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  1. Eclipse

    Futurama is back...

    http://www.tvsquad.com/2006/06/22/new-epis...ntral-for-real/ The "Family Guy" like magic I guess was spread to Futurama as well...
  2. Eclipse

    MLB Divisional Series Thread

    It's always a thing the Yankees do. They had an amazing September, and when it's playoff time, they just freeze up... ...if indeed this was Torre's last game, what a great decade of baseball he had with the Yanks, but it's time to pass the torch and let a new managerial mind manage the Yanks...
  3. Eclipse

    Funniest/Best Indy Moments You've Seen

    At the local indy promotion that I work at, I remember a few years, RF Video taped one of our shows. One of the wrestlers, Rob Vegas, was being chased away by another heel in the promotion, Calabin. He was chased up the entrance ramp with the entrance curtain hanging. Vegas tripped on the curtain and it ripped down. You could clearly see into the lockerroom. I was dying of laughter, but what made me laugh was that someone in the crowd yelled "DANNNNGERRROUSS!" and on the RF Video version, you heard Doug Gentry (R.I.P.) blatantly laughing at the situation. Good stuff indeed.
  4. Eclipse

    "Sprint ditches customers who complain too much"

    I can't stand Sprint. After being with them since 2003, we get shafted on the upgrades to our phones! All the phones were TOO EXPENSIVE to upgrade to! The phone I have now, which is a piece of crap low end phone was the most affordable! If you see this phone and it's cost in the local Sprint Store here (over 150 bucks), you wouldn't believe it. I'm getting my own line with Verizon. I have a line with my mom's family plan on Sprint, but it's time to move on. Thank god the contract is up next month with Sprint.
  5. I remember a few years ago, I used to see them all the time, the ones that you had to get referrals and stuff like that to win stuff. I remember dealing with one that was legit. One of the members here, I think it was Downhome did one of the offers for me, and I got myself a free copy of Wrestlemania XIX for practically free. Now that I have a credit card myself, I wanted to try a site myself....any of those legit sites still exist?
  6. Eclipse

    "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" movie trailer up

    What the heck is up with this limited release? I'm in the NY/NJ area, and none of the well known theatres in my area have it. There is one theatre, but it's a 15 minute drive to get there. If not, I would have to head into New York City to see it....
  7. Eclipse

    Guitar Hero.

    I remember reading that the quality of the game won't change at all due to the the changes in developers.
  8. Eclipse

    Rock Band!

    Looks like I have to mooch off of anyone that has PS3 or 360...
  9. Eclipse

    ECW One Night Stand...

    New Date & Location For Next ECW PPV Date Added: March 01, 2007 Story By: Ryan Gray source: PWInsider WWE has announced that its third annual ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view will be moved from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City (the location of the previous two events) to the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. The date has also been moved from June 10th to June 3rd. Looks like the old ECW fans in NY won't be able to show Vince how much they hate this incarnation of ECW. I was actually looking forward to that PPV just to see the reactions....
  10. Eclipse


    Wow, just realized on the Internet Channel, AIM can be used...you just gotta head to www.aimonpsp.com...and until they create a Wii version, the PSP version works JUST fine on the Wii....awesome.
  11. Yeah..he pretty much dropped the title due to TNA locking up Homicide. There is no denying it. Sucks that it was such a BIG deal that Homicide finally won the belt, and now he loses it in quick fashion.
  12. Eclipse


    Downloaded it when I got home an hour ago. It was definitely a surprise to see a new channel. I see this channel getting addicting since new polls go up, and the comparisions sent to the Wii console later on. Thanks Nintendo!
  13. Eclipse

    What game(s) are you playing now?

    Been playing Twilight Princess on the Wii, collecting what's left in the game since I have already beaten it. I have also put some time into Guitar Hero 2, and since I wanted to get around to beating it...been playing Final Fantasy VIII.
  14. Eclipse

    Guitar Hero.

    http://www.thetanooki.com/2007/02/08/break...mes-to-the-wii/ Looks like Guitar Hero will also be on the Wii. I was concerned that they were gonna leave it to be an XBOX360 and PS3 game, but they won't be leaving Wii owners as myself high and dry....WOOO!!
  15. Eclipse

    Goodbye Samoa Joe

    Makes sense....TNA would want him to be in good shape for his feud with Angle. I guess since he has the most bookings with ROH, they took him off the ROH dates at least.
  16. Eclipse

    Goodbye Samoa Joe

    What's the reason that Joe is leaving ROH? Is it because he chose to?
  17. Eclipse

    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    Of course, you cannot label this as a legit wrestling promotion. It's just purely for entertainment value. It's so over the top that it got a little corny, especially with the "electrified cages" and stuff. I popped huge for Zakk Wylde on commentary. That's cool that they actually invite the musical talent to commentary booth....though he didn't know what to say...which was GREAT. I also liked how they knew the history of each wrestler in the ring, as they highlighted what belts they have held, and even during commentary, they mentioned their past (like 6-Pac being in D-Generation X)... ...I agree..it's so bad it's GOOD....
  18. Can't link you guys to the DOI site, since it's down for some reason... Well, the jist of the article is how he was just stripped of the Jersey All Pro Heavyweight Championship. At the last show, he cut promos like he always does, and decided to take shots at ROH and Rob Feinstein. He also ruined a surprise for that specific show in question because of his promo. The main event of that show was Hart vs. Necro Butcher for the title, and he got the match changed, which is apparantly something he does alot of in JAP. I heard that he was scared to just wrestle Necro one on one, so he had the match changed into a 4 way. The fans were pissed as they wanted that one on one. Also, they saw him get into an arguement with Fat Frank, the JAP promoter, so with all of this trouble he caused, he lost the belt. Teddy only specifically wrestled for that promotion. I don't EVER hear about any other promotion he goes to, since he no shows alot of stuff. Looks like he will just be on WSX for now....
  19. I can't stand Teddy Hart. He is probably the only wrestler in the biz that shows how fake wrestling is with his constant no selling and acrobatics in the ring. He didn't deserve the title in the way he earned it. Also, if you are scared of your opponent, you should be able to work around it, not have a complete match changed to something else. He is not championship material in JAP or anywhere else.
  20. Eclipse

    Doug Gentry from ROH and RF Video passes away

    Definitely one of the nicest guys in the biz. I talked to him on several occasions, and he treats every like gold. Rest in Peace Doug...
  21. Eclipse


    The News Channel really delivered. SO MANY news stories. I can actually see myself using this alot more than the Forecast Channel.
  22. I remember I used to have so much trouble with Donkey Kong Country 2 on the SNES. I used to curse and throw the controller on the floor in anger. For the Gamecube, I remember dying in the most DUMBEST ways in Super Mario Sunshine, with Mario grabbing platforms and falling, or falling off high platforms and landing at the start of a level. I haven't beat that game at all because of it...
  23. Well, a little bit more news from what I heard from people backstage at the event... ...the main reason the whole fight started backstage between Hart and Fat Frank was because Frank didn't let Hart take the Heavyweight Title home. Hart had a huge fit, and said that he was gonna increase his booking price and all that shiz. I am just surprised a wrestler would bitch about something like that. And the best part is....even if Hart is in the WWE, he won't change. I see himself just getting fired very easily....
  24. Eclipse

    TNA news from pwinsider

    Angle/Steiner? That would totally suck...a waste of time really..
  25. Eclipse

    Borat's last hurrah...

    http://people.monstersandcritics.com/news/...cha_kills_Borat Makes perfectly good sense. The character had plenty of fame during Da Ali G Show, since he was visiting parts of Europe where his character was unknown at that point. But now, with the success of his movie and worldwide fame and even his Golden Globe win, Borat is too well known. What's left is for him to ACTUALLY go around in Kazhakstan or something of that nature....