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  1. CanadianChick

    WWE General Discussion for August 2007

    Translation: "I'm not gonna burn any bridges OH GOD PLEEZ HIRE ME BACK" Translation: "I've been on the phone with every indy promoter I can get ahold of, begging for bookings." Girls don't beg for bookings. You should know that.
  2. CanadianChick

    What to do in British Columbia?

    But I guess for you boys, Earl's hot waitresses are a plus. But still, go for the White Spot. I recommend the BC Burger.
  3. CanadianChick

    What to do in British Columbia?

    Screw that. Go to White Spot for the best burgers in BC. Go Triple O sauce.
  4. Um, he's gotten them in the past. One week, he was receding, and the next week he magically had thicker hair. Maybe he needs them again?
  5. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    If she's in the company in two years, I'll be shocked. She looks like a woman (read: older than 25) and you know girls don't last much longer than 30 in WWE...
  6. CanadianChick


    The picture was amazing in the movie. I'm not usually a fan of gore (couldn't watch a horror movie if my life depended on it), but this was just awesome. I thank my boyfriend for dragging me to see this movie.
  7. CanadianChick

    School bans Myspace in school AND in home.

    At school is a no brainer. But at home? While I don't think younger kids *should* have myspace accounts (because as LOTC so eloquently put it, Generation W), it's ridiculous for a school to do a parent's job. If mom and dad don't think their kids should be using MySpace, that's their decision, not the school's.
  8. CanadianChick

    Top WWE wrestlers named in SI steroid investigation.

    Why would Edge and Orton get punished for something that happened 2 years ago? Seems silly to punish them for past deeds...
  9. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    I don't remember the Victoria head drop incident, but Canadian Dragon, there's no way you can even imply the Lita moonsault botch was anyway Mickie's fault. She was lying on the ground with a blindfold on. That was 110% Lita's fault.
  10. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Sorry, it's impossible for Ashley to look like a million bucks in the ring. But I don't care if Melina gets fired or not. She's terrible too.
  11. CanadianChick

    From the "No Shit" Department:

    Why is it bad to let kids think they're special again? Fuck, I'd rather a kid think they were special than know they were really just average and would blend in the crowd their whole lives. God forbid we give kids some hope for the future, you heartless bastard. I'm not adding ANY of you on MySpace. Assholes.
  12. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    If you are working in WWE, you better have some sort of idea what is going on. It's a matter of being professional, just like with any other job. If you work in an office, of course you are going to have to learn the policies of the office and the general rules. WWE shouldn't be any different. Staying ignorant after 8 months is pretty inexcusible, as it would be at *any* job or career.
  13. CanadianChick

    Does anyone miss Molly Holly?

    Trinity isn't even a wrestler; she's like a stunt person or something. Closer to a wrestler than Torrie is sure, but hardly someone to cry over for not getting proper exposure. I sure miss Molly though. She was always my favorite women's wrestling in WWE. I would liked to see Mickie vs. Molly, but oh well.
  14. CanadianChick

    My 1 Year Workout Results

    Dude, everyday? He'd burn up way too many calories to have a hope of gaining any weight. 3 times a week maybe, but everyday? An average person certainly does not need that much cardio.
  15. CanadianChick

    My 1 Year Workout Results

    But his goal isn't to be healthier, it's to be bigger. Yeah, it's not a great goal in my opinion (sorry Matt), but it's what he's going for. It is counterproductive for someone who's trying to bulk up and has a superfast metabolism to do cardio. Some people simply can't keep weight on. If he's trying to get bigger, why not get workouts from body builders? That is kinda what they do after all. Sure, if he wants to get in better shape health wise, yeah, modify an actual athlete's workout. But that obviously is not what he's going for. Personally Matt, I think you should do cardio and keep up your routine. Also, do more core stuff. Sure, you won't get such a dramatic size difference as you're getting now, but you'll look better (I think at least) and be healthier. But if your only goal is mass, you're doing it right I guess. EDIT: Oh, and random guy: Don't be stupid. Yeah, he obviously needs to work on his chest a bit more, but just because *you* easily put on weight on your chest, doesn't mean skinny Matt will. You obviously have knowledge on this stuff, so you should know something like that.