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    Motor City feedback

    Can you imagine how much that opening would cost to produce? Some feud Holly/Maggie is turning into. Looks like that one's headed to PPV. MD a GILF hunter? COD/MGHFC was awesome. How awesome? Too awesome for words, that's how awesome. LOL @ the vibrating phone spot. Speaking of awesome, Leon vs. BW was epic shit. The stuff w/Leon and Morgan... MOTN: Leon Rodez vs. Baron Windels Quote of the Show: "Leon Rodez has robbed the Bank... AGAIN!" -- Cole
  2. Tony149

    MCS: Cash vs. MD

    The lights dim and the spotlight shines mid-ring on Michael Buffer. * DING * DING * DING * DING * BUFFER This is your main event of the evening! Scheduled for one fall and sanctioned by the OAOAST, it’s for THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD! Are you ready? “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” BUFFER Detroit, Michigan… ARE… YOU… READY? "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" BUFFER Then for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world… Ladies and gentlemen… LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLET'S GET READY TO RRRRRRRRRRRUMMMMMMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! “It‘s Not My Time” by 3 Doors Down cues and Tim Cash happily scrolls to the ring. BUFFER Introducing first, the challenger… from Peoria, Illinois... weighing 220 pounds… wrestling's last real good guy... TTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMM CCAAAAAAASSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Being the good guy that he is, Cash waves and poses for pictures with fans. COLE We could all use a little Tim Cash inside of us. COACH You’re right about that, Cole. Cash is little and you’d love him inside of you. *laughs* COLE (no sells Coach’s remark) As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, Baron Windels is not present ringside. He’ll be watching this one backstage on a monitor. COACH Yeah, rather than go out on a limb and pick a side. Obviously he wants to ride the winner’s coattails. “Motherfucker of the Year” by Motley Crue hits as golden pyro shower Mister Dick and Malaysia. BUFFER And his opponent, accompanied by MALAYSIA… from San Antonio, Texas, weighing 238 pounds… one-half of the One & Only World tag team champions, here is the reigning and defending OAOAST World Heavyweight Champion… MMMIIIIIIIIIIISSSSTTEEEERRRRRR DDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCKK!!! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" MD takes a seat in the corner and spanks the World title, which dangles out of the front of his short shorts. Malaysia then crawls over on all fours and removes the World title with her teeth. COLE Did somebody crank up the heat? It sure got hot out here. COACH Something’s up alright, but it’s not the heat. Referee Earl Hebner grabs possession of the belt and holds it high for all to see. COLE And there you see the richest prize in the game today, the OAOAST World Heavyweight Title. * DINGDINGDING * Cash greets MD with a big smile and his hand extended, but MD has other ideas in mind. Like a series of right jabs. COACH When Mister Dick said he wasn’t going to treat Cash any differently because of their mutual friendship with Baron Windels, he wasn’t lying. MD whips Cash in for a PRESS SLAM, then to the corner for his trademark CROSS BODY SPLASH… but Cash moves and MD gets hung across the top rope! Cash follows with a series of kicks to the midsection that causes MD to CROTCH himself! MISTER DICK :o ENZIGURI knocks MD to the arena floor where he crashes against the guardrail following a SUICIDE DIVE! COLE Tim Cash in full control. Cash rolls MD back in and receives a FACIAL~! COACH Pow! Right in the kisser! MD goes out after Cash and shoves him into the RINGPOST. Cash stumbles around ringside until MD rams him face-first into Cole’s crotch! Again! And again! COLE :wub: Cole’s pleasure turns to pain as Malaysia steps on his pubes after MD tosses Cash inside. COACH :lol: MD paintbrushes Cash and then delivers an atomic drop, the prelude to the clothesline from hell… but Cash ducks under and takes MD down in a CRUCIFIX! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Both men pop up, MD whiffs on a Stiff Kick and gets drilled by a BACKBRAIN WHEELKICK! Cash scales the buckles as MD staggers to his feet and scores with a MISSLE DROPKICK! The cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Via split-screen we see Baron Windels jump out of his seat as Cash whips MD in for an old school SLEEPER HOLD, but MD goes behind and executes a DIVING FULL NELSON SLAM! COLE Pure Penetration! Rather than go for the cover MD delivers a HEADBUTT TO THE GROIN, which he claims was to the midsection when scolded by the referee. COACH The OAOAST Champion just being a dick. MD introduces Cash violently to the turnbuckle, then works him over in the corner with numerous jabs. MD whips Cash across and successfully delivers a CORNER CROSSBODY! COLE Bite My Giant Dick! COACH I’ll pass. Thank you very much. Cash stumbles out into a STIFF KICK! The cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Noticeably frustrated, MD dumps Cash outside and flings him against the steel steps, then slams him hard on the arena floor. COLE You can feel the intensity level picking up as this match goes longer and longer. MD rolls inside and the ref starts a 10 count. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! Cash rises to his knees and grabs the bottom rope, only to go back down after being kicked square between the eyes. But at least it restarts the count. Unfortunately it also leads to Malaysia’s involvement as she levels Cash with a forearm smash. "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" COLE Oh, come on. Was that really called for? Malaysia again tries to deliver a cheap shot, but this time BARON WINDELS runs out to stop her. "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" BW shoos Malaysia away, then receives an earful from MD who questions why he’s ringside. COACH Well, at least Baron Windels finally took a side. He’s pulling for Tim Cash. COLE I don’t know about that. Clearly he wants the bout to remain free of interference though. MD looks to suplex Cash back in from the apron, but Cash nails MD in the midsection with a shoulder and performs a SUNSET FLIP! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Cash executes a hip toss, then a belly-to-belly suplex. The cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Cash goes for THE MIDWEST SLING but gets wrapped in a SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! NO, KICKOUT! MD whips Cash in for a press slam, but Cash floats over and delivers a KNEE BREAKER INTO BACK SUPLEX, followed by THE MIDWEST SLING! COLE Are we about to see the greatest upset in OAOAST history? Malaysia apparently fears so and hops on the apron… but so too does Baron Windels. COACH He’s gonna hit a woman, Cole. Cash immediately breaks the MWS to defuse the situation between BW and Malaysia, which allows MD to shove Cash into BW/Malaysia and rolls him up! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO, KICKOUT!! COLE It’s not over yet! How Cash managed to kick out I’ll never know. What grit being displayed by wrestling’s last real good guy. Woozy from the previous collision Cash falls prey to a new move from MD… THE JACKHAMMER! ONE! TWO! THREE!!! * DINGDINGDINGDING * BUFFER Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match… and still OAOAST World Heavyweight Champion… MMMIIIIIIIIIIISSSSTTEEEERRRRRR DDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCKK!!! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Though mostly a loud ovation, more than a few boos can be hard. COLE A valiant effort by Tim Cash, but it wasn’t enough to walk out of here tonight the new World Heavyweight Champion. Malaysia hands MD the World title and he poses over his defeated opponent, prompting BW to gently push him away. COACH What’s that idiot doing interrupting Dick’s celebration? BUTT hurt over Cash’s defeat? COLE It’s pretty obvious to me BW just wants Jock to show a little sportsmanship. There’s no need to pose over Tim Cash. MD and BW exchange a few words until MD decides to walk away… straight into a clothesline from NED BLANCHARD! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" COACH Where did he come from?!? Ned rams MD into the buckle and proceeds to stomp a mud hole in his ass, figuratively speaking of course. BW comes to MD’s aid but winds up getting into it with SIMON SINGLETON. COLE We’ve got all 4 men going at it now. COACH It’s like a mini-battle royal, Cole. OAOAST officials rush to the ring to restore order, then BW grabs a mic. BARON Hey, if you fellas wanna hook ’em up, then meet us in the ring next week on HeldDOWN~! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" MISTER DICK :huh: Simon and Ned accept the challenge. COLE Oh, my! The Orange County Cobras vs. the Lone Star Gunslingers next week! © 2010 OAOAST Entertainment
  3. Tony149

    SYN: Cash/MD promos

    The [color="#FF8C00"][b]OAOAST SPINEBUSTER OF THE WEEK[/b][/color] featured the closing moments of last week's 6-man tag title match on HeldDOWN~! Afterwards OAOAST correspondent Terry Taylor caught up with World Heavyweight Champion Mister Dick backstage in Baltimore. Dick explained "a mechanical problem" kept the charter jet that was to fly him and fellow tag team champion Baron Windels grounded for hours, and that nobody was more sick to see what happened to Tim Cash than he was. The OAOAST Champion then added, "Of course, he could've man'd up and got the job done instead of hopin' and prayin' I -- and BW -- would show up to bail his ass out. But he better not use this as an excuse for going down in defeat at the Motor City Spectacular, because I'm gonna treat him like any other OAOAST superstar. I'm gonna pound his ass!" Tony Brannigan conducted a podium interview with Tim Cash. Cash said he's still sore from last week but looks forward to facing Mister Dick for the World title at the Motor City Spectacular. Brannigan then brought up Dick saying he was gonna treat Cash like any other OAOAST superstar, to which Cash replied, "I wouldn't want it any other way."
  4. Tony149

    Syndicated booking thread

    Promos from Tim Cash & Mr. Dick
  5. Tony149

    My status.

    What KC said. I can only imagine what you and Patty had planned for the fall. I'm sure it would've rocked.
  6. Tony149

    HD: Promo + 6-man tag title match

    THE MATCH * DING * DING * DING * DING * BUFFER This is your HeldDOWN main event! Sanctioned by the OAOAST, it’s for THE OAOAST 6-MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! Are you ready? “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” BUFFER OAOAST Galaxy, ARE… YOU… READY? "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" BUFFER Then for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world… Ladies and gentlemen… LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLET'S GET READY TO RRRRRRRRRRRUMMMMMMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! "Parade of the Charioteers" blares through the speakers as King Landon and Queen Esther walk to the ring arm in arm, James Blonde and Faqu right behind. BUFFER Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 717 pounds… the reigning and defending OAOAST 6-man tag team champions... the team of "THE TRENDSETTER" JAMES BLONDE... "THE SAMOAN WRECKING BALL" FAQU... and accompanied to the ring by QUEEN ESTHER, the 2010 King of the Ring... KING LANDON MADDIX! Presenting THE CUCARACHA KINGDOM!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Queen Esther holds the ropes open for King Landon who spins inside theatrically. COLE As longtime viewers know, the champion or champions are usually introduced last. Clearly the OAOAST is buying Tim Cash a bit more time for Baron Windels and OAOAST World Champion Mr. Dick, both of whom have yet to make it back from San Francisco where they were promoting the upcoming HeldDOWN~! scheduled for the first week of May earlier in the day. COACH It’s not like Baron Windels to miss a flight or Mr. Dick to pass up a shot at championship gold, so they likely ran into transportation problems. COLE Couldn’t they have called or sent a text to let everybody know what’s going on? COACH Maybe they’re with Jesse Ventura in Mexico. He’s got no TV down there. I’d go crazy without TV, phone or internet! “Citizen Soldier” by 3 Doors Down cues and Tim Cash emerges solo, a look of concern on his face. BUFFER And their opponent… from Peoria, Illinois... weighing 220 pounds… wrestling's last real good guy... "GENTLEMAN" TTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMM CCAAAAAAASSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Cash peaks over his shoulder on the way down the aisle in hopes BW and MD will be there behind him, but no. His back turned Cash is blindsided by Faqu. * DINGDINGDING * Faqu tosses Cash inside and gets met by a series of forearm smashes that have little effect. So Cash STOMPS Faqu’s foot and sprints off the ropes… but right into a SAMOAN DROP! The cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Faqu whips Cash to the buckle and roars at the top of his lungs. Luckily for Cash, he avoids a corner avalanche and executes a SCHOOL BOY! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Cash ducks a clothesline and scores with a BACKBRAIN WHEELKICK, and then a MISSLE DROPKICK!! COLE You go boyfriend! COACH :huh: James Blonde runs in and gets hip tossed for his trouble. Blonde reverses a whip but Cash slides through his legs, leapfrogs him on the rebound and Blonde collides with Faqu! COACH I think I’d rather be in a car wreck than crash into Faqu. COLE He’s built Ford tough alright. And we’ll be in the home of the Ford motor company next week, Detroit, for the Motor City Spectacular live on TSM and The Pit in Canada. Cash gives Blonde and Faqu a DOUBLE COCONUT, but it doesn’t faze the Samoan Wrecking Ball one bit. Quick thrust kick levels Cash and King Landon immediately demands the tag. COLE Oh yeah, only once his team’s in firm control does King Landon want in. What a glory whore he is. The cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! In no mood to break a sweat tonight, King Landon tags out. Up top goes James Blonde, but Cash moves and Blonde smacks his knee on the canvas! COACH The lights were on but nobody was home there. Cash hooks the legs and just about has Blonde turned over in THE MIDWEST SLING when Faqu breaks it up with a HEADBUTT. "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" COLE With Cash all by his lonesome we can expect plenty of that. Cash isn’t alone for long, however. THE ORANGE COUNTY COBRAS take their place in his corner, much to the horror of the King and Queen. COACH What are those idiots doing? COLE I think Tim Cash just found him a couple of partners. Decked out in their street clothes, Simon and Ned rally the crowd behind Cash. But it’s not enough to prevent the corner clothesline/bulldog combo delivered by Blonde. The cover. ONE! TWO! NO! Simon makes the save! COACH Don’t tell me the referee is gonna allow the Orange County Cobras to participate in the match. That should be a DQ. Blonde whips Cash to the corner and tags King Landon. After a barrage of forearm strikes King Landon snaps Cash over and repeatedly kicks him in the face. COLE Tim Cash being forced to Kiss the Royal Feet of King Landon. Insulting as it is painful. King Landon follows a jawbreaker with a nonchalant cover. ONE! TWO! SAVE BY NED! The Handsome Hustler doesn’t stop there, though. He stomps a mud hole in the King’s ass and walks it dry! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" COACH Go in there and save your King, you fools. As if he heard Coach, Blonde jumps in and eats a clothesline. Meanwhile, a tag is made and Faqu decks Ned with an open-handed thrust. Faqu next turns his attention to Cash, splashing him in the corner. Cash drops to the seat of his pants and Faqu delivers his trademark RUNNING BUTT SMASH~! The cover. ONE! TWO! NO! Faqu lifts Cash off the mat and gives him a HIGH ANGLE BACKDROP SUPLEX! The cover. ONE! TWO! THR-- NO!! Faqu again lifts Cash’s shoulders off the mat. Laid out mid-ring, Cash is helpless as Faqu scales the buckles. COACH Faqu’s gonna turn Tim Cash into a human pancake, Cole. COLE More importantly, the match will be over if he connects. Suddenly Faqu loses his balance thanks to the O.C. Cobras shaking the top rope and CROTCHES himself! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" FAQU :o Ned receives the tag and with Faqu stranded on the top rope easily performs THE SLINGSHOT SUPLEX! COACH Talk about luck. No way Ned gets Faqu up if he were still on his feet. COLE You need a little luck in life sometimes. Rather than go for the cover Ned tags Simon and the O.C. Cobras drop THE ATOMIC BLOND~! The cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT… AND WITH AUTHORITY! Simon quickly delivers a DDT, but Faqu pops right back up. COACH (laughs) You know what they say about blonds, Cole. Simon just forgot Faqu is Samoan. Faqu lets out a mighty roar, which turns into a painful cry after Simon thumbs him in the eye! COLE Smarter than your average blond is Simon Singleton. What a counter there. The O.C. Cobras tag and then whip Faqu in for THE DOUBLE FEATURE FLAPJACK. Unbeknownst to them, however, was a blind tag by King Landon who sneaks in as the ref escorts Simon to the corner and executes a LUNGBLOWER on Ned! The cover. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" King Landon slaps the mat in frustration, then attempts to make Ned GO 2 SLEEP… but the Handsome Hustler floats over and delivers a PILEDRIVER! The cover. COLE We’re gonna have new champions! The count. ONE! TWO! SAVE BY BLONDE! Bedlam ensues as Simon jumps on Blonde, then Faqu on Simon, followed by Cash on Faqu. Simon dumps Blonde outside and the O.C. Cobras assist Cash against Faqu. Amazingly, Faqu still puts up a tough fight. He flings Simon over the top and floors Ned. If things couldn’t get any wilder, “Motherfucker of the Year” by Motley Crue blasts over the loud speakers. COACH Oh, shit. The crowd erupts as OAOAST World Champion/tag title co-holder MISTER DICK and fellow tag champion BARON WINDELS charge the ring. COLE They’re here! The Lone Star Gunslingers are here! No longer officially part of the match, BW is restrained by the official. That doesn’t stop MD, though. Unafraid to break the rules he sneaks in and gives CASH A STIFF KICK JUST MILLISECONDS AFTER CASH DECKS KING LANDON!! COLE Oh… my! MD stands around in utter disbelief before going to BW’s aid outside. The tag champs brawl with Blonde and Faqu as King Landon covers Cash. COLE He's not the legal man, ref! COACH With all this confusion I don't think the referee knows who is the legal man. The count. ONE! TWO! THREE!!! * DINGDINGDING * COLE Like thieves in the night, the Cucaracha Kingdom steal one. BUFFER The winners of the match… and still 6-man tag team champions… "THE TRENDSETTER" JAMES BLONDE... "THE SAMOAN WRECKING BALL" FAQU... and KING LANDON MADDIX… THE CUCARACHA KINGDOM!!! "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Queen Esther celebrates with her King and his men. Meanwhile, BW, Simon and Ned tend to Cash while MD shakes his head in disgust. COACH All hail King Landon and his Cucaracha Kingdom. They just defeated 5 men, Cole. COLE The look on Mr. Dick’s face says it all, ladies and gentlemen. You can tell his sick to his stomach over the events that lead to the Cucaracha Kingdom retaining here tonight. And folks, we are running low on time. We thank you for joining us tonight and hope to see you again next week for the Motor City Spectacular. Until then, have a goodnight!
  7. Tony149

    HD: Promo + 6-man tag title match

    Promo COLE In case you’ve joined us late, earlier tonight we saw Tim Cash worried as can be. We now understand it’s because his partners in tonight’s 6-man tag title match, One & Only World tag team champions the Lone Star Gunslingers, have yet to arrive at the arena. For more on that we send it to our broadcast colleague Tony Brannigan. Backstage we go where Brannigan is with Tim Cash. BRANNIGAN All right, thank you very much. As you can see, I’m here with Tim Cash, who’s been told by OAOAST management to begin searching for new partners in the event Baron Windels and World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Dick don’t arrive before bell time or else forfeit the match. CASH Soldiers don’t quit, Tony. I’d rather enter the battlefield alone than forfeit. But I won’t have to because I know Baron and Jock will make it. Obviously they had some kind of transportation problem. But they’ll here. I promise you. Cash wanders off. BRANNIGAN Tim Cash, quite the optimist. Back to you.
  8. To open the start of the show, please. [size=4][color=#00BFFF][b]-OVER 200 COUNTRIES IN 10 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES- -TO MORE THEN TEN MILLION VIEWERS EACH WEEK- -THE OAOAST THE WORLD WIDE LEADER IN PARODY ENTERTAINMENT-[/b][/size] [/color] The show opens with TIM CASH frantically pacing backstage. CASH Where could they be? Cash exit’s the picture. COLE Where could WHO be?!? COACH Parts Unknown or maybe Reno, Nevada. *mimics rimshot* Cole sighs as we cut away to Miley. [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M11SvDtPBhA[/video]
  9. Tony149

    Anyone seen Alf?

    I've seen him over at TRTSM so he's still around.
  10. Tony149

    Feedback for the 4/17 HD~!

    Crappy feedback time! Hilarious COD skit. Imagine all the awards Molly must be piling up following COD around. Fun match between Lolly and PR/Maggie. J-Max/Mariachi vs. the LDCMG was awesome. MOTN: J-Max & Mariachi vs. the LDCMG Quote of the Show: "Oh, honey, what is the bible besides a heavy book to throw at us Jews?" -- Krista Isadora Duncan
  11. Tony149

    Booking 4 the 4/22 HD~!

    6 Man Tag Title Match Landon Maddix, James Blonde & Faqu © vs. Mr. Dick, Baron Windels & Tim Cash
  12. Tony149

    HD: LSGS/TC promo + tag title match

    THE MATCH “Motherfucker of the Year” by Motley Crue hits and the One & Only World tag team champions head to the ring. BUFFER The following contest is for THE ONE & ONLY WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, accompanied by MALAYSIA… from SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, at a total combine weight of 503 pounds… THE ONE & ONLY WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… BBAAAAARRRRROOOOOOOOOONN WINDELS and OAOAST WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… MMMIIIIIIIIIIISSSSTTEEEERRRRRR DDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCKK!!! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Malaysia to her knees and MD directs her head towards his crotch where the OAOAST Championship hangs out from his short shorts, which she pulls off with her mouth. COACH It suddenly got a little hot in here, Cole. COLE Quite an entrance for the reigning OAOAST World Heavyweight Champion. The music dies down and the anticipation builds for the next introduction. BUFFER And their opponents, from Los Angeles, California… "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" BUFFER … to New York and all points in between… OAOAST GALAXY :huh: “Living in America” by James Brown cues to a mix reaction. BUFFER … FREEDOM and LIBERTY… THE ALL-AMERICAN BOYS!! The masked patriots proudly wave Old Glory down the aisle. COLE With all due respect to the All-American Boys, they’re not who we expected. I mean, they haven’t won a match since the Bush administration! COACH 43 not 41, so it really wasn’t too long ago. MD salutes the AAB who salute back, then shake a stunned BW’s hand. COLE Look at Baron Windels. You can tell he expected COD like all of us. Before the match begins the AAB speak with ring announcer Michael Buffer. BUFFER Ladies and gentlemen, the All-American Boys respectfully ask that you all please rise for the playing of our national anthem. Since it wasn’t a foreigner who requested it, the fans do stand. The anthem plays only to be cut short after MD delivers a STIFF KICK to Freedom and gives Liberty a FACIAL! COLE What the heck? COACH Maybe Mr. Dick expected a live performance and was disappointed it was an instrumental instead. COLE He can join the club. A lot of people have been disappointed tonight. In any event, that may be the shortest title match in OAOAST history. BW tries to have a word with MD but is shunned. MD executes THE COCK BLOCK and makes the cover. ONE! TWO! THREE!!! * DINGDINGDING * BUFFER The winners of the match and still your One & Only World tag team champions… BARON WINDELS and OAOAST WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… MISTER DICK!!! "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Although a few scattered boos can be heard, they’re mostly drowned out by cheers. Unlike MD, BW isn’t in a celebratory mood. He tends to the All-American Boys while MD gloats with his two championship belts.
  13. PROMO The crowd pops as “Citizen Soldier” by 3 Doors Down hits. COLE As Tim Cash and One & Only World tag team title co-holder Baron Windels make their way to the ring, let’s take you back to last week. It was just after Mister Dick had explained his side of the whole tag title change controversy that tempers flared between him and the man he’ll defend the OAOAST Championship against at the Motor City Spectacular, Tim Cash. [quote=OAOAST HeldDOWN~!, Last Week]BARON Hey Jock, you don’t have to explain anything to me, man. The video backed up your story. But you know, with all the controversy and stuff, I think it’s only right we give COD a rematch to put any doubts to rest. MISTER DICK Rematch?!? BARON ASAP. MISTER DICK (to Cash) This is your idea, isn’t it? CASH :huh: MISTER DICK You can’t handle the fact I did in ONE NIGHT what you couldn’t do in ONE YEAR… and that’s carry BW to tag team gold. Cash decks MD! “OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” COLE That was too much for the mild manner Tim Cash to handle. Malaysia lunges towards Cash but is restrained by BW. When Cash turns to see the fuss behind him MD attacks. COACH We got all hell breaking loose, Mikey Cole. OAOAST officials rush the ring as BW desperately tries to get MD off Cash. It’s only until Malaysia intervenes that order is restored. [/quote] Back live in the arena, Cash motions for the crowd to pipe down. Kindly of course. CASH Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I have something to get off my chest. Last week I let my emotions get the best of me and not only embarrassed myself, the OAOAST but also my dear friend Baron Windels. Rather than discuss things in a civil matter I chose to act out in violence. So at this time I want to publicly apologize to the entire OAOAST Galaxy, the OAOAST itself and Baron Windels for my inexplicable behavior. I’d also like to apologize to Mister Dick. Like me I’m sure he regrets his choice of words as well last week. “Motherfucker of the Year” by Motley Crue blasts through the speakers and Mr. Dick marches ringside accompanied by Malaysia. COLE We’ve got company, Coach. And not just anybody, but the OAOAST World Heavyweight Champion himself. MD pulls a microphone out of his crotch. COACH Sorry Cole. Mister Dick had a mic in his pants. He wasn’t happy to see you. COLE (sarcastically) I’m crushed. MISTER DICK Tim Cash, I accept your apology. But I don’t regret a damn thing I said. CASH :o MISTER DICK Like they say, the truth hurts. Your cheap shot last week proved it. Although I gotta admit, I was pretty impressed. I didn’t think you had the balls. BARON Damnit, Jock. I thought we agreed to bury the hatchet? MISTER DICK It’s 6 feet under BW. I just want his scrawny ass to know we’re two different people. See, I ain’t afraid to thumb somebody in the eye or do whatever it takes to win. What you see is what you get. Kissing babies and helping little old bags across the street ain’t my deal, but pounding ass in and out of the ring is. COACH I bet you know a thing or two about getting your ass pounded, Cole. *laughs* MISTER DICK And next week we’re gonna pound some ass in 6-man action, no homo. And when we come out on top, it’s gonna be as the new 6-man tag team champions. COLE The Cucaracha Kingdom vs. Mr. Dick, Baron Windels and Tim Cash for the 6-man tag titles here next week!?! MISTER DICK Before we start thinking about next week though, BW and I gotta worry about tonight. See, I thought over what you said last week. You know, putting to rest any doubts people had about the way we won the tag titles by giving them the match they all want to see. Well I can’t think of any better time than tonight. "YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" COACH Are you kidding me? COLE It’s gonna happen live tonight. MD and Malaysia exit, but only after BW assures MD giving the people what they want is the right thing to do. Citizen Soldiers then play to the crowd as we go to break.
  14. Tony149

    HeldDOWN~! 4/15 Booking

    Lone Star Gunslingers & Tim Cash promo +
  15. Tony149

    Feedback for the 3.10.HD~!

    I didn't even know she was still their manager! But yeah, I always forget her. As for the show, it was very good. at Leon handcuffing his MITB briefcase to himself. MVP of the show. Nice debut for Victor. Love Biff's superhero gimmick. But not as much as King Landon & Queen Esther. They're awesome.