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  1. The Amazing Rando


    "No flaming buses in three years, but you're here ONE DAY...."
  2. The Amazing Rando

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    Dude, I'm like minutes from West Virginia, If I say the right phrase in certain neighborhoods I'd be up to my eyes in stop signs and cookie sheets. LET ALONE metal trashcans and bowling balls.
  3. The Amazing Rando


    Already sort of happened with Ben pushing the wheel and leaving the island even though it was supposedly Locke's destiny, according to Jacob-by-way-of-Christian. Locke eventually did it, but apparently he was supposed to do it the first time. Had he turned the wheel, maybe it wouldn't have caused all the catastrophic problems of crazy flashes and time jumping and blah-blah-blah. We'll never know for sure.
  4. The Amazing Rando


    That... doesn't even make sense. They crashed on the island three years ago, and only afterwards did they have wacky Dr. Who adventures; why would they remember when they were younger about what their older selves did? This isn't Slaughterhouse Five here, it's basic Terminator time-jumping. Well we're saying Ben remembers the Losties when they crash because he met them when he was a child right? So if he remembers that after they crash (since it's already happened) then why can't the Losties remember being on the island and all the stuff about the Dharma Initiative? I mean I understand if you affect something in the past then it comes to you now as a dream. That made sense. But, if that were the case then Ben would not remember the Losties when they crashed like was suggested earlier. If Ben remembers the Losties from when he was a child when they crashed and is able to use that against them then they should also remember having been at the island. Well it makes sense in my head. For Ben to remember the Losties in the future, it means that what Daniel said is true and 'what happened, happened' and everything we are seeing with them in 1974-1977 was meant to happen and always happened. This does not mean that Losties remember being on the island in the 1970s because in their timeline they hadn't done it yet. It was the future to them but the past to Ben. If that is indeed the case, then this particular instance is completely different from the Desmond/Daniel/Hatch thing. We won't know for sure until Ben wakes up in 2007 (or whatever year the Ajira people are in). If he is suddenly "oh damn, I remember them from the 70s" then we know it's the same. If Sun brings it up and he is like "well duh" then we know he's always known it and that them going back in time in 2007 was always meant to happen.
  5. The Amazing Rando


    That's true. Maybe he can "project" himself though? I only think that he's flesh because he's been seen several times interacting with physical objects. I think he can interact with physical objects when he has to. I mean, he is basically Jacob's voice at this point. It was as though they needed someone to be Jacob so that they didn't have to come out and make the big reveal so soon, and he fits perfectly with that because his existence is just as much a mystery as Jacob's own. I will say that I think his existence is different than Locke's 'ressurection' though, and if they are indeed the same I don't see that information coming out until sometime in the sixth season.
  6. The Amazing Rando

    WWE Raw - March 23, 2009

    Turning Orton face would be horrible. I hate it, but with Steph as a general manager she can't be 'with' a face wrestler. Authority figures always play heelish roles, so it seems fairly obvious Orton is going to beat HHH by siding with Steph (thus giving HHH another reign when he GETS HIS REVENGE ON HIS WIFE!!!!!!!) and making the storyling all about HHH vs. A McMahon instead of HHH vs. Randy Orton. I don't know who is going to win the Triple Threat (probably Cena) but it's a fair bet if this goes on in the middle of Wrestlemania that Steph is going heel with Orton and Cena wins to close the show. If the Triple Threat goes first, then HHH is finally getting a Mania win (since he's gone like 3-5 in this decade and hasn't had a win since WM 19)
  7. The Amazing Rando

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Well, when the big nasty heel group seems to be getting the best of EVERYONE, it's hard to book a face group against them. Hell, it's hard to book a face group, period, and I think that is where most of the problem lies. I just don't think Russo knows how to make a face stable work, especially when it is more than four guys and it's an even bigger problem when the other group is all Main Event guys (it's in the name) and outside of Joe, AJ, and mabye Rhino/3D, none of the others involved are perceived at that level. If they stick with the five I just mentioned and Jarrett going against the MEM, it doesn't really elevate anyone. The storyline is perfect for a brash face midcarder or two (or three) to try and fight back and take their lumps early on but in the end stand triumphant as stars. Unfortunately, that could never happen in TNA. I can't even remember a compelling face group in wrestling the past 15 years except MAYBE the face DX (who started as heels and just got popular) and....that's it. For a face group vs. heel group storyline to work, the heels needs to have the advantage as much as possible but eventually go down in a burning ring of fire. Sadly, I can't see that happening with MEM unless Angle turns face or something (and if THAT happens, then it would be Angle turning, and not the original face group, that did the damage and that elevates no one).
  8. The Amazing Rando

    No more Sci-Fi channel

    There will never ever ever ever ever ever ever be a channel named Siffie... /StrongBad
  9. The Amazing Rando


    Well, I think the Sayid/Young Ben thing will work similarly to the Desomnd/Daniel thing in that when Daniel talked to Desmond at the Hatch door, Desmond then "dreamt" it around 3 years later, and it might have taken that long due to the time effects of the island. So maybe when Ben comes to with the New Losties in that bunker on Hydra Island he'll 'remember' having met Sayid as a young boy and then he'll know that is probably where everyone else ended up. Also, it appears a good chunk of this episode (at least concerning Sun/Frank/Ben) took place before the events on-island when Locke comes back to life. So by the time Locke is up and moving and fingers Ben as his killer, Sun and Frank already know that the rest of the group is in 1977 (but then Ben might know too due to the situation I described above).
  10. The Amazing Rando

    WWE Raw - March 16 2009

    That was pretty damn awesome on HBK's part.
  11. The Amazing Rando

    Comments that which don't warrant a thread

    It might be "Stopover In A Quiet Town" as well, but it's a couple being in a house and finding everything is fake in the "world", trying to ride the train out of town, and then realizing they are in a giant alien girl's home after they were captured from Earth.
  12. The Amazing Rando


    Here's an idea, maybe because the statue went down it cursed the Island and women can't have babies on the Island. But, while we didn't see the statue after the Locke Flash, I would assume it was already gone or they probably would have mentioned it again before going into the "Beach/Orchid" argument.
  13. The Amazing Rando


    I think Richard advises the leader of the Others and works along side of him. But then we never see another leader. So far Ben, Richard, Jacob, and Widmore have either shown or stated (in Widmore's case) that they were the leaders of the Others. In Widmore's case, it might just be a ruse, but Richard is the one that is always around (probably due to his apparent inability to age). I think that Jacob is the controller of the island and everything on it (like a god/demi-god), Richard is his 'second', living ageless and choosing "leaders" to try and make sure that what needs to happen on and off the island happens (because for some unknown reason he isn't able to do EVERYTHING himself). This goes back to my groundhog day/donnie darko theory of the island timeline repeating itself indefinitely with certain people acting as guides to try and make the other people do what needs to be done to fix/stop the loop and save humanity. Another small theory is that births were still able to happen on the island until "the incident" at the Swan, which we don't know exactly what happened during.
  14. The Amazing Rando

    Recent birth announcements

    These are ok. I think Jack Welcome is the best. Sounds like a Mortal Kombat fighter. Indie Anna is okay but Ally Bama isn't?
  15. The Amazing Rando

    Legends of WrestleMania

    English please. Is the steel cage match the blue bar cage or mesh cage? Why is Hell in the Cell in a "Legends" game? That doesn't make a lot of sense. I like that the Battle Royal is a match mode. That could be really fun, but does that mean there is going to be lots of wrestlers in the ring at the same time or is it gonna be a 8 man battle royal? Hope its the classic Blue Bar Cage, some of my favorite matches have happened in that cage. Sometimes wish they'd bring it back to WWE billed as the 'Classic Cage Match' claiming the thick blue bars did more damage or whatever. Hell, even if they don't use the blue bars, they can still bring back the classic cage. If I remember correctly, Austin/McMahon at St. Valentine's Day Massacre was a bar-style cage, but the bars were black insted of blue. ...then again, they may not be able to use it because of the stunt they had done with Big Show throwing Austin into the cage, and the wall opening up to let Austin go to the floor. Bobby Lashley dove "through" the mesh one during the Umaga feud. I'd assume it was as set-up for the spot as the Show/Austin spot was.