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  1. eirejmcmahon

    Predicitions for 2009

    Well they're firmly established now, with ratings slowly edging upwards (1.2 seems to be their new 1.1) and a company wide storyline on which to build over the next twelve months. One prediction I think you can take to the bank - Joe will turn heel, just in time to put the newly turned face Nash over.
  2. eirejmcmahon

    Impact spoilers for 12/18

    Remember bps, when it comes to TNA, people around here will complain about anything. Even on a show, that on paper, looks pretty good. Culmative effect. It seems like Joe can barely make it to the ring these days without getting beat, now when he actually manages to be part of a winning team...he gets stomped even worse than usual! I'm sure this is all leading up to Nash putting him over HU-GE though.
  3. eirejmcmahon

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

  4. eirejmcmahon

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Hands up if you think Joe's ever getting that win back!
  5. eirejmcmahon

    Impact Spoilers for 7/17

    Didn't they just do this with the X-Division title ?
  6. eirejmcmahon

    Lockdown (4/13/2008)

    You are aware of the previous works of Mister Vince Russo, aren't you ? Even with that said, there's no calculating how dumb you'd have to be to script anything other than a clean win for Joe in this one.
  7. eirejmcmahon

    iMPACT 12/06

    Can't speak for anyone else but I was too busy applying the deep-black eyeliner my WWE employers so thoughtfully purchased for me to bother with Impact this week.
  8. eirejmcmahon

    Turning Point

    I could be wrong but I though that Impact was doing an average 1/1.1 in the ratings, which is around a million viewers. Last I heard, their PPVs were drawing under 30k in buys.
  9. eirejmcmahon

    TNA TV situation

    It can't help that their current ratings are...to be generous...stagnent (down week on week for the last three weeks or so).
  10. eirejmcmahon

    OAO 2/15 Impact Thread

    IF any kind of sizeable number of regular Raw viewers did indeed tune into TNA instead of WWE, it means that MORE than half the regular TNA audience chose to do the exact opposite. There's no way those numbers can be spun in favour of TNA.
  11. eirejmcmahon

    OAO 2/15 Impact Thread

    Sobering numbers for TNA. Bad enough they mucked up their prime-time Monday special but to have half your viewers switch off when the competition is around....well, if morale was poor before....
  12. eirejmcmahon

    More greatness from Lance Storm

    Download the PPVs and watch any of the matches that are worth a damn, ignore the shit-fest that is the rest of their programming.
  13. eirejmcmahon

    WON News + Notes, 4th December Issue

    Has he ever actually wrestled in TNA ?
  14. eirejmcmahon

    OAO 11/23 Impact Thread

    No word on ratings at all then ?
  15. eirejmcmahon

    OAO Primetime Debut Thread

    I'm genuienly surprised to hear that Spike were 'thrilled' with a 1.0 for the big debut show, it's good news for TNA though as Spike clearly have low/realistic (delete where appropriate) expectations.
  16. eirejmcmahon

    WON News + Notes for TNA

    Hard to imagine they were having relationship problems, isn't it ?
  17. eirejmcmahon

    WON News + Notes for TNA

    If he hasn't been in character over the last few weeks, Kurt's current spate of crash'n'burn has been hilarious to bear witness to.
  18. eirejmcmahon

    OAO Primetime Debut Thread

    All concerned will have to be disappointed with that rating, any suggestion othewise is hard to take seriously - prime time slot, PPV quality card, decent advertising - and they can't even match their best rating from the old slot ? On the plus side, word-of-mouth on the show itself was good so maybe they have something they can build on.
  19. eirejmcmahon

    OAO Primetime Debut Thread

    If they don't, they're fucked. 1 or under would be a disaster, anything over 1.5 would be good.
  20. eirejmcmahon

    OAO 11/9 Impact Thread

    Any word on a rating for this one ?
  21. eirejmcmahon

    Angle vs. Joe

    The match will be off-the-charts, no-doubt, but I'm disappointed that it's come so soon. Granted, there are good reasons for getting all-you-can out of Angle ASAP (for starters, he might go and die or cripple himself before any long angle could pay off) but I had visions of Joe and Angle tearing through the roster till they eventually came head to head for the gold whereas they've pretty much just gone at each other from day one. The build, such as its been, has been fine but I'm not getting the epic vibe from it that I feel I should. Truth to tell, Joe/Steiner felt bigger in some ways!
  22. eirejmcmahon

    OAO 10/19 Impact Thread

    He signed a month ago, this episode of Impact was recorded two weeks ago - it's not like they haven't had plenty of time to get the word out there. Really surprised at this rating, right before their big show with Angle's first real appearance and things don't even spike a little.
  23. eirejmcmahon

    TNA Impact Spoilers for 10/14 and 10/21

    Sounds like a couple of good shows. Bringing Nash back is a mistake but (old)starfucking seems to come with the business.
  24. eirejmcmahon

    Dixie carter interview

    Yeah. Right. She's a perfect fit for the wrestling business.