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  1. MrRant

    Random Thoughts

    That belt is hideous. It reminds me of She-Ra.
  2. I also have no idea who anyone posting is. The naming choices are pretty substandard too.
  3. MrRant

    Broadway Brett beats retirement!

    DO WE NEED A FUCKING APOSTROPHE SEMINAR? The "cow's" thing was because I was going to write something different and didn't backspace far enough.
  4. MrRant

    The Sonics' Pending Move

    Um. Check the last page Al.
  5. MrRant

    Broadway Brett beats retirement!

    But think of all the cows Brett's comeback would save and the children from getting gangbanged? Won't someone think of the cow's? Or the children?
  6. MrRant

    The Sonics' Pending Move

    Fuck you.
  7. MrRant

    The Sonics' Pending Move

    Sonics to give Seattle $75 million to leave. It also says that Clay wouldn't have to pay the full amount if the city gets another team. Sounds like Seattle keeps the name/history/etc I imagine. Still, it's a sad day to know that there will not be any Sonics basketball for the immediate future. I'll miss the calls of SUPER... SONICS by the crowd and Kevin Calabro on the tube.
  8. MrRant

    *Smackdown Spoilers*

    I missed who Mickie James was now fucking apparently.
  9. MrRant

    WWE Raw (6/30/2008)

    At least I have a slight interest in watching just to see the World Title situation.
  10. MrRant

    WCW Thunder

    I hope they continue to throw in some episodes of Thunder monthly as it was interesting seeing the opening again after so many years. I forgot how irritating of a set they used along with all the constant "lightning" that happened all the goddamn time. I completely blocked out the whole NWO Wolfpac thing as well. And WCW has the *worst* local jobbers. Why could they never bring in someone who doesn't look like a complete doofus? Wait, maybe that was Nitro.
  11. That's painful to watch.
  12. MrRant

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Or rappers. Pac is dead. Get over it. So is Elvis.
  13. MrRant

    School me on the ATL

    You are not in a bad area. Thats like 15 minutes from me. You just have to pick the right neighborhood. If you are house buying, then you might want to move a LITTLE bit further out. If I get/accept the job I'm not sure I'd buy right away even with the relocation money. Might do the apartment thing for 6-12 months and get my bearings.
  14. MrRant

    School me on the ATL

    Yeah, I think the building is actually in Norcross which according to Google Maps is about 20 miles away from ATL. Though I'm not 100% sure that is where *I* would be if I get offered the job and took it.
  15. MrRant

    News You Can (barely) Use

    Considering they are just using random band music most of the time anymore I'm not sure how much Jim Johnston is doing.
  16. MrRant

    Steely Dan follow-up.

    Boston is a great band. There is no shame in liking them.
  17. MrRant

    School me on the ATL

    I'd be down for $250 season tickets and at least having a shot at the WC/East unlike some teams.
  18. MrRant

    School me on the ATL

    I don't know. I'd have to get used to spelling things like dirty as dirrrrty.
  19. MrRant

    "An insane amount of ranch please."

    It's common up here along with using tartar sauce. Other good fry condiments are mayo or gravy.
  20. MrRant

    School me on the ATL

    Ripper, you're letting me down dawg.
  21. MrRant

    Who here is racist?

    This reminds me of our board invasions.
  22. MrRant

    Who here is racist?

    I'm afraid that if I decide to accept a position I'm being considered for in the ATL that I'll just involuntarily become one. But at least I can meet Ripper!
  23. MrRant

    OAO Raw Thread 6/23/08

    Like he couldn't take a couple day vacation to drop a few fixtures on Vince. He owes the Rock.