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  1. lomasmoney

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Was that a terrible attempt at a joke?
  2. lomasmoney

    Your city's most-loved team

    I don't understand the argument that if you didn't go to the school, you can't be a "fan" of the team. My dad is one of the biggest Michigan football fans I know. He never attended a day of classes at the University, however he was recruited to play football there, but he didn't go because he wanted to go somewhere where he could actually start before his senior year. Does it make him less of a fan if he didn't go to school there? As a Michigan alum, I know people who go to school there for four years and treat the game as nothing but a giant sorority mixer. I would rather go to a game and sit next to Jim the truck driver from Lincoln Park that remembers the Rick Leach era, than some frat boy from New Jersey who only came to the school because his dad couldn't get him into Yale. Fans have attachments to teams for all kinds of reasons, and I don't thumb my nose down at someone who is supporting a team I follow just because they didn't actually go to the school As for the college sports vs pro sports argument, obviously the professional players are better, and the games at the pro level exhibit way more skill. The reason why I like college sports so much, especially basketball and football, is because the teams and playing styles are way less vanilla. In college football you have so many different offenses and playing styles where as in the pros everyone plays the exact same way. Even in basketball, a team like Princeton playing a totally different style than a team like Memphis. Also, in college sports the coaches leave a way more noticable imprint on their team than does the average pro coach. Think about all the iconic figures in college coaching and then compare it to the legendary coaches in the pro sports
  3. lomasmoney

    Your city's most-loved team

    Oh trust me, some of us darkies fucking love the Red Wings in Detroit. You see a decent number of black and latino fans and supporters of the Wings around. While Detroit is Hockeytown, I have never seen a city go more insane for a team than when the Tigers made their World Series run. I will say this, if the Lions could ever put together a winner I think Detroit would explode with joy. They really are like the prodigal son of Detroit sports.
  4. lomasmoney

    The Old School questions thread

    I've never wondered why they didn't run with Hogan as the "old has-been" have him lose a couple matches to some big name young guys to where he's questioning if he still has it, and then he gets an impromptu title shot when the heel champion goads him and taunts him. The match is your typical Hogan gets his ass kicked for 20 minutes but instead of making the comeback, bootleg,leg drop finish, you have him just keep getting his ass kick and every time he tries to "Hulk up" he gets beat back down, but slowly he starts coming back, and he wins, with like an Axe bomber or something out of the ordinary. I just think seeing Hogan barely eek out a win would humanize the character who has been booked to be Superman for the last 25 years
  5. lomasmoney

    The Youtube Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbxgizvQl0M Part 1 of the bad ass elimination tag from Raw a few years back. I think this was the one that had a 20 minute over run
  6. lomasmoney

    NBA 2008 - the home stretch

    Here is one question I have. Why is everyone so sure that Boston is going to beat Detroit come playoff time. Detroit has way more big game experience, they have a hilariously deep bench, and they don't have to run into Lebron James and the 11 Dwarfs come second round. Detroit can throw size at KG, they have the defenders on the perimeter to contain Pierce and/or Allen, and they can play any kind of ball. I think that Detroit is honestly the favorite to win it all, simply because everyone out West is going to be exhausted. I wouldn't be shocked if every single series of every round out West went 7 games. I'm not even joking. Denver, with the way they score, can easily push anyone out West to 7, all the other matchups will be dogfights, and then you get to repeat it again come next round. Meanwhile, Detroit gets a cakewalk to the ECF, while Boston probably has a tougher road. Sure they get the Hawks in round 1. But then you run into a somewhat hot Washington team with Gilbert who can win a game or two by himself or Lebron and the Standarounds in Round 2. Meanwhile , Detroit gets the winner of Orlando-Philadelphia, and Detroit's guards will absolutely murder Jameer Nelson and Keith Bogans or whoever starts at the 2 for Orlando, and the big men will mop up Philly's front line if they play them. As long as Detroit doesn't see Utah in the Finals, I see them winning after going 7 with Boston.
  7. Golden State and Atlanta both have NBA titles, although Atlanta's came while they were based in St. Louis
  8. lomasmoney

    Eats in Lima, OH

    There's a Skyline Chili still there, I stop there everytime i'm in town to visit the family
  9. lomasmoney

    WWE General Discussion - March 2008

    How do you get Ice T and Snoop Dogg confused? I mean even if you think all black people look alike those are probably the two black guys who look the least alike
  10. lomasmoney

    Radical Opinions

    Why do so many people make these generalized assertions that everyone who has a child when they are not married and under the age of 21 and without a college degree is automatically a welfare queen. My parents weren't married when I was born, hell they didn't get married until I was 4 years old. They were both younger than I am now( My mom was 22 and my dad was 21). Neither one at the time had their college degree, but they both now have very successful careers. At times, when I was younger we didn't have a lot of money, but really how many 21-25 year olds do with all the debt that they incur by going to college and whatnot. I would say even though my parents didn't stay together, they put one son through college, have another one in school now, and my sister is in her last year of high school. I have numerous friends, most of them very successful even at our age, that don't have one parent with an education past high school. 25-30 years ago, people were not going to college in the numbers they are now and society turned out just fine. If you want to solve some of the problems in America, fix the inequalities in wealth distribution in this country, stop wasting billions upon billions of dollars fighting across the world, "saving democracy", and please actually fund some of the schools in the urban areas, because there is a pretty strong chance that the more education and opportunities someone has, the less likely they are to commit crime. Horrible legislative acts like the No Child Left Behind, which in some cases, takes funding away from under performing schools, are doing more to contribute to the problems in society, than some 20 year old guy knocking up his girlfriend when the condom breaks
  11. lomasmoney

    Radical Opinions

    I'm a tad late to the party, but do you even understand the fact that one of your basic arguments, that someone not be $100,000 in debt before they have a child pretty much goes against your idea that everyone go to some sort of post secondary educational institution for at least two years. Who exactly is going to pay for this, and even better, do you even realize that most people who go to college, end up in tens of thousands of dollars in debt, solely because they decided to go to college. After four years in undergrad at the most expensive in-state public school in the country and probably another three more years of law school, I'm looking at about $60,000 to $70,000 dollars of student loan debt, and that is with a large scholarship to law school. And also, why should we impose these absurd standards on people if they want to have children, you do realize that the government really has no place to tell people when, and under what conditions they can have children. Reproduction is a natural right of all able human beings. If the people aren't suitable parents afterwards, then there are already measures in place that at least see to it that children get somewhat adequate health care, and a K-12 education is "free" for every child in America. My last and most important point, is that you can't cherry pick and predict if someone is going to be a good or a bad parent. Sure, good financial standing and a good education make it more probable that someone will be better able to provide for their children, but some of the most screwed up people I know are the children of doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc.
  12. lomasmoney

    Mississippi doesnt want restaurants serving fat people

    this just screams discrimination... I mean you cannot turn down someone at a restaurant for the sole fact that they are fat, that is just totally wrong and the state legislature should be shot for putting this through
  13. lomasmoney

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    I disagree, people act like the average fan sits around and analyzes the fact that Jeff Hardy lost to Orton at Royal Rumble and would therefore shit on a subsequent title reign. In actuality, the average wrestling fan is fucking retarded and wouldn't even care that he lost to Orton if he beat him a month from now. Smart fans put too much stock into shit like this. If Hardy won the belt tomorrow, that most likely, would not affect Wrestlemania buyrates
  14. lomasmoney

    This week in the NBA

    That doesn't mean shit though, who wants to play in Memphis?
  15. lomasmoney

    This week in the NBA

    The West is going to be an all out war now, but the Lakers might have just made themselves the favorite. My question is , is this year's Western Conference the deepest conference top to bottom that anyone can remember? I mean can you say that any team in the East outside of Boston or Detroit would beat a team like Portland or Houston in the playoffs and those teams are fighting for a playoff spot with winning percentages over .550. I think both of those teams are better than Cleveland and Toronto as well as Orlando. The Western playoffs right now would be New Orleans vs Golden State, Phoenix and Denver, Dallas and the Lakers, and Utah against the Spurs. Those are some absolutely awesome matchups and I honestly just want the postseason to start right now.