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    Trish Stratus really bad interview (video)

    I must be missing it. What's so bad here?
  2. Aero

    24 -- Season 7

    IMDB also had Billy Walsh, the FBI mole who was arrested about a third the way through, listed for the entire season at one point, so I wouldn't take that as anything major. It'll probably be updated eventually since Tony looked like he was going to kill him for certain.
  3. Aero

    24 -- Season 7

    Technically, Mason was the exact opposite. He was running away and trying to get out of the blast radius of the nuke when he was forced to investigate a lead, that ultimately lead him to getting exposed to radiation. Only from there, knowing that he was going to die anyway, did he start "fighting dirty". I'm drawing a blank on Chappelle's instance, though. He was basically just a jerk doing his job as normal, up until the point where Jack told him he had to die. The only thing that got him killed was that he decided to follow a money trail in looking for leads. I'm just saying...
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    I guess you can consider the fact that he knows everything about everyone in 2004 to be foreshadowing. Of course, we know the Others have powerful resources to obtain such info, but it's possible that once the Losties left the 1970's (assuming they do), Ben might become aware that they aren't who they said they were and use his resources to keep tabs on them (that is, from when they are young in the 1970's and forward, pre-crash) up until the point where they crash on the island. The only thing that I can think of that might disprove that at this point would be the scene where Ben visits Mikail in the Flame right after the crash and, I believe, asks about the flight manifest among other things. I don't remember the details about the scene, so I can't say if something disproves the theory or not.
  5. Aero


    We don't. When Richard said that Ben wouldn't remember any of it, he could have specifically been referring to the Others' healing process or whatever, as opposed to the entire ordeal of getting shot. The fact that Hurley and Miles' conversation mentioned Ben possibly recognizing Sayid and everyone else (without providing a definitive answer) makes me think that this will be a huge point in future episodes.
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  8. Aero

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Yes, the extra second it takes me to answer "No thanks" for each makes me want to start throwing punches.
  9. Aero

    WWF WrestleMania X-7 (4/1/01)

    If I had to guess, I'd say it was the night after Judgment Day 01 when he interrupted Kurt Angle's gold medal ceremony to set up their match at KOTR. If not, it was definitely shortly after as KOTR was the first PPV where Shane had it.
  10. Aero

    WWF WrestleMania X-7 (4/1/01)

    Wasn't Crash the Cruiser champ? I remember him losing it to Jerry Lynn on the Heat before Backlash the next month.
  11. Having just watched WM 2000 as well... man, that show doesn't hold up very well. I've always been in the crowd that was kind of in the middle, not saying good or bad, but I was really underwhelmed watching it today. If ever there was a hardcore match of this era that didn't hold up very well today, the battle royal on this show was it, never mind the logic of 10-11 of the 13 guys fighting anyone but the champ at any given time during the match. The ladder match is still good, but I feel like it was so much slower than the others. I've always thought that Jericho-Angle-Benoit was overrated and now, I think even I overrated it before, if that makes sense. It seems like too much of the boring formula of one guy out of the ring while the other two fight, and it doesn't help that the crowd is horrible. The main event is overly long, and the McMahon crap in between rests for HHH-Rock doesn't help. Given that they had 35 minutes, Big Show being eliminated 4 minutes in seemed like a waste. Later, Foley gets Pedigreed, takes a chairshot to the head, and gets Pedigreed on the chair for the pin... and then he's up within seconds to raise his arm for the crowd. Nice selling, Mick. I feel the need to talk about the epic T&A vs. Headcheese match as well. This was actually better than I remember it being, but that isn't really much a compliment. Nobody in the crowd had any intention of caring about the match (outside of when Chester McCheeserton tries to grope Trish), and you could have heard a pin drop in the crowd.
  12. WM 21: This is definitely hovering around the top 5 WM list for me. The two main events suck compared to the undercard, but the undercard is so good that the two main events barely put a black mark on the show as a whole. That said, the booking of the two main events, I think, should have been drastically different. If there's one match that needed to be completely overbooked, it was Cena-JBL. It's been said, but a 10-minute, boring match is the worst possible way to end JBL's 10 month title reign. I think I might be wrong, but I could have sworn that I read around this time that no one else was allowed to blade because HHH was going to bleed for his match. (But then again, I also remember people on the board complaining that Rey didn't get to do the stage pop-out because HHH rose from beneath the stage during Motorhead's performance.) Anyway, I'd have JBL blade, at least a little, (setting up JBL busting open Cena in the I Quit match at Judgment Day), and Cena would have to fight off the Cabinet members one by one as they try to interfere, kind of like in the Luger-Hogan title match on Nitro in August 97 where the referee holds off calling a DQ as Luger fights off the nWo members. Save the No DQ stuff for the I Quit match later, but clearly the 10-minute wrestling match with a finish out of nowhere was not the way to go. I'll just add JBL's entrance (along with his GAB entrance later in the year) is one of my favorites of all time. Cena's celebration rules as well. Anytime a wrestler jumps into the crowd to celebrate winning a title is just awesome. I understand that they didn't want HHH to look weak in his match with Batista, but again, I think they took the wrong direction for the match here. 20+ minutes resulted in a slow, plodding match (not a horrible match, but quite boring). If anything, I would've cut the time in half and had Batista basically destroy HHH. WM 22: This is probably the worst of the WM's since XIX, but it's still an enjoyable show from top to bottom. HHH-Cena surprised the hell out of me by actually being really entertaining (crowd helps a lot, though... and we got the BOO-YAY! slug-fests out of it). I was expecting Cena to win, but winning by submission was a shock. I love seeing the camera pan to the guy in the crowd with his arms in the air saying WTF? WM 23: I liked HBK-Cena the first time, but I liked it much more when I rewatched it months later. I watched it a few weeks ago, and it still holds up as a great match, and, I'd say, one of the best WM main events ever. I did completely forget that they were co-holders of the Raw Tag titles though. I was hoping for it at the time, but I would have had them drop the titles to the recently-reformed World's Greatest Tag Team on SNME, and then Benjamin & Haas could face London & Kendrick in a Champion vs. Champion exhibition (no titles on the line) at WM. I was always kind of annoyed that the ECW/New Breed match only got about 6-7 minutes, especially since they had the far superior extreme rules rematch two days later, which should have been at WM. I assume they just wanted to have the faces win at WM, but whatever. MITB is decent, but I really hate the spot where Orton does his RKO-fest on everyone. Now that's a spot that's ridiculously contrived, as everyone (save for Punk maybe? Until a few minutes later) just runs right into it. And Matt Hardy channels his inner-heel by threatening to Twist of Fate Sharmell unless Booker comes down from the ladder. Cool spot. Oh, and MVP's entrance with cheerleaders rules. He needs it (along with the return of the pyro & tunnel) for this year's WM now that he's champion again. WM 24: I like it, but it's not as good as I originally thought last year. Flair-HBK the match is above average (hovering around *** or so), but Flair-HBK the story is excellent, so I'd probably settle on a rating of **** or so. MITB is fine, and I love the spot of Morrison climbing the wedged ladder. I love Big Show-Mayweather, as it's probably my favorite celebrity match in wrestling. It's been said, but Mayweather's crew outside are tremendous here. Everyone knew that Mayweather was winning, so it was good that it was done in convincing fashion. ----------- Some of the build for this year's show is weak (although HHH-Orton finally picked up), but I still expect a very good show. WWE seems almost incapable of delivering a bad WM in recent years. The last one that I'd even consider to be underwhelming was maybe 18, but even that wasn't completely horrible.
  13. Aero

    Fire Pro Wrestling

    Taken from DVDVR, from SonnyBone at FireProClub, details on Fire Pro HD: I can't wait.
  14. Aero


    I don't know. I wouldn't say this season has been a disappointment so far, because I've loved every episode... I just wasn't feeling this one, though, mainly because I tend to find Sayid-centric episodes to usually be boring as hell. Sayid's interrogation in the woods was entertaining (have we ever seen Sayid laugh? It was awkward). Little Ben's death will likely make matters pretty confusing, but I can't wait to see what happens with it. But dear god, we had better get to see Locke back next week.