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  1. Bruiser Chong

    The OAO Wrestlemania Streams thread

    The only caveat is having to deal with the stream of dumbass comments on the sidebar of this stream.
  2. Bruiser Chong

    Covering Coverage

    I love how FOX News personalities generally act frantically as if they're selling OxiClean, even in a sit-down interview about a book.
  3. Bruiser Chong

    March PYBO: WrestleMania IV

    On a sidenote, apparently George Steele was supposed to be in the battle royal. He said he hurt himself coming to the ring and refused to go inside. He just kind of wandered off when he knew he was supposed to be eliminated. I'm guessing he either didn't want to take an over the top rope bump and/or didn't want to do any kind of job. My guess is that if anything, it'd be Gorilla yelling into Vince's headset during SuperStars/SNME shows. That's interesting; where'd you hear that? This was the second wrestling video I ever rented, so I've seen it legitimately at least a couple dozen times. The argument over Steele in the opener was always a head scratcher, since he was clearly outside the ring, even during the intros.
  4. Bruiser Chong

    The AIM Away Messages of a Bi-Polar

    She was all on top of the world a week or two ago, posting away messages about how excited she was for her future. Sounded like she'd been getting some male attention. Well, guess not... MySpace.... Break out that extensive vocab and woo her, Czech.
  5. Bruiser Chong

    Covering Coverage

    Is the media still really talking about this? I've got a right-wing cop friend who's bitching now that the slain cops in Oakland aren't getting anything attention "just because Obama was on the Tonight Show." The media spent days talking about the appearance because of what he said, not necessarily because he was simply on the show. And since the Oakland story was developing just two days ago, I haven't seen the Obama story take away any press from it. A friend of his chimed in said he doesn't know or care what Obama said on the Tonight Show, but insists that his mere presence has taken away coverage of the Oakland incident. My head exploded.
  6. Bruiser Chong

    Covering Coverage

    As it should be. With all of this country's problems considered, you really want our extended focus to be on a joke the rights are too sensitive to absorb?
  7. Bruiser Chong

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    is gonna be 2009's "Crank dat Soulja Boy."
  8. Bruiser Chong

    Primetime Disscussion Thread

    I like how there's so much focus on Heenan ducking out on Rumble hosting duties when neither he nor Monsoon wound up commentating.
  9. Bruiser Chong

    Bash at the Beach 2000

    The second part of the show is one of the most confusing collection of clusterfucks we've seen in the 2000s. Starting with this bizarre match in the graveyard, the JJ/Hogan "shoot," the Goldberg turn, etc. What was the deal with this Hogan thing, anyway? I'm sure I've heard the story before, but what was the motive for it? The best part about this show is the commercial video was put out in limited numbers and subsequently can easily get $300+ on eBay.
  10. Bruiser Chong

    Spring Training 2009

    Milton Bradley is already hurt.
  11. Bruiser Chong

    Covering Coverage

    I think he's focusing on how Fox jumped on Olberman for saying it when it doesn't seem that he was even the one who muttered the phrase.
  12. Bruiser Chong

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    I haven't seen the movie...but did it have to be made? Despite strong performances (from what I hear) was that a story people were dying to hear again? If you're referring to Frost/Nixon, then yes. The complications and stakes behind the trio of interviews is a pretty interesting and unknown, story.
  13. Bruiser Chong

    I want to discuss Kanye West's insanity

    Ye is quoted in this month's XXL as saying he doesn't even listen to rap and that his apartment is "too nice" to listen to rap in.
  14. I guess if I don't wind up doing shit with my own life, my claim to fame can be I was friends with LaMarr Woodley in the sixth grade.
  15. Bruiser Chong

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    It's a "strong possibility" that Rich Hill is heading to the O's. It's not a definite yet, Marvin. It's a shame how this has all played out, but unlike Pie, Hill had his chance. He spent almost the entire 2008 season in rookie ball trying to get his shit together and it never really happened. He's out of options, which makes it a near impossibility for the Cubs to hold on to him. IIRC, he was always projected as a guy who'd have some really good years, but then bottom out quickly. I guess he's a good gamble for a team that isn't doing anything in 2009, but he's got a lot of work ahead of him if his 2008 season was any indication of where he's at.