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    Okay, let's right this ship.

    Everyone shut the fuck up about Leena. Let's just insult everyone else. CheesalaIsGood is a pinko cocksucker. Downhome cries when a wrestler dies, that cunt. Bob Barron needs to wash his hat. kkktookmybabyaway is as stale as a month-old loaf of bread. Sandman9000 is so over-the-top angry that he loses effectiveness. Kotzenjunge is a wild-eyed drugged-out loon who thinks the Bush Administration withholds the truth about space aliens. Matt Young starts goddamned fucking shitty threads, everyone calls him on it, and he backpedals and says it was just a joke and he was working the board, as if anyone believes him, the motherfucker. Meatwad likes shitty morning radio shows. Ripper never met a black person he wouldn't go to bat for. FFMS deletes boards. RavishingRickRudo uses wrestling analysis on non-wrestling TV shows. Lord of the Curry got mad at me for saying that the Broken Social Scene s/t would've been better if they bothered to actually mix the fucking thing and have some semblance of dynamic contrast, fuck him for disagreeing with me. Nobody says "I deserve repeated punches to the face" like pink shirt-wearing collar-popping Zack Malibu. CanadianGuitarist and redbaron51 are like the B-team to RudoCurry in that they are Canadian, and friends with each other, but not as remarkable, so screw you for being harder to rip on. Niskie is a sick fuck who probably likes when horribly tattooed girls piss in his mouth. Fuck Banky. Netslob probably doesn't bathe. Popick's veneer of unbridled masculinity has grown tiresome, and I hope he contracts a list of STDs when he sleeps with a girl he doesn't really care for. Alfdogg CARES ABOUT AN E-FED FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, AN E-FED. Porter likes the White Sox, which speaks volumes. Damaramu is a fucking batshit lunatic when it comes to sports, and life, to the point where I defend him because I cannot bear another one of his explosions. Agent of Oblivion is going soft on us. Cena's Writer turns every NBA thread into irrelevant Isiah Thomas discussion. Masked Man Of Mystery is a "professional otaku," more like "amateur dicksmack." Tack is pretending to be a Nazi and as a partial Jew it's offensive. Will Scarlet has a creepy Asian fetish, creepier than most people's. CWM couldn't ace a 2nd grade spelling test if he was held at gunpoint. Carnival has an affliction traditionally reserved for vaginas. Precious Roy is a dumbshit who is trying to argue that could means the same thing as couldn't; so "don't go fuck yourself," I guess that must mean "go fuck yourself." Bigolsmitty thinks he's hot shit because he can superficially contradict a conservative in CE, but his sources are usually of the same questionable veracity as those of his adversaries. Hunter's Torn Quad thinks he's hot shit because he has a subscription to Meltzer's rag, and carries himself like some mix of nikjohns, Scott Keith, and the comic book guy. EricMM should go tie himself to a redwood tree that's about to get hit by a nuclear bomb coated in industrial waste so we never have to hear him bitch again, the green little bastard. Kingofthe909 was so terrible at the beginning that we all thought he was Johnson, which is a real insult, and all he ever said was "SUCK MY DICK!" StylesMark is the biggest pain in the ass this board has ever had and I wish he was gone. FBTG IS gone, which is good, because he was a worthless mick who wished cancer on people, and may have just been Gheyme, anyway. Vyce is a latent homosexual, evidenced by his oral fixation manifested in cigarette smoking, and there's gotta be some connection to the whole lawyer thing too. USTU is a beer-swilling mook who deserves every bit of ridicule that this board piles on him.
  2. The Czech Republic

    Tell this college student why I

    Peer pressure sucks. Most of my friends are telling me "your a moron[sic]" and "you're evil" and things like that because I support the Republicans, as much as a 17-year-old who has to sit on the sidelines for this election due to poor timing with the 18th birthday can do so. It's no surprise, I knew I was in for this, getting chastised by college students, but I didn't expect my actual pre-college friends to turn on me. I shouldn't feel stupid about my leanings, but since there's such a glut of close people telling me I am, apparently there's something they know that I don't? I'm just seeking validation here from the conservative brigade as to why I should be proud of my right-leaning ways.
  3. The Czech Republic


    You know what, Stuart? I like you. You're not like the other people here in the trailer park. Oh no, don't get me wrong, they're fine people, good Americans. But they're content to sit back, maybe watch a little Mork and Mindy on channel 57. Maybe kick back a cool Coors 16-ouncer. They're good fine people, Stuart. But they don't know what the queers are doing to the soil. You know that Johnny Wurster kid, the kid who delivers papers in the neighborhood? He's a fine kid. Some of the neighbors say he smokes crack, but I don't believe it. Anyway, for his 10th birthday, all he wanted was a burrow owl. Kept buggin’ his old man, "Dad, get me a burrow owl. I'll never ask for anything else as long as I live.” So the guy breaks down and buys him a burrow owl. Anyway at 10.30 the other night I go out into my yard and there's the Wurster kid looking up in the tree. I said, "What are you looking for?" He said, "I'm looking for my burrow owl." I say, "JUMPING JESUS ON A POGO STICK!!! EVERYBODY KNOWS THE BURROW OWL LIVES, IN A HOLE, IN THE GROUND!!! WHY THE HELL DO YOU THINK THEY CALL IT A BURROW OWL ANYWAY?!?!" Now Stuart, do you think a kid like that is gonna know what the queers are doing to the soil? I first became aware of this about 10 years ago, the summer my oldest boy Bill Jr. died. You know that carnival that comes to town every year? Well this year it came with a ride called the Mixer. The man said "Keep your head and arms inside the mixer at all times." But Bill Jr., he was a daredevil, just like his old man. He was leaning out saying, "Hey everybody! Look at me, look at me!" POW! He was decapitated! They found his head over by the sno-cone concession. A few days after that, I open up the mail and there's a pamphlet in there from Pueblo, Colorado. And it's addressed to Bill Jr, and it's entitled, "Do you know what the queers are doing to our soil?" Now Stuart, if you look at the soil around any large U.S. city with a big underground homosexual population - Des Moines, Iowa, for example. Look at the soil around Des Moines, Stuart! You can't build on it, you can't grow anything in it. The government says it's due to poor farming. But I know what's really going on, Stuart. I know it's the queers! They're in it with the aliens! They're building landing strips for gay Martians! I swear to God! You know what Stuart, I like you. You're not like the other people, here, in the trailer park.
  4. The Czech Republic

    How warned are you.

    I'm at 8%, which is attributed to the first use of "Frivolous _____ Bullshit." But now that it seems to be a TSMeme, I think I should be unwarned.
  5. The Czech Republic

    Converting WMAs to MP3s

    My MP3 player won't play WMAs, but that's what ripped CDs are, so ironically I can only use my player for illegal music. Is there like some way I can change all these to MP3s without compression or any loss of fidelity? Or do I have to re-rip hundreds of CDs? I don't feel like doing that
  6. The Czech Republic

    The lyrics to Frank Zappa's "Titties and Beer"

    It was the blackest night There was no moon in sight You know the stars ain’t shinin’ ’cause the sky’s too tight I heard some scary wind I seen some ugly trees There was a werewolf honkin’ ’long the side of me. I’m mean and I’m bad, you know I ain't no sissy, Got a big-tittied girly by the name of Chrissy. Talkin’ about her and my bike and me On this ride up the mountain of mystery, mystery I noticed even the crickets Was actin’ weird up here And so I figured I might Just drink a little beer I said, "gimme summa that, what you're suckin' on..." But there was no reply 'Cause she was gone. "Where’s those titties that I like so well, And my goddamn beer!" is what I started to yell. Then I heard this noise, like a crunchin’ twig, Then up jumped the devil, he was about this big He had a red suit on, And a widow’s peak, And then a pointed tail, And like a sulfur reek. Yes, it was him, all right, I swear I knowed it was: He had some human flesh Stuck underneath his claws. You know it looked to me Like it was titty skin I said, "you son of a bitch!" ’Cause I was mad at him. Well he just got out his floss And started cleanin’ his fangs, So I shot him with my shooter Said: "bang bang bang!" Then the sucker just laughed and said, "Oh put it away! You know, I ate her all up...now what you gonna say?" "You ate my Chrissy?" "Titties and all!" "Well, what about the beer then, boy?" "Um...were the cans this tall?" "Even her boots?" "Would I lie to you?" "Shit, you must've been hungry." "Yes, this is true." "Well don’t they pay you good for the stuff that you do?" "Well, you know, I can’t complain when the checks come through." "Well I want my Chrissy, and I want my beer, so you just barf it back up now, devil, do you hear?" "Blow it out your ass, motorcycle man! I mean, I am the devil, do you understand? Just what will you give me for your titties and beer? I suppose you noticed this little contract here..." "You're goddamn right, you son of a whore--" "don’t call me that!" "--that’s about the only reason I learned writing for. Give me that paper, bet your ass I will sign, because I need a beer, ’n it’s titty-squeezin’ time." "Man, you can’t fool me...you ain’t that bad. I mean you should've seen some of the souls I've had. Why there was Milhous Nixon, and Agnew, too. And both of those suckers was worse than you." "Well, let’s make a deal if you think that’s true, I mean, you’re the devil, so whatcha gonna do?" "Wait a minute, a tinge of doubt crosses my mind when you say that you WANT to make a deal with me." "That's very very true." "You ain't supposed to want to make a deal with me." "Ah, but I'm slightly different than your average customer, devil." "But most people don't want to make a deal with me. What's your story?" "Well most people are afraid of you, they don't know how stupid you are. I happen to know that you jack off to a picture of Punky Meadows when you get home." "Rrrr! Stupid! Rrrrr!" "You know, ever since that guy told you he contained more fluid than Jeff Beck you've been trying to outdo him." "Rrrrr! rrrr!!!" "Look, I just wanna say one thing to you, this may not register right away, but let me say this: leave your pickle alone for a couple of nights, you know what I mean? Now come on! I'm only interested in a couple of things, and wait, is that a note for me?Is somebody passing me a note? What does that say?" Frank please do me a favor I can't find a brother of mine I could dig it if you could call him from stage. His name Dirty Tom Nomads, M.C. Signed, Thanks, Bear, or Bean. I can't tell. Well if he's out there, Dirty Tony, De La Nomads, MC, get in touch with Bean, or Bear. And as I was saying, Devil, I'm an average sort of a person, you wouldn't believe it, but I have a lot in common with the people here tonight." "Wait a minute I thought you had funny things growing in your hair and all that other stuff, write weird music, biker and everything, big-tittied chick you just had out here..." "Listen carefully to me, old devil." "Uh huh." "I'm only interested in two things." "Yeah." "See if you can guess what they are." "Well I would think, uh, let's see, maybe, uh...Stravinsky, and...um.." "I'll give you two clues...Let go of your pickle!" "What?" "LET GO OF YOUR PICKLE!" "I'm not holding my pickle." "Well who's holding your pickle then?" "I don't know, she's out in the audience. Hey Dale, would you like to hold my pickle to satisfy this strange man?" "You're probably wondering why we call it a pickle!" "......oh man..." "I'd hate to squeal on you, Bozzio, I mean, Devil, but look, I'm only interesting in two things." "Wait a minute, all I have to say is God help me, but I have this fucking mask on..." "Listen, if you think his mask looks bad, you oughta see his pickle! Now I'm only interested in two things, and that's titties and beer." "Titties and beer?" "Titties and beer. Titties and beer, titties and beer, titties and beer, titties and beer, titties and beer, titties and beer, titties and beer, titties and beer...." (explosion) "No don't sign it! Give me time to think! I mean, hold on a second boy, because that's magic ink!" And then the devil let go of his pickle And out come my girl, there was her titties Flop-floppin’...all around the world She said "I got me three beers and a fistful of downs And I’m gonna get ripped, so fuck you clowns!" Then she gave us the finger, it was rigid and stiff That’s when the devil, he farted And she went right over the cliff! Whoa, tinsel time The devil was mad, I took off to my pad I swear I do declare, how did she get back there? I swear I do declare, how did she get back there? I swear I do declare, how did she get back there? I swear I do declare, how did she get back there? I swear I do declare, how did she get back there?
  7. The Czech Republic

    Haiku you

    Look one post above. Summarize their character As seen on this board.
  8. The Czech Republic

    Boondock Saints

    I just saw this at 6 a.m. today when I was out with my friends last night/morning/whatever. I thought this film was absolutely great, and I'm sure there are some other fans of it at the board here. The whole question of whether or not it's okay to kill bad people is interesting.
  9. The Czech Republic

    Me Vs. WP

    This account has wildpegasus on ignore. How nice.
  10. The Czech Republic

    African-Americans: Mike Jones Wants You!

    Wait, who?
  11. The Czech Republic

    Dont you ever dare put me down Slayer.

    who the hell are you to make fun of me. NIGGA PLEASE
  12. This is when we say "good thing CronoT got banned."
  13. The Czech Republic

    Even More Self-Referential Bullshit

    We are cutting back on multiple accounts and soon will be adding it to the rules possibly that they will not be allowed. I believe you have a few, if you don't mind saving me the time of doing IP search’s on all the registrations and posting from university computers I would greatly appreciate it. Please let me know which account you would like to keep and all post counts can be combined on it. Thanks for your time, Mike I never answered this. I assume I can still keep all my accounts. They're precious to me.
  14. The Czech Republic

    Even More Self-Referential Bullshit

    I'm totally just here to cheat at my poll.
  15. The Czech Republic

    I'm being stalked.

    I gotta go.
  16. The Czech Republic

    Congratulations Mutants!

    Tape Trading: 1232 topics 3688 replies Testing Grounds: 797 topics 4724 replies Thanks for helping to make it happen. We've successfully conquered, raped, and pillaged the last frontier of TSM. Oh, and we're WAY past Get Your Learn On, which would be funny and cool if Get Your Learn On wasn't my idea.
  17. The Czech Republic

    Which skipper gets the boot first? '06 Edition

    Joe Torre always seems to be at risk of getting fired, but we all know he never will be. Dusty Baker will probably end up being the first guy who SHOULD go, but the Tribune has enough problems right now without a bunch of loudmouthed and powerful idiots crying RAY-SIZ-UM because they fired two black managers in a row. My guess is Clint Hurdle. They'll probably go with "we needed to try and go in a new direction," as opposed to their recent "no direction whatsoever."
  18. The Czech Republic

    There was a Chuck Norris cartoon on.

    There, let's have another fucking thread about it.
  19. The Czech Republic

    TWIB No. 2: 10 April-16 April

    The Brewers and Tigers are leading their leagues. The smallball/speed/fundamentals Cubs STILL only amass runs with longballs. The Marlins won a game. The Yankees and White Sox aren't hot yet (but Guillen and Steinbrenner's tempers are!). The Braves are a mess. Bonds hasn't homered yet. Here's the next weekly thread.
  20. The Czech Republic

    Good site for music torrents

    Earlier today on Soulseek, I was downloading some stuff and at the bottom where it tells you that you're in someone's search, I saw "returned search terms for Toto" and I just started laughing. Someone out there is trying to track down a Toto album. EDIT: I came up due to "Toto Dies" by Nellie McKay.
  21. The Czech Republic

    Which skipper gets the boot first? '06 Edition

    I thought John Gibbons was pretty well-liked by the roster and front office. Besides, they're only one game under .500 and they have a tough series at Fenway. I think it's too early to condemn Gibbons. Jim Tracy though, yeah, condemn him.
  22. The Czech Republic

    TWIB No. 2: 10 April-16 April

    Well he's not gonna give "your" Red Sox the home runs inasmuch as pitchers don't bat in the American League. Also, they were off Glendon Rusch, who's still been coasting on his good 2004 and not really pitching that well for various reasons, e.g. shuttled back and forth between starter and long reliever last year, and whatever is going on now. Just looks like crap. EDIT: Chong pointed out that the Cubs are undefeated when Rusch doesn't start. Eeeyowch.
  23. The Czech Republic

    Tego Calderon

    Well, the mods decided he was "dead weight," so I'll have to come in and make the save. Okay, ready? A one, a two, a three... Hey! Hey! Hey! Nothing you can say(say), nothing's gonna take what you done to me. Now it's time to shine(shine), you'll never take what's mine! Take what's mine... Hey! Nothing you can say(say), nothing's gonna take what you done to me. Now it's time to shine(shine), you'll never take what's mine! You're gonna burn in my light. They tried to run to find out, but no-one cared. Inside your house somehow now, you understand. Hey! Nothing you can say(say), nothing's gonna take what you done to me. Now it's time to shine(shine), you'll never take what's mine! Burning inside my light. Hey! Nothing you can say(say), nothing's gonna take what you done to me. Now it's time to shine(shine), you'll never take what's mine! Take what's mine... Hey! Nothing you can say(say), nothing's gonna take what you done to me. Now it's time to shine(shine), you'll never take what's mine! You're gonna burn in my light. They tried to run to find out, but no-one cared. Inside your house somehow now, you understand. Hey! Nothing you can say(say), nothing's gonna change what you done to me. Now it's time to shine(shine), you'll never take what's mine! Burning inside my light.
  24. The Czech Republic

    TWIB No. 2: 10 April-16 April

    God, only the Cubs can humiliate one of the best teams in the league, only to get smacked around by Brandon [sic] Arroyo in both halves of the inning.