  7. MrRant

    WWE Raw - February 23, 2009

    I refuse. It will ruin my memories of Escape to Witch Mountain.
  8. MrRant

    Does Criticism Belong in Music?

    The only reference I use for reviews is if they compare an artist to another artist so I have a feel on whether I may enjoy their work. Since music is subjective like art, criticism is fairly useless.
  9. MrRant

    I'm enlisting in the Army.

    They do that because if you have high amounts of debt, you are more likely to be bought by the enemy or influenced to give away secrets and such.
  10. MrRant

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    I hope the M's pick up Griffey. It would be nice to see him again after watching him play in Bellingham as a child and Seattle as a teen.
  11. MrRant

    Most surprising addicting game

    A Boy and His Blob. NES.
  12. MrRant

    Biggest "Drop the Ball" Moment in Ever

    Tacoma is a horrible wrestling town. They should have done it somewhere else, preferably in a WCW area.
  13. Up here at the Tacoma dome there was an incident at the monster truck rally where some metal came off a truck and killed a kid and they kept going. And had shows the rest of the weekend.
  14. MrRant

    Guys, I think Marney is dead.

    If true, that really sucks. We had some good convos in the day and she got me a birthday present.
  15. MrRant

    Duke The Dog

    I never had the time for a gimmick.
  16. MrRant

    Toys R Us Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale

    Ack. Just after I paid for my trip to Disneyland. Maybe I can still swing something...
  17. MrRant

    Halloween 2008

    I might. If I can find something I actually want to be.
  18. MrRant

    Halloween 2008

    Probably nothing as I'll be taking my daughter to Disneyland for Halloween.
  19. MrRant

    WWE No Mercy 2008

    Yes. He's really mastered the "bury everyone else on your roster and beat the guy you don't clean" method of being a face. Losing the match to the Champ isn't getting buried, the Champ isn't supposed too lose. Trips has only been the champ since Backlash. Is Joe burying people in TNA when he doesn't lose his title matches? Is Nigel burying people in by not losing title matches? Jeff Hardy doesn't deserve the title, and you all know it. Alright...I'm going to make the mistake of not treating you like a retard... HHH has spent every show leading up to a ppv since moving to SD! walking around explaining to people (MVP, Kendrick) why they aren't in his league. He took Khali seriously. Beat him clean. He tool Hardy somewhat seriously (after kinda burying him on the mic) and beat him clean too. After Koslov there is NO ONE LEFT that HHH puts on his level. And I'm telling you, don't insult me again. Triple H has beaten Khali, Cena, Edge, and Jeff Hardy all in good single matches. He hasn't buried anybody. Nigel has beaten everybody in roh twice as Champion...Does that means he's burying them? Joe has beaten everybody he has come up against since being Champ...Is he burying people in TNA? Get a fucking grip, nobody expected Hardy to win going in to this match. The fact that they actually thought he had a chance, means both guys put on a good match and made people forget it was Jeff fucking Hardy in there, and that the WWE will probably never put the title on the guy, because he's a FUCKING JUNKIE! People getting mad that Jeff lost, just shows that both guys did a good job in that match, making you believe he might have a chance,.
  20. MrRant

    Notorious BIG biopic

    Don't we all know the story though? Dude gets shot. Sean Combs does his song and then all the East vs. West coast bs.
  21. MrRant

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    This is what I put down. I think there has got to be a better plan out there than this bailout as currently constructed. There's gotta be. Most people live within their means dude. I've explained the reason why own vs. rent is always amost a better deal and for some people they need some help with the down payment portion but it will be a fixed amount. I don't think anyone here is disagreeing that some people extended themselves way to far with the hope that the housing market would continue to rise and they could sell or refinance before the readjustment hit them. They gambled and lost. Some knowingly and then some unknowingly when the lenders agreed to give them no doc, no down loans and just hammer the point on the monthly payment is the same as you're paying now and not really telling them what happens in year 5 or 6. Certainly if those people knew what they do now they would take the $100 or 200 higher payment for the next 30 years rather than it balloon. Note that I don't think people shouldn't read up on what they are signing but unfortunately some people put trust not only in the lender but also their agent who is *supposed* to be working for them.
  22. MrRant

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    We've always had loans available for less than 20% down (HUD etc). The problem is the types of loans that were given the last 5-7 years. Interest Only, ARMs etc to get people into a house that is bigger than they could afford. Putting down 5% just means that your payments are slightly higher with a fixed interest but you are within your means. Putting down 10% on a house you probably won't afford with an ARM which you took so your payments could be within your range and then getting them blown up to high hell is an issue. People and lenders were looking in the short term and saying you can buy this $400,000 and pay what a $200,000 house would cost and then in 5 years you can refinance out or sell and buy a new house since the market was high. Then it bottomed out and some people can't take on the readjusted mortgage payment.
  23. MrRant

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    909, you have to remember one of the benefits to owning a house is that if you do it correctly (Let's say the FHA loan with 2%) and you are responsible with your budget you can get a mortage that is less than or equal to your rent for a fixed 30 years. Compare that to renting for 30 years and the if the rent goes up 5% per year and your income only goes up annually 3%.
  24. MrRant


    That is debatable. You may make a comment on a movie I've recently seen as well and unless I scour the mega thread all the time I may miss it and that would kill off a potential discussion whereas bumping the old thread I could read through the prior comments and yours and either respond or make my own comment. Pictures I Like and those type of "What are you thinking" threads definitely can be a mega thread.
  25. MrRant

    WWE General Discussion - September 2008

    I don't know. Where's yours? You want them so much, you buy it. The people who transcribe them for this forum is under no obligation to do so, to ask for them is bad manners. I got tenure nigga.