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  1. CanadianChick

    Fox Cancels "The O.C."

    The skinny light haired one is as thin as a rail with no curves. You know who else is skinny as a rail with no curves? Little boys.
  2. CanadianChick

    New Year's Resolutions?

    I don't usually make resolutions per se as I just make random goals for myself at random times during the year. I'm not a condescending douchebag who looks down their nose at everyone else if they do though. It's nice that people want to better themselves, no matter what time of year it is. It's a hassle to deal with a lot of people at the gym around this time of year, but meh, you get used to it.
  3. CanadianChick

    the saddest song

    Good call on that Flogging Molly song someone mentioned. When you're in the right mood, that one can choke you up. Sublime's Pool Shark is a sad one for me, especially the acoustic version. Alot of Sublime songs can be a downer when you think about how Brad's life ended. Alannis Morrisette's hidden track on her Jagged Little Pill album (the song after the You Oughta Know alternative cut) is a sad one too. I don't know what it's called, but she just sounds so heartbroken during it.
  4. CanadianChick

    The OAO Raw Thread for 1/1/07

    But he's faced both of them the biggest PPV of the year and neither are curtain jerking anywhere...
  5. CanadianChick

    The OAO Raw Thread for 1/1/07

    Yeah, no shit. And it is beyond me how some people here think Kevin Federline, a guy who wasn't able to sell his own music, a guy who had to hand out free tickets to his own concert, is going to bring in fans. Let's be serious here and stop being pop culture marks who think any interaction wrestling has with it is a huge positive for WWE. No one is going to give a shit Vince called Rosie fat, and people are going to find Kevin Federline wrestling just as stupid as Umaga having face paint on. It's Kevin Federline: he's a joke!
  6. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    And that was hilarious.
  7. CanadianChick

    WON News + Notes, December 25th Issue

    Well, seeing as whatever the dude's name who is in charge of hiring was told to hire like 20 bikini models, you can guess if it's the latter or the former in your possibilities.
  8. CanadianChick

    your biggest mistake

    If that's the case, it's probably you, not them.
  9. CanadianChick

    Powerslam PS 50 for 2006

    Cabbage, it's a workrate list, not a kayfabe ranking list. If it was, don't you think Cena would definately be on there?
  10. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Um, why do girls need different trainers than guys? I'm pretty sure it's just Molly being one of the trainers who trains everyone.
  11. CanadianChick

    ECW's next PPV 'December To Dismember'

    Violated? Did the PPV touch you in your private areas?
  12. CanadianChick

    WON News + Notes, 27 November 2006

    That's a bullshit mentality. Cheating shouldn't be acceptable, wrestler or not. However, I don't think that it is WWE's responsibility to deal with that type of stuff, unless something borderline illegal is happening (Like Orlando Jordan being fired for going out with a minor).
  13. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    You're backtracking Hawk. You said that Candice and Victoria were on the same level, like Mickie and Trish were on the same level. Now, I am not going to argue whether if Mickie/Trish are better than Victoria or not, because they are in my opinion, but Victoria is certainly a level above Candice. You're right: Candice is certainly not a backyarder. HOWEVER, much like a backyarder, it's safe to say that before wrestling her first match, she wasn't trained, yes? So she's still an untrained person pretending to wrestle. That's great for her she's improving, but I don't want to see amateurs night on Raw. Since she has potential, she should do what Victoria did and get sent down to OVW to learn and then come back when she's ready.
  14. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Hawk, for someone who is untrained, Candice is fine. If she got properly trained, I'm sure she would better. Yes, she moves okay in the ring, and her selling is passable and not retarded looking, but her execution still sucks. And that is the difference between a trained and untrained wrestler. I cannot take what you say about Victoria and Candice being around the same level seriously at all. Victoria looks like a wrestler...Candice looks like she's acting like a wrestler. As someone who is also a fan of Shimmer, I'm very suprised that you put Candice at that level. Maybe you find her hot? Sure, she has potential, but I'd rather not see amateurs night on Raw.
  15. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    You counted Candice as a passable worker?!? I mean, yeah, she improved, but come on. Raise your standards a bit man.
  16. Yeah, that chairshot was pretty sick.
  17. I can't believe people here thought that Lita/Mickie was good. It was fucking horrible. It was sloppy and had absolutely no flow. Lita's strikes looked like shit as usual. The highlights of the match was Lita not fucking up her moonsault for once, and the crowd. Nothing on the show was very good. Granted, I didn't catch the first two matches, so Benoit and Chavo was probably solid, I'm assuming. I guess the DX/RKO match was fun, but not really good. Batista looked like a rookie out there. Bah, bad PPV.
  18. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Well, Beth Pheonix is there right now. And Angel Williams is in Deep South. I personally think Shantelle would be a good fit in the main roster. I'm definately a big fan of hers.
  19. CanadianChick

    Bound For GLory

    How did Gowen get eliminated from the battle royal? I thought two feet had to hit the floor...
  20. CanadianChick

    Controversy Creates Cash - Eric Bischoff

    Her mouth. No I haven't read it, but if it is what I expect it will be, I generally don't like over exaggerated half truthes that are obviously revised.
  21. CanadianChick

    "Luv You"

    She's illiterate?
  22. Seeing Kelly be "sexy" is like watching a high school girl be sexy. It's weird. She's pretty well the prettiest of the bunch, but looks like a little girl compared to everyone. Oh, and she actually looks like a human being with normal sized tits and a normal jaw. I dunno, it's weird. That six man tag was good times. Fun stuff, with the crowd popping pretty freaking big for the Originals. Everything else on the show I found meh, with the diva shit mindnumbingly stupid. Ooooh, you're in your bra and panties. Don't you live in those on TV practically? Bah.
  23. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Who is Blondie's "Rip Her to Shreds" based on? I love the song. So much bitterness and cattiness...
  24. CanadianChick

    Announcers protecting kayfabe...

    Jericho, I can forgive. Sure, he had been wrestling for a while at that point, but he has an extremely young looking face for his age. Benoit though? Dude doesn't even look young.
  25. CanadianChick

    Fuck Kanyon

    Well, if the wrestler was stupid enough to bring hte 17 year old girl on the road with them, then yeah, I assume WWE would care.