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  1. MrRant

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 5

    Well if Purdue doesn't pull this one out I'm 0-3 in the last three weeks.
  2. MrRant

    WWE General Discussion - September 2008

    So where are the WO notes?
  3. MrRant

    Rock Band!

    Learn to slide your index finger from Green to Red so that if your index is on Red, your pinky is on Orange, index on Green then pinky is on Blue. Helps a lot.
  4. So I guess you aren't voting Obama.
  5. MrRant

    Comcast limits internet usage at home

    Qwest hasn't really launched any fiber anywhere as far as I know. The only two that have are at&t and Verizon. Qwest does have DSL up to 20 but that is dependent on how far away from the central office you are.
  6. MrRant

    Comcast limits internet usage at home

    Verizon has FiOS.
  7. MrRant

    Bose Wave Radio Systems

    Do some research on Bose and if after that you still want one, then go for it.
  8. MrRant

    NFL Week 3

    Very rarely does it go well when the ownership/front office doesn't even attempt to draft to a coach's system and/or team needs.
  9. MrRant

    Monday Night Wars

    The part that bothers me the most is the WWF to WW_ editing of announcers etc. I can understand blurring the scratch logo which is fine but good Christ you would think they would be safe from the pandas when it comes to pre-lawsuit WWF.
  10. MrRant

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 4

    Come on Wake, Iowa St and Auburn.
  11. MrRant

    Total Non-Stop Action

    Why are you not spelling awkward correctly?
  12. MrRant

    Rock Band!

  13. MrRant

    Legends Programming

    Well it's not like they Benoited their families so they probably have no problem featuring them.
  14. MrRant

    Legends Programming

    Is Factions new? They got Foley then right before he left. I enjoyed it a bit but really wish they would extend these to 2 hours.
  15. MrRant

    NFL Week 3

  16. MrRant

    WWE Raw - September 15, 2008

    Well at least it made sense.
  17. MrRant

    Jeff Hardy Strikes Out for the Final Time?

    WTF is the Dr. Black stuff? I don't really watch SD.
  18. MrRant

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 3

    You're right. I for some reason missed the Hawaii game and transposed the scores.
  19. MrRant

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 3

    3-0. Not too bad.
  20. MrRant

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 3

    THURSDAY Rutgers FRIDAY South Florida SATURDAY Navy Baylor Notre Dame Georgia Tech Oregon UCLA Air Force Hawaii Southern Miss Virginia USC Wisconsin Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Ohio State/USC game? 56 Tiebreak #2: How many passing yards will BYU's Max Hall have against UCLA? 225
  21. MrRant

    Legends Programming

    Kiniski did his damndest to ruin that match. I don't know what the **** his problem was (apparently Harley didn't either) and I really wish both Flair and Race would have shot on him and broken his leg. It's a testament to the greatness of both Flair and Race that they still put on a great match with that moron Kiniski interferring and breaking the flow of the match constantly. I've met Gene Kiniski. Nice guy.
  22. MrRant


    I'm not sure that is correct since the Bay area will get the Jets vs Miami and not the KC game.
  23. MrRant

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 2

    Well, if Northwestern holds on then I'm good. If not, I lose the Tiebreaker.
  24. MrRant

    Fall TV Schedule

    Probably just Fringe and Sons of Anarchy as far as new shows. Then of course the shows I currently watch (Mythbusters, BSG, and a few others).