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  1. I have received the following pm from wildpegasus: WP -- It was a weight bench, not a work bench. Basically I was training very, very hard that night doing hamstring curls. Hamstrings are the muscles on the other side of your legs below the BUTT and above the knees. The exercise I was doing was laying hamstring curls on the bench. For anyone who doesn't know leg work is by far the toughest voluntary physical thing you can do in life. If you want to you can literally make yourself throwup in a matter of minutes. I was working hard that night and started to feel a little funny downstairs but I just kept on going anyway. Set after set and than BOOM! I was bouncing up and down on the bench. I don't even really think I had an erection beforehand so it's something I've never encourted afterwards since. To tell you the truth it scared me because I didn't know what was going on. This was when I put 2 and 2 together and discovered masturbation. In the months afterwards there were a few times where I know I could've done the same thing on the bench again but I stopped before anything could erupt. Maybe I'll try for another orgasm on the bench someday but I'm kind of scared as there's no research that I know of to tell me if this is safe or not. Orgasms/Benches/Limpness and You. Maybe I should write a book. I will say one thing. I have never, ever even come close to the amount of fluid discharged on that memoarable night. Peter North himself would've been proud.
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    The Smart mark confessional

    The real Rudy gave a speech at my high school in either my freshman or sophomore year. Nothing special happened, though he was a bit of prick when it was time for him to go. He cut the audience Q & A short by saying, "So, I guess there are no more questions? Well, have a good day, everyone!" and walking off the stage, in spite of there being in plain sight a line of about 10 students waiting to ask him something.
  3. How did the redhead do it.
  4. Giuseppe Zangara

    The newest member is Leena

    This better be for serious. http://forums.thesmartmarks.com/index.php?showuser=6665
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    Albums Listened to Today

    The old thread takes way too long to load--and I don't feel like bumping it--so why not start a new thread? I got my income tax return yesterday, so I went ahead and picked up Fun House. Fuck. Yes.
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    When I was a child, my father

    I soon developed a thirst for knowledge.
  7. Giuseppe Zangara

    100 Posts of Solitude

    First-world problems.
  8. Giuseppe Zangara

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I think that's the least of your problems.
  9. Giuseppe Zangara

    New Thomas Pynchon novel

    Maybe this one, given it's comparatively short length, will actually get some fair reviews. Much of the negative press that greeted Against the Day read as if it stemmed from whatever the reviewers could gleam from the book jacket, press materials, and the first 50 pages of the novel itself. I'm looking at you, Michiko Kakutani.
  10. Giuseppe Zangara

    Food Porn

    That scene in In the Realm of the Senses where an egg is inserted into the lady's vagina.
  11. Giuseppe Zangara

    Pictures I Like

    It's strange that anyone would focus on the hair in that pic, anyway. It's barely visible.
  12. Giuseppe Zangara

    Convinient Thread Alignment

    I posted this in GTG. Looks like you beat me to it.
  13. Giuseppe Zangara

    Your 10 Favorite Albums

    It's been awhile, right? There have been changes since the last time I compiled my list. The top three remains the same. 01. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs (1985) 02. David Bowie - Hunky Dory (1971) 03. OutKast - Aquemini (1998) 04. Wire - Pink Flag (1977) 05. Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life (1976) 06. The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967) 07. Roxy Music - Avalon (1982) 08. Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians - Fegmania! (1985) 09. The Wedding Present - Seamonsters (1991) 10. The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (1971) Too many albums worth mentioning to bother with an Honorable Mention list.
  14. Giuseppe Zangara

    Nineties Runoff

    I liked the use of "Courage" in the movie The Sweet Hereafter.
  15. Giuseppe Zangara

    Nineties Runoff

    Pretty embarrassing. But how would you compare it to the time Kotzenjunge confused Nick Cave for a gay icon and member of the Pet Shop Boys?
  16. Giuseppe Zangara

    LeAnn Rimes

    Participating in homosexual activity does not make you any more homosexual than participating in a sport makes you athletic.
  17. Giuseppe Zangara

    LeAnn Rimes

    When I was in high school, it was the 90s, the South, and these were teen-agers. Given all that, it's surprising that there wasn't much homophobic hatred directed toward the drama students. In fact, up until my senior-year drama class—which required a passing grade in the previous classes and had a small cap for student admission—the drama classes were often frequented by jocks, who were under the mistaken impression it would be an easy 'A.' Well, it was an easy 'A,' but somewhere along the way the jocks got to believing they wouldn't have to do much work. Anyway, the senior-year class was the one I shared with Todd, the twink from my previous post. The bulk of my senior-year class were serious about drama, though they never got anywhere for all their talk. I think most were indifferent or confused about the idea of homosexuality. They knew it existed but had never given it any thought. Shortly after graduating, I got a job at Blockbuster Video, where I ended up working with Nick, one of my former classmates and "serious" drama student. A couple of the people who worked at the store were gay, so he, Nick, took the opportunity to educate himself about homosexuality, becoming, I guess, a more open-minded, well-rounded person. Back to the serious students, only one of them had any legitimate talent, I felt (it wasn't Nick, who, for one monologue, while playing a drunk with Brooklyn accent, produced the unintended result of sounding mentally challenged); I don't know what became of the talented one after graduating, outside of learning that his girlfriend, also from that class, got pregnant with a child that wasn't his.
  18. Giuseppe Zangara

    LeAnn Rimes

    I took drama classes for three of my four years in high school. Not counting a couple of bi-curious females, no one I knew in that scene was openly gay. There was one guy whom I found out, six or seven years after graduating, was not only now openly gay, but a twink as well. I found him on MySpace, where he had a number of nude-save-for-an-artfully-placed-hand-or-angled-camera pics. (FYI, I've posted these pics elsewhere on the board.) He was fit and toned, a vast improvement over his old, chubby self. I also remember him being terribly homophobic. It's not surprising to learn that there was a reason he acted ridiculously macho (not only was he liberal with his use of the word "faggot," he also often talked about all the girls he wanted to bang, such as Madonna and Alanis Morissette), but we all assumed he was gay anyway, because other than his being fat, he perpetrated almost every gay stereotype you can think of.
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    LeAnn Rimes

    Watching Lifetime television movies.
  20. Giuseppe Zangara

    Pictures I Like

    It's still on the same page. Also, Who's the Boss took place in Connecticut, not an NYC suburb.
  21. Giuseppe Zangara

    What are you reading?

    Reading Cheever's The Wapshot Scandal, which, so far, is looser and funnier than the first Wapshot book. Which I liked, by the way. Granted, I still have roughly 200 pages to go so all this could change, but I'm preferring the second book's comparatively lighter tone to the first one's occasionally relentless gloom.
  22. Giuseppe Zangara

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    I'm assuming it's this: There's some hot boys in it, too.
  23. Giuseppe Zangara

    TSM Hates The 90s

    More Human Than Human Salt-N-Pepa- "Whatta Man" (d. "Seether," 23-8) Montell Jordan- "This Is How We Do It" (d. "I Don't Want To Wait," 27-4) Snoop Doggy Dogg- "Gin and Juice" (d. "Wicked Game," 24-7) Dee-Lite- "Groove Is In The Heart" (d. "Inside Out," 22-9) Warren G. (ft. Nate Dogg)- "Regulate" (d. "Livin La Vida Loca," 26-5) Notorious B.I.G. (ft. Puff Daddy and Mase)- "Mo Money Mo Problems" (d. "Kiss Me," 22-9) Weezer- "Buddy Holly" (d. "You Mean The World To Me," 26-4) Jay-Z- "Can I Get A..." (d. "Tearin' Up My Heart," 21-10) The Killer In Me Is The Killer In You Nirvana- "Heart Shaped Box" (d. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," 16-15) Blur- "Song 2" (d. "Boys and Girls," 17-14) Smashing Pumpkins- "1979" (d. "Today," 16-15) Cranberries- "Linger" (d. "Dreams," 21-10) Green Day- "Basket Case" (d. "Good Riddance," 19-12) Oasis- "Wonderwall" (d. "Champagne Supernova," 20-11) Tom Cochrane- "Life Is a Highway" (d. "Glycerine," 20-11) Third Eye Blind- "Semi-Charmed Life" (d. "All I Want," 23-8) I Want To Fuck You Like An Animal Soundgarden- "Black Hole Sun" (d. "My Lovin'," 22-9) Skee-Lo- "I Wish" (d. "In The Meantime," 22-9) DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- "Summertime" (d. "The Freshmen," 20-11) Fugees- "Killing Me Softly With His Song" (d. "Wannabe," 23-8) Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg)- "Nuthin But a G Thang" (d. "I Do It For You," 21-10) The Cardigans- "Lovefool" (d. "Two Princes," 16-15) Eagle-Eye Cherry- "Save Tonight" (d. "Runaway Train," 16-15) Semisonic- "Closing Time" (d. "Walking In Memphis, 24-7) Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End Outkast- "Rosa Parks" (d. "Lump," 20-11) New Radicals- "You Get What You Give" (d. "All I Wanna Do," 24-7) Sinead O'Connor- "Nothing Compares 2 U" (d. "Counting Blue Cars," 23-8) Faith No More- "Epic" (d. "Sex and Candy," 20-11) Lisa Loeb- "Stay (I Missed You)" (d. "Tennessee," 19-12) Hootie and the Blowfish- "I Only Wanna Be With You" (d. "Santa Monica," 22-9) Gin Blossoms- "Hey Jealousy" (d. "Back That Azz Up," 18-13) Meat Loaf- "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" (first round bye)
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    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Better load up on mouthwash.