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  1. CanadianChick

    Fuck Kanyon

    Wasn't OJ fired for having an underaged "friend" rather than being gay anyways?
  2. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    Yes, your way is much more realistic. My bad. I can't believe the idiocy of some people. I feel like I'm turning into Leena or something. No wonder I barely post here anymore.
  3. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    He had a bad rep in the company in this same run. The previous stints were just icing on the cake reputation wise. And what are we kidding ourselves about? No one here is going to say that HHH and Kid Kash are on the same level to have their opinions heard...and they shouldn't be. I'm sorry, but if I'm Vince and I think some guy who's on the B show in a random tag team who has had problems in the company in the recent past is giving me a hard time about something, you bet your ass I'm firing him.
  4. CanadianChick

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    She is obviously wondering how much change you want dumbass.
  5. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    Well, if he has an attitude about it, why the fuck not? And let's not kid ourselves: NOTHING is seen as a seperate issue from something else. If you have a rep, it's going to follow you. Just like smarks remember HHH burying a bunch of people. If he didn't have a reputation doing it, he wouldn't be ragged on about it so much.
  6. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    Well, first off, please watch out for that wall behind you. Afterall, you're backpedalling pretty damn quickly and I'd hate for you to hurt yourself. Secondly, my original post that said that wasn't in response to you at all. I was actually directly responding to S_D. But hey, I'll bite directly to your post. You said that if Taker/HHH said what Kash said that contributed to him getting fired, they wouldn't be fired. Well of course not. Why would someone's opinion who has drug problems and a history of a bad attitude have the same right of opinion as multiyear vets? So pointing that out, whether it's you or a website, is stupid. It's like saying that a CEO has more of a say than an office manager. Well, duh.
  7. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    Yeah, that's right. So he can't voice his opinions anymore because of that? Did you just stop reading my post there and respond to it? Let's try this again...
  8. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    Where did I say that? Where did I even imply that? I merely pointed out that Kash has previously been suspended (quite recently, no?) and I believe (and please someone correct me if I'm wrong, because I hate to wrongly accuse someone of having a past drug problem) he was fired from TNA because of a drug problem so acting like he was a model employee who was fired for just expressing his opinion is a bit ridiculous. See? No mention of Triple H or Undertaker.
  9. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    Oh, please. Stop acting like that is probably the only reason why Kash got fired. He was suspended earlier this year, was he not? And didn't he have a drug problem in TNA? Not exactly a picture perfect employee to start. The company is ass backwards, yes, but I don't really doubt that WWE was justified in this firing.
  10. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    Lines like this are why it's so hard to take internet newz seriously. I agree with ya. This just screams pandering to the internet fans.
  11. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    I too want to see Noble and Yang as a redneck tag team, just because it'd be funny they went from one guy's stereotype in WCW to the other's in WWE...plus I'd want to hear someone like JBL make a subtle reference of them teaming together "back in Japan or something..."
  12. CanadianChick

    Kid Kash released.

    Damn, poor Noble.
  13. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    I can't be the only one who finds it funny MySpace is a source of news...especially the placing of friends on MySpace. And I'm sure a joke has already been made about it, but how funny is it a blonde that displays no substance and is basically just a pretty face is named "Barbie Blank" in real life?
  14. I haven't seen it, so I hate to sound ignorant, but I just cannot see Lita in the best women's match in years. Sorry. She's terrible. Though rest assured I will seek out this match because I am a big fan of Trish. Hopefully I eat my words, as Trish deserves a nice sendoff.
  15. Was the women's match any good, or just good crowd reaction wise?
  16. CanadianChick

    WWE signs four wrestlers from the past

    Is this the 10th time Jannetty has been hired by WWE now?
  17. CanadianChick

    Gas Price Check...

    Serious? It's like about 1.13/L here. Lucky. Are you from Alberta?
  18. CanadianChick

    OVW Results Thread...

    Am I crazy, or is Selena that muscular chick from TNA?
  19. CanadianChick

    A message from DRH 502

    People on messageboards who brag about setting foot in a ring and act all superior about it are losers. And Rene looks better now than he used to, looks wise.
  20. CanadianChick

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Ehhh, I think Edge deserves that crown.
  21. CanadianChick

    Question about wrestling schools

    Storm Academy is pretty hefty priced, and you don't really get a lot training, in terms of time. Not saying it isn't quality though.
  22. CanadianChick

    Gang Wars v2.0: Draft Declarations

  23. CanadianChick

    WWE Diva Search

    Well, two years of being thrown in the ring, you're bound to learn something. She's like Stacy and Torrie. I know she's improved and all, but she's still terribly unconvincing in the ring. People who go from "Terrible" to "Sorta Watchable" don't get my praise.
  24. CanadianChick

    OAO Raw Thread - August/14th/2006.

    WWE.com took pictures of a break and enter and aren't contacting the police?