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  1. Man, I still don't like how Adrian always gets called the "villain". He was totally in the right. The story has no villain. If it's anyone, it's Comedian, and he, as a government agent, was also in the right, in a more direct sense. This is a lot of the key dynamic, the way I interpret the story.

  2. I always wondered how Veidt, the smartest man in the world, couldn't figure out that any peace he achieved via his plan would be short lived. I mean, how many years will it take before the world figures out that there isn't

    an impending invasion when more aliens fail to show up (or Manhattan for the movie)

    ? How long before countries start arguing amongst themselves again and you're back in the same boat? "Nothing ever ends."


    * Are we still supposed to be spoiler tagging things in this thread?


    Fuck it (spoiler tagging).


    But yeah, that's why he had to kill millions of people, presumably. In any case, this was a more urgent situation, signified by the doomsday clock... nuclear war was metaphorically right around the corner. Averting that was the primary function.


    PS: fuck Smues.

  3. Solution would be to show it prominently earlier in the film, but it's the fault of the audience. They were clearly visible during Adrian's introduction, where he's looking out his office windows. I even noted that as a good moment to show them.


    I'd venture to call them NY's most prominent landmark, while they were around, but I don't think they had any particular significance here, and you can't have them destroyed in the attack, for political reasons, so there you go. They're going to have to be there, so may as well place them front and center ("won't this look neat").


    And I agree... I never cared about 9/11, but by this point, I won't even grant them the courtesy of politely sidestepping it.

  4. Yeah, I didn't much care for it.


    A lot of it: I really didn't like the actor playing Adrian at all. He's my second favorite character in the story, yet this version of it just came out all wrong. And, as he's the crux of the story, that cripples the whole thing.

    He does come off as just a "comic book villain" (the wink wink ha ha of having him say this was atrociously cringeworthy, not to mention; undermining the whole subtext of the concept of superhero comics being thwarted in the Watchmen universe... not dealt with in the film, of course, but I'd prefer a little continuity).

    Earlier in the day, I mentioned that I was going to see Watchmen later in the evening, to which the person replied "Oh yeah, that's from a comic book right? So this is like... another Iron Man?" No, but I don't enjoyhow this is going to come off to a person like that. Many people straight up walked out. Too heady, I suppose. Tried to have it both ways.


    I did enjoy how bored and apathetic Jon seemed, that note rang very true, but I still never quite bought Billy Crudup's voice.

    Rorschach; excellent. Dan was pretty good. Comedian, he was awesome all the way through, so that was satisfying (I particularly enjoyed his having a Hustler on his coffee table, and a large phallus sculpture next to his tv).

    His framed Silk Spectre pin up, that was pretty sweet too. That was done by James Jean, and I may get a print for myself.


    Anyway, yeah. Had some laughs... killed some time... but nah, not too good.

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