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  1. MrRant

    Ron "R-Truth" Killings

    Yay for kid rap!
  2. MrRant

    WWE Raw (8/11/2008)

    This sounds kinda gay. It's not behind the TitanTron but it's a partial view so part of your view of like the wrestler's entrance is obscured.
  3. MrRant

    Randy Orton Reinjured

    Candace retired? This.
  4. MrRant

    The NFL Preseason Thread.

    Packer fans don't let go. Cue the "Fucking Wisconsin" thread for every Jet win/Packer loss.
  5. MrRant

    The NBA Offseason Thread

    I'd laugh and be grateful for the damage it would cause the NBA.
  6. MrRant

    San Francisco

    I liked New Mexico for the week I spent in ABQ.
  7. MrRant

    Impact Spoilers for 8/7

    I just can't bring myself to deal with the faggy nicknames going on right now in TNA.
  8. MrRant

    WWE Raw (8/4/08)

  9. MrRant

    Heath Ledger dead

    Mary Kate Olsen killed him! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080804/ap_on_...YQDP7oPkSHZn414
  10. MrRant

    WWE Raw (8/4/08)

    When did the ECW belt go silver?
  11. MrRant

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Mechanical In social situations where the sound of flatulence would be particularly inappropriate a temporary remedy can be obtained by placing a piece of cotton wool or toilet tissue about 4 cm into the anus. If this is done whilst squatting then closure of the buttocks will hold it in place for a considerable period of time. This keeps the anus dry and reduces the velocity of the gas discharge, both of which help to prevent noisy events. For acute situations, it is recommended to spread the buttocks, so as to stretch open the sphincter while the gas is passed. This is best accomplished by sitting on one buttock, shifting body weight laterally, then putting the body weight on the other buttock. The opening will not snap shut and the passage will be silent. If done incorrectly, however, this may result in a characteristic high-pitched squeal. If sitting on a cushioned surface, the gases can be directed into the open-cell polyurethane foam and somewhat quarantined. Following the fart, standing will not release the odor, in fact, the gases will be further pushed to the center of the cushion. The gases will not leak out and be detectable, unless the cushion is compressed again under the weight of another person. The use of this phenomenon as a practical joke is obvious.
  12. MrRant

    SmackDown Spoilers - August 1, 2008

    Are we sure that is how the edit will end up?
  13. MrRant

    The Beer Thread.

    What? No Molson ICE? Kill yourself Canadian.
  14. Factory Reconditioned Cuisinart DGB-500BKFR Grind & Brew 12 Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, Black Cuisinart GTF-B Gold Tone Coffee Filter Shadow of the Hegemon (Ender, Book 6) Back to Basics TEM500 Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher Croscill Fabric Shower Curtain Liner, White
  15. MrRant

    What was the very last thing you purchased?

    3 Snickers for $0.99.
  16. MrRant

    What was the very last thing you purchased?

    Utensil holder, The Last Sentinal on Blu-Ray.
  17. MrRant

    Rated PG Superstar?

    When they stunts, I don't know if that means the whacky angles or toning down violence in the ring.
  18. MrRant

    What was the very last thing you purchased?

    Red Hotwheels car for a co-worker's 40th anniversary of working at Comcast.
  19. MrRant

    So I'm back.

    Who the fuck is this now?
  20. MrRant

    kkk Bowl VI: Signups

  21. MrRant

    The NBA Offseason Thread

    They are just too old to take any shit from anyone. Especially some women.
  22. MrRant


    I would stick with VGA if your TV has the input so that you keep an HDMI input free for other devices. Both are capable of 1080P.
  23. MrRant

    kkk Bowl VI: Signups

    Someone needs to look at a map of Houston.