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    All spots are now filled. Thanks to Patty, Tony, KC, and EWC for their help.
  2. Phoenix Fury Legdrop


    Just so people know, this is for a flippy tournament that will include four 4-way-dances, starting at the Sly Sommers Memorial Show, with the winners advancing to a four-way ladder match at The Amazing French Canadian Spectacular on May 7th. Here's the line-up so far: Four-Way #1 (Sly Sommers Memorial Show) James Blonde vs MEL vs Divine Brother Dos vs Mariachi Four-Way #2 (Sly Sommers Memorial Show) Features 4 Newcomers from OAOVW Four Way #3 (The Week After) Spanish Fly vs Moracca vs Tyler Bryant vs MERV Four-Way #4 (The Week After) Jamie O'Hara vs Shayne Brave vs Divine Brother Uno vs Eskimo Kid
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    If you have a character that's not big (preferably a cruiserweight-type) that does cool moves and high-flying stuff, PM me; I got an idea for some flippy madness.
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    RIP Sly Sommers

    If this attachment works, here's my lazy graphic for Thursday. Also, if you have a mid-sized heel that needs a program for post-AM, lemme know, I got an idea (I swear, I'll stick around and it's NOT for Zombie Sly).
  5. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    RIP Sly Sommers

    So, seriously...I wanna kill him off. I keep slipping out before anything can get done, and it's been acknowledged that he does drugs, so let's just say he passed away tonight after a fatal OD with some cleaning supplies. I'll make a RIP graphic for HD this week, and maybe we can use this thread to discuss doing a Sly Sommers Memorial Show, rather it be a special HD or a one-off show, my idea being that guys who want to write matches randomly with guys who aren't feuding or something can have a random match (like, if Zack wants to write a match with Zack and Cuban Wall, it can happen!) and you can write little memorial statements like on the death shows, rather it be serious or completely goofy.
  6. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    Fantasy Booking Contest

    On another board, I entered a fantasy booking contest and finished early, so I came up with another scenario for people not in the contest who wanted to do something, but no one's bit so far. However, my friend Travis did and we're both writing stuff now. If you want in, PM me and I'll give you the determined talent list. Here's the scenario: If you have actual knowledge of the guys that come from those promotions and have enough free time to do it, PM me.
  7. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    What Killed "SNICK" for You?

    Michael Stipe played an ice cream man and the dad from Unhappily Ever After was the competing dad in King of the Road. Pete & Pete was way too hip for kids.
  8. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    Monday Night Wars

    The best part of the Nitro that's up right now is Curt Hennig randomly t-bagging Ray Traylor and rubbing his balls on his face when Scott Hall tried marking on Ray's face with a marker.
  9. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    I don't know if it was because I subscribed to 24/7 already or what, but the regular-definition Rumbles on Comcast On-Demand back home were free.
  10. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    WWE.com Legacy

    The Horsemen/Dungeon of Doom opening on WW3 1996 did get cut out, for you keeping score.
  11. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    Total Non-Stop Action

    My favorite part of the game was it messing up in my PS2 while I was facing Jeff Jarrett and when I pinned him after one move in the final match, the pin meter got stuck and he stayed down for three.
  12. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    Character Specs

    "The Human Supersonic" COOPER RILEY (Couldn't find a picture of decent quality, but he looks like Pelle Primeau of ROH, folks...) Age: 19 Height: 5'3 Weight: 141 lbs. Hometown: West Lafayette, IN Alignment: Face Affiliation: He's Sly Sommers' protege, but not a member of the In Crowd Entrance Music: Generic rock song Entrance Style: He runs out to the ring. That's it. Ring attire: black and gold baggy, shiny pants with black and gold kickpads over his black wrestling shoes. Gold-colored wrist tape. Wrestling Style: Hit & run high-flier FINISHER: Front-flip double stomp, Shooting Star Senton SIGNATURE MOVES: Hurricanranas from anywhere (standing, off the top, springboard, etc.) OTHER: Lots of hit & run-style offense...he isn't incredibly big, so he won't be throwing guys around. HISTORY: He trained at the OAOAST Wrestling Academy and worked his way onto a couple of HeldDOWN~! TV shows before being pulled into the Sly Sommers/James Cone feud, ending up with Cooper scoring the win of a lifetime, beating Cone in under ten minutes at the Big Apple Spectacular. After dealing with some temporary problems with an inflated ego, Cooper's ready to sit under Sly's learning tree.
  13. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    Armchair Bookers:What if...

    I'm up through Heatwave now in the original post.
  14. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    Armchair Bookers:What if...

    I modified my original post to go through Hardcore Heaven 2000 now.
  15. Phoenix Fury Legdrop

    Armchair Bookers:What if...

    I'm working on this right now. I've gotten to Living Dangerously. As I progress in my task, I'll post more, PPV by PPV. ************* I'm delaying by a couple of weeks, since ECW's taping schedule was kind of wonky: TNN on the last Friday of January 2000: Show opens with a Doring & Roadkill/Nova & Jazz match in the ring. Doring & Roadkill get the win and keep attacking Jazz post-match. Lights go out, Perry Saturn in the ring, DVD to both heels, shakes hands with Nova and leaves through the crowd. Throughout the show, Joey Styles & Joel Gertner put over the impact of Saturn returning on commentary. Also, you do a Pulp Fiction deal with people putting over the impact of Saturn returning, with Raven saying he's old friends with Saturn and Dreamer better watch his back, Doring & Roadkill distraught that Nova might have a new, dangerous ally, RVD alluding to challenging Saturn to a match to show him what a true TV champion is (Saturn held the belt for a while in WCW)...then Mike Awesome & Jeff Jones close the program, saying Saturn ain't worth a thing and Awesome would kill him in a match. TNN for the 1st Friday of Feb. 2000: The only mention of the Saturn deal is, after another Pulp Fiction deal with guys talking about Saturn and their motives in his direction, a Late-Breaking News feature breaks into the show late, saying that Perry Saturn will be on TNN next week to address what his motives in ECW are.ri But, a short video plays in the middle of the show, just showing two hands rubbing together, then a fade to black, then you dissolve in the title graphic "He's Coming..." Throughout the show, a crawler plays, explaining that RVD broke his leg in a World TV Title match at a house show on 1/29. TNN for the 2nd Friday of Feb. 2000 Do the angle that really happened where RVD is forced to relinquish the World TV Title to Cyrus, tournament announced for Living Dangerously. After that opens the show, have Joey Styles explain that two tremendous competitors have broken free from Hell and they return to ECW at Living Dangerously the same way they left: against each other. Then, show the full farewell match from 1995 between Eddy & Dean. After that, show the deal with the hands and "He's Coming" from last week, but this time, when the title comes up, it says I'm Coming instead and it's Benoit's voice saying it. The show-closer would be Saturn coming to the ring. He explains he saved Nova since he was signing his contract with ECW and was in the building, and as he was watching the show, he saw someone being bullied on like he was by the old guys in WCW backstage (in terms of politics), so he saved them since he was in a position to, but he doesn't want anything to do with anyone but World Champion Mike Awesome. Awesome comes out, but you fade to black before they touch. TNN for the 3rd Friday of Feb. 2000 Open with the footage of last week's Awesome/Saturn incident, starting at the point you went off-air, showing a big pull-apart. Then after the open, announce Perry Saturn vs. Mike Awesome for the ECW World Title at Living Dangerously. Another "I'm Coming" video plays, but you show all of Benoit's body besides his head, as you chroma in shots of x-rays of broken bones in the background. Show a highlight video of Eddy Guerrero's ECW career, then hype Malenko/Guerrero for Living Dangerously. Reveal the first two matches for the ECW World TV Title Tournament: Jerry Lynn vs. Taijiri and Super Crazy vs Little Guido. Keep the other storylines (Dreamer/Raven/Impact Players, Rhino/Sandman, etc.) going as normal. TNN for 4th Friday of Feb. 2000 Mike Awesome squashes John Kronus (not sure if he was with XPW at this point...if not, he comes in for a one-shot and gets killed), then Jeff Jones cuts a promo about the Eliminators being eliminated one-by-one. Saturn comes out, another pull-apart, then Saturn's left alone in the ring with Kronus, who the crowd probably would've crapped on by this point for being fat and sloppy...and Saturn kills him with a DVD to write him off. Play a highlight video of Dean Malenko, then hype up Malenko/Guerrero for Living Dangerously...and announce that it's also a first round match in the ECW World TV Title Tournament, as well as a mystery opponent against Simon Diamond. Brackets announced next week. Another "I'm Coming" video, but intersplice the background x-rays with shots of the Crossface being applied. Keep the other storylines going as they were. TNN for 1st Friday of March 2000: Brackets for ECW World TV Title Tournament: Super Crazy vs Little Guido ???? vs. Simon Diamond Eddy Guerrero vs Dean Malenko Tajiri vs Jerry Lynn Show a training video of Saturn doing Army Ranger drills in preparation for his ECW Title shot next Sunday. Another I'm Coming video, but show half of Benoit's face this time. TNN for 2nd Friday of March 2000: Four-way with Crazy/Guido/Lynn/Tajiri to preview the ECW World TV Title match; Rhino Gores Lynn to get Tajiri the win for The Network, Lynn sells rib injury going into PPV Final I'm Coming Video, with Benoit being fully shown and just saying "I'm home". Training video with Judge Jeff Jones instructing Mike Awesome while he tosses around random guys in the House of Hardcore training school. LIVING DANGEROUSLY: ECW World TV Title Tournament: Open the PPV with Simon Diamond cutting a promo on how every Internet dork has figured out who the mystery opponent is, so he should just come on out. A long pause...then Chris Benoit comes out, blisters the hell out of Simon Diamond's chest, gets a quick tapout victory with the Crossface. Non-Tournament: Nova & Chetti d. Jado & Gedo (figure the agreement overseas was set in stone anyway...) ECW World TV Title Tournament: Guido d. Super Crazy after interference from Big Sal ECW World TV Title Tournament: Tajiri d. Jerry Lynn via ref stoppage (Lynn sells internal bleeding after multiple kicks to the ribs) ECW World TV Title Tournament: Eddy Guerrero wrestles Dean Malenko to a 20-minute draw (after the match, Eddy refuses to shake Dean's hand) Non-Tournament: New Jack, WING Kanemura & Balls Mahoney d. Da Baldies ECW World TV Title Tournament: Chris Benoit d. Little Guido (Big Sal tries interfering, Benoit sends him packing) ECW World Tag Team Titles: Impact Players d. Raven & Rhino and Tommy Dreamer & Sandman ECW World Title: Mike Awesome d. Perry Saturn; Saturn puts up a fight but Awesome ends up devouring him in the end ECW World TV Title Tournament Finals: Chris Benoit d. Tajiri (Network interference galore, but RVD, Scotty Anton and The Sandman brawl with them as Benoit makes Tajiri tap out. After the match, as the babyfaces clear out to help Benoit celebrate, you can see Rhino being held back by the Network from getting to Benoit. ******************************* TNN for the 3rd Friday of March 2000: Plug from the get-go that next week, Chris Benoit will make his TNN debut, defending the ECW World TV Title against Network member Steve Corino. Play from Benoit's entrance to the finish of his match with Simon Diamond from the PPV to show the TV crowd how huge the ECW crowd reacted to him. Air a post-match locker room interview with Dean Malenko, who is irritated by the lack of respect shown to him by a man who went through the same plights and had the same abilities as him, such as Eddy Guerrero. Main event the show with Rhino vs Dreamer, Rhino gets paid off by Raven, hurts Dreamer ******************************** TNN for the 4th Friday of March 2000: Plug throughout the show that Saturn'll face Rhino next week on TNN and Mike Awesome will wrestle on TV. Doring & Roadkill defeat the make-shift team of Mikey Whipwreck (who's already transforming into the satanic minion of the Sinister Minister) & Kid Kash. Pulp Fiction segment with Impact Players, Network, Sandman, other guys who aren't on TNN as much...end it with Raven, who says a soliloquy about Saturn not coming back to him when he returned to ECW. Chris Benoit beats Steve Corino in a short match for the ECW World TV Title; the match is really a backdrop for a Rhino/Benoit staredown to close the show. ********************************* TNN for the 1st Friday of April 2000: The show opens with ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeating Kid Kash easily. Cue RVD coming out with Scotty Anton, simply telling Awesome that, once his ankle is healed up, he wants the ECW World Title. Chetti & Nova make their return as a team to TNN, defeating the New Dangerous Alliance. Announce Benoit/Rhino for the ECW World TV Title and a Dream Partner Tag Team match with Eddy Guerrero & Dean Malenko on opposite teams for Hardcore Heaven After a Baldies/New Jack segment, frantically cut to a "Breaking News" scene backstage, where Saturn is on the ground, unconcious and bleeding from a Network attack. Jerry Lynn defeats Simon Diamond in the stand-by match. Lynn looks frustrated after the win. The "main event" goes about a minute...Saturn courageously tries fighting Rhino injured, but Rhino quickly piledrives him off of the apron and gets the win. Cyrus gives Saturn an ultimatium to join The Network or get retired by "The Manbeast". ********************************** TNN for the 2nd Friday of April 2000: Play "Late Breaking News" videos every segment, showing stills of the pre-match incident that saw Mike Awesome lose the ECW World Title at a house show in Indianapolis last night after jumping to WCW. The hyped main event on tonight's show (the Awesome match would be edited in) would be Dean Malenko vs Super Crazy in Dean's TNN debut. Doring & Roadkill win a three-way dance over Kid Kash & Mikey Whipwreck and New Dangerous Alliance. Malenko makes Super Crazy submit, Malenko shakes Crazy's hand after the match. The Awesome match is shown...he comes out, cuts a promo, Sandman comes out to answer the challenge...Awesome pins Sandman. Awesome says he wants to kill the company, so he challenges someone else to lose to him. Balls Mahoney comes out, loses quickly to Awesome. Awesome challenges a third man...Lance Storm comes out, superkicks Awesome, gets the half-crab, and Awesome taps out! Storm gets the big babyface pop, fade to black. *********************************** TNN for the 3rd Friday of April 2000: We see the finish to the Storm/Awesome match, the big pop, the camera follows Lance behind the curtain, and Justin Credible, Jason, & Dawn Marie are waiting for him. Justin complains that Lance ran through the curtain before he could get out there to win the World Title. Lance gets in Justin's face...but Justin holds his hand out and Lance shakes it. They both agree that the tag division in ECW is "pathetic" as they walk off with the tag belts and World Title. Main event is hyped throughout the show: The Network of Tajiri, Steve Corino, & Rhino go against Sandman, New Jack, and a mystery partner. Nova & Chris Chetti d. Doring & Roadkill, New Dangerous Alliance, & Da Baldies in a four-way to get a title shot at the Impact Players at Hardcore Heaven. A highlight video is shown of Chris Benoit's tenure in ECW thus far, ending with a promo Benoit cuts on Rhino for Hardcore Heaven. The Network lose to Sandman, New Jack, & Dusty Rhodes. Cyrus gets involved in the finish and is stretchered out after a bloody beating by the babyfaces. ********************************* TNN for the 4th Friday of April 2000: The show opens with an official statement from "The Network", announcing they've pulled their effort to bring down ECW from within and that, if Cyrus wants to keep working for ECW, he'll do it on his own time. You show Tajiri, Corino, & Rhino watching this in their locker room, and when Tajiri does the money hand signal and Corino says it's all dried up, Tajiri flips them off and walks out of the locker room, disbanding from his crew. Jerry Lynn defeats Tom Marquez easily, then as he is about ready to cut a promo (looking very disgruntled), Eddy Guerrero comes out and talks to him about how he feels underappreciated as a veteran, and how Eddy himself shares these feelings since he should be getting title shots and the such and is instead back with Dean Malenko. He asks Jerry Lynn to be his partner at Hardcore Heaven...and Lynn agrees. They walk away together. The PPV card is run down: ECW World TV Title: Chris Benoit vs Rhino ECW World Tag Team Title: Impact Players vs. Nova & Chris Chetti Dream Partner Tag Team Match: Eddy Guerrero & Jerry Lynn vs Dean Malenko & ???? Milwaukee Street Fight: Angel of Da Baldies vs New Jack A Feud Renewed: Sandman vs Raven Plus: The In-Ring Return of Rob Van Dam Everytime RVD is brought up, tease that he's only coming back for the World Title. Angel of Da Baldies beats Balls Mahoney when the rest of Da Baldies rush in, big brawl with New Jack and weapons afterwards. Joey Styles announces that Perry Saturn returns to TNN next week. Sandman beats Mikey Whipwreck in the main event, but Sinister Minister shoots a fireball in Sandman's face after the match, then Raven jumps on him and won't allow the EMT's to come in and tend to him while grinding sandpaper on his right eye. ********************************* TNN for the 1st Friday of May 2000: The show opens with Scotty Anton laid out, selling his shoulder, in the locker room. Steve Corino vs Tajiri added to Hardcore Heaven due to Tajiri leaving Team Corino when the Network's money ran dry. Lance Storm vows to defend the ECW World Title somehow, someway, at Hardcore Heaven 2000 during an Impact Players promo, as Justin Credible looks on, bewildered. Doring & Roadkill beat Nova & Chetti via interference from Elektra and the New Dangerous Alliance Perry Saturn squashes Kid Kash, shows a heel edge. Video profile is shown on Chris Benoit's life and career. RVD comes out and wants to know who injured his friend Scotty. Lights go out, come back on, Perry Saturn has the Rings of Saturn locked in on RVD. Referees and lower-tier wrestlers rush the ring and can't get the hold off, as we fade to black. ********************************* TNN for the 2nd Friday of May 2000: RVD vs Saturn is made official for Hardcore Heaven. Lots of lower-tier matches on this show spliced in with video packages. The main event is Eddy Guerrero's TNN in-ring debut, as he defeats Spike Dudley. ********************************* HARDCORE HEAVEN 2000 The show opens with The Impact Players' entrance. Credible looks visibly distraught at Storm... ECW World Tag Team Title: Chris Chetti & Nova d. Impact Players when Nova pins Credible after Credible hits Storm with the cane on "accident"...but then continues to pound on him before walking into the Kryptonite Krunch. We keep Storm out there selling long enough to hopefully get a standing ovation when he gets up and leaves Kid Kash d. CW Anderson (Showcase for Kash's offense) Da Baldies jump Kash after the match, leading to... Milwaukee Street Fight: Angel & Devito d. New Jack & Balls Mahoney when Balls gets pinned by Devito after taking a powerbomb through a flaming table Dream Partner Tag Team Match: Eddy Guerrero & Jerry Lynn d. Dean Malenko & Super Crazy (who Malenko explains in a pre-match promo knows lucha as well as Eddy) when Lynn kicks Crazy between the legs and hits the Cradle Piledriver. After the match, Little Guido comes down to the ring and stomps on Malenko for not choosing him. A Rivalry Renewed: Sandman (wearing an eye patch) d. Raven. After the match, Sandman leaves a beer by Raven's prone body, as he says "We're even, Scotty...". Raven comes to, drinks the beer, then leaves, signifying without saying a word that Raven's leaving. Perry Saturn d. Rob Van Dam (same scenario with Anton as the real Hardcore Heaven 2000, just different opponent) ECW World TV Title: Chris Benoit wrestles to a 30-minute draw with Rhino, as both men beat the living tar out of each other. Lance Storm then comes to the ring, as the crowd is probably annoyed by the non-finish in the advertised main event. He says he wants to send the people home happy since they're all he has after tonight, and unlike other guys, he wants to do things the right way before he leaves. He offers to give Chris Benoit the ECW World Title, but Benoit turns him down and wants an actual match. As the referee comes down to ringside, Rhino comes out of nowhere and Gores Benoit through a table set up in the corner that wasn't used in the previous match! Rhino then Gores Storm, gives him two piledrivers, and wins the ECW World Title! The show goes off the air with Rhino standing over the damage, celebrating his title win. ***************************** ECW on TNN for the 4th Friday of May 2000: Show opens with Scotty Anton in the ring. Anton explains that he's sick of being "RVD's friend" and wants to be himself. He beats Mikey Whipwreck with the Sharpshooter. Justin Credible meets up with Elektra on a street corner to negotiate a managerial deal. She alludes to hooking in order to get Justin, but Justin says he broke away from one tramp and doesn't need another at this point. Steve Corino confronts Sandman, who wants to rip his head off, but puts into Sandman's head that Dreamer meant to give him the DDT on purpose. Plug for next week's show: ECW World Champion Rhino & Scotty Anton vs RVD & Chris Benoit. Devito of Da Baldies d. Balls Mahoney after double-teaming with both Baldies. New Jack is noticable by his absence, but Spike Dudley makes the save for his former partner. Main event is Nova & Chris Chetti & Dean Malenko against Danny Doring, Roadkill, & Jerry Lynn...Lynn scores the pin over Chetti. ***************************** ECW on TNN for the 1st Friday of June 2000: Justin Credible is invited to the ring by Lou E. Dangerously and the New Dangerous Alliance. Lou offers him money & back-up, but Justin doesn't like the offer and canes everyone in the ring. Tajiri defeats Simon Diamond. After the match, as Simon is hurt and covered in mist, he promises that Tajiri'll be sorry. Tommy Dreamer defeats Steve Corino, but after the match, Sandman attacks Dreamer with the cane. A "Late-Breaking News" piece is aired, claiming that New Jack has gone missing and no one knows where he is, but all clues point to interference from Da Baldies. RVD & Chris Benoit defeat Rhino & Scotty Anton when RVD pins Rhino. After the match, a three-way brawl ensues between Van Dam, Benoit, & Rhino as Anton sneaks away. **************************** ECW on TNN for the 2nd Friday of June 2000: The show opens with an argument between Chris Benoit & Rob Van Dam in the ring, after a match on Hardcore TV where Benoit defended the World TV Title. They both think that they deserve a shot at Rhino since Benoit's the #1 contender by holding the World TV Title and got screwed out of a shot offered to him by Lance Storm at Hardcore Heaven, but RVD pinned Rhino last week in the tag. Rhino runs out, Gores RVD out of the ring, then brawls with Benoit & gets put in the Crossface, but RVD breaks it up with the 5 Star Frog Splash as referees come out to break up the brawl. Danny Doring defeats Nova after interference from Roadkill. Spike Dudley defeats Angel of Da Baldies. Afterwards, Balls Mahoney & Devito get involved in a huge brawl with the other two. Joey Styles announces that an international star will return to ECW at Heatwave. The main event is supposed to be Dean Malenko & Super Crazy against Eddy Guerrero & Jerry Lynn, but Super Crazy was involved in a serious car accident, so Malenko goes it alone until the closing moments, when Kid Kash runs out to get the hot tag, hits a few hurricanranas, then gets the surprise win on Guerrero. ************************** ECW on TNN for the 3rd Friday of June 2000: It's announced that, at Heatwave, both Chris Benoit & Rhino will have singles matches. If they win their singles matches, they advance to face Rhino for the ECW World Title. If neither advances, Rhino doesn't have to defend that night. If both advance, it'll be a Three-Way-Dance. Van Dam will get a chance at revenge against Scotty Anton, while Benoit will face the winner of tonight's Four-Way-Dance for the ECW World TV Title. Mikey Whipwreck defeats Simon Diamond. After the match, Perry Saturn runs out and helps Simon beat down Whipwreck. The PPV line-up is run down: ECW World Title: Rhino vs Chris Benoit and/or Rob Van Dam ECW World TV Title: Chris Benoit vs Tajiri or Justin Credible or Tommy Dreamer or Sandman ECW World Tag Team Titles: Nova & Chris Chetti vs Danny Doring & Roadkill Rob Van Dam vs Scotty Anton Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney vs Da Baldies Plus: The Return of an International Superstar Tommy Dreamer cuts a promo on Sandman, but mid-way through, Steve Corino whispers something in Tommy Dreamer's ear and Tommy goes, "That makes sense." Guido Maritato (who announces he's dropped the "Little" part) defeats "Beautiful" Billy Whiles when CW Anderson superkicks Whiles, then takes out Lou E. Dangerously at ringside. During the Pulp Fiction segment, he says he realizes how big of losers he was dealing with last week, when Justin Credible laid them all out by himself. Credible defeats Dreamer, Tajiri, & Sandman. Dreamer & Sandman beat the tar out of each other, then as both have canes in mid-ring, they connect at the same time, allowing Tajiri & Credible to roll them up at the same time. Credible & Tajiri go about ten minutes before Credible beats Tajiri clean with That's Incredible. Also during the Pulp Fiction segment, Credible theorizes that what he doesn't need is a manager, but a crew of equals. ******************************* ECW on TNN for the 4th Friday of June 2000: Show opens with a pull-apart brawl between Sandman & Tommy Dreamer in the locker room. In the middle of the show, Sandman vs Dreamer is announced for Heatwave. Nova & Chris Chetti defend the ECW World Tag Team Titles against Da Baldies and win after interference from Balls & Spike. Then, Doring & Roadkill run down to the ring and an impromptu eight-man tag is made. Doring/Roadkill/Angel/DeVito d. Chetti/Nova/Spike/Balls when Roadkill pins Chetti after a wild brawl throughout the building. Backstage segment with Malenko, who accuses Guerrero & Lynn of causing the car accident with Super Crazy. They deny the allegations. Meanwhile in the background, Guido & Big Sal stand, smiling at what's occuring. Malenko says he'll get revenge tonight against Lynn. Malenko defeats Jerry Lynn after Eddy Guerrero comes out to interfere, but Kid Kash brawls with him. Hype for next week: Chris Benoit defends the ECW World TV Title against Scotty Anton and Rob Van Dam faces Justin Credible. ECW World TV Champion Chris Benoit makes Steve Corino submit in a non-title bout in the main event. ******************************* ECW on TNN for the 1st Friday of July 2000: Hype for this week's double main event, of which the first one's happening right after the announcers' intro... Justin Credible defeats Rob Van Dam after interference from Scotty Anton and a crutch. Simon Diamond reveals that Perry Saturn is not his tag team partner, but according to almost every state's athletic commission, is now his manager after procurring a manager's license. Simon defeats Mikey Whipwreck after massive interference from Saturn, including Saturn breaking Sinister Minister's cane and shoving him down. CW Anderson defeats former partner Bill Whiles with a spinebuster, then claims while talking into the camera that he'll show ECW that old school wrestling isn't just headlocks and armbars. Run-down the PPV card: ECW World Title: Rhino vs Chris Benoit and/or Rob Van Dam ECW World TV Title: Chris Benoit vs Tajiri or Justin Credible or Tommy Dreamer or Sandman ECW World Tag Team Titles: Nova & Chris Chetti vs Danny Doring & Roadkill Rob Van Dam vs Scotty Anton Dean Malenko & Kid Kash vs Eddy Guerrero & Jerry Lynn Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney vs Da Baldies Tommy Dreamer vs Sandman Plus: The Return of an International Superstar In the main event, Chris Benoit successfully defends the ECW World TV Title against Scotty Anton. After the match, RVD runs down to the ring to attack Scotty Anton and Justin Credible runs down to the ring to attack Chris Benoit. The babyfaces clear out the heels, then walk backwards and bump into each other, and the show fades to black with a staredown... ****************************** ECW on TNN for the 2nd Friday of July 2000: Training videos are shown throughout the show for Rhino, Chris Benoit, & RVD. Danny Doring & Roadkill defeat Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley after DeVito tosses Doring a staple gun and he staples Balls' forehead. The PPV card is run down. Guido Maritato makes Kid Kash submit to a Fujiwara armbar. Guido once again complains after the match about not being Dean Malenko's tag team partner. In the main event, Eddy Guerrero pins Tajiri clean. ****************************** HEATWAVE: The show opens with Tajiri vs. Mikey Whipwreck. After a minute, Simon Diamond comes down with Perry Saturn, and a 2-on-2 brawl ensuses. Then, PSICOSIS makes his return to ECW. Saturn is forced out of the ring and a 4-Way-Dance is declared! Four-Way-Dance: Simon Diamond d. Mikey Whipwreck, Tajiri, & Psicosis (Tajiri & Whipwreck dominate early doing double-team moves and shocking themselves with the success of their brief alliance, but both get rolled up after celebrating the success for too long. Simon beats Psicosis after interference from Saturn. Tommy Dreamer NC Sandman: They beat the tar out of each other for about five minutes, then Steve Corino & CW Anderson come to the ring and take out both men. Corino reveals that he did all this so that they'd weaken each other and be easy to lay out while he & CW make an impact by taking out two ECW icons. Rob Van Dam d. Scotty Anton (Anton works over the broken ankle during the match, but RVD makes a comeback and finishes Anton off with the 5-Star Frog Splash, but sells his ankle going back to the locker room) Jerry Lynn & Eddy Guerrero d. Dean Malenko & Kid Kash (Kash takes the clean pin...afterwards, Guido & Sal come out & beat up Malenko, then take credit for having "their boys" take care of Super Crazy's car. Da Baldies d. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney (finish comes when Balls goes to light a table on fire, the lights go out, and he's laid out in mid-ring...with NEW JACK standing over him. New Jack & Da Baldies then slam Balls through a flaming table for the win) ECW World Tag Team Championship: Nova & Chris Chetti d. Danny Doring & Roadkill (clean pin when Nova pins Roadkill) ECW World TV Title: Justin Credible beats Chris Benoit to win the belt after interference from Rhino, Steve Corino & CW Anderson. It's a long, hold-for-hold, mechanically sound battle before that. After the match, Corino, CW, & Credible pose together, signifying their new group, then RVD limps down to the ring to save Benoit (Note; Rhino's not in this group and it's made clear by their actions when Rhino runs in seperately). Rhino stays in mid ring and the match begins! ECW World Title: Rhino defeats RVD (RVD battles valiantly, but the ankle hurts too much to do any of his signature moves and in the end, he falls to a Gore through a table)