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  1. WCS

    YO! TSM raps: John Cena in 2009

    As opposed to when The Rock did movies, and everybody asked him when he was coming back. <cliche>Boom! Roasted.</cliche> Yeah.
  2. WCS

    South Park Season 13

    Yep. What I meant was that I figured it'd be revealed to be Kenny, but of course, it wasn't definitively. So, I got swerved and I'm okay with that. Yeah, that's the joke. I know. But it's not funny. It's stupid. I say po-tay-to, you say po-tah-to, you're wrong. Just kidding. I laughed because it was an inventive way to poke fun at themselves, but there's definitely an element of bait and switch involved. I understand that reaction, even if I didn't have it.
  3. WCS

    South Park Season 13

    Yeah, that's the joke. There wasn't a whole lot of meat here, but I guess it was an okay episode. As I mentioned, I can't not like a Cartman-centered episode so I liked this one. Though, it did seem kind of one note with Cartman being upstaged over and over and over again. A little monotonous, but broken up nicely with Professor Chaos' 'triumphant' return. I REALLY thought Mysterion was Kenny until the end. Great payoff.
  4. WCS

    The NFL OT Rule

    Even simpler, if neither team leads after each gets one possession, then it becomes sudden death. I'd knock 5 minutes off the current OT period and make it 10 minutes. Seems like the best compromise between the current NFL and college systems. Eliminates any questions of fairness (well, any non-delusional questions). It occurs to me that that's probably what you mean, but what the hell.
  5. WCS

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Nah. Which, ironically is how I spent my 21st birthday. I had a single beer that day and I shall have a single beer tonight in remembrance. Good times.
  6. WCS

    WWE Raw - March 16 2009

    Actually, I'd have been PISSED if it had been Flair, but otherwise I agree with this. However, one could argue that WWE never announced that Austin would be involved with WM and as such it's not WWE's fault some fans are disappointed. (While this is logical, who cares, I'm still disappointed as hell.) Also, you could say that there's still a couple of weeks to go to WM and something could happen to change the announced match. Also, Austin still could show up at WM; you never know. Still, yeah, I'm not happy with the current direction of this angle. EDIT: Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have hit the Edit button a fourth time.
  7. WCS

    WWE Raw - March 16 2009

    That's the Internet for you. [/hypocrite]
  8. WCS

    24 -- Season 7

    I thought it was pretty funny that Jack was caught unawares by the shooter, who was impersonating a cop, right after seeing a photo of him impersonating a cop. That's some sweet, sweet irony. Decent reloading episode. Nice to see Moss finally getting quicker on the uptake with nabbing Walker helping out Jack. Also, I'm interested in seeing what kind of bullshit reasoning Voight has for this entire plot (besides a "shitload of money", of course). Should be a knee-slapper from the way he was acting tonight.
  9. WCS

    Pictures I Like

    http://pix.jj.am/gallery/v/Hulkhands/ Plenty more pics of her
  10. WCS

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Ha ha. Even though this has been used before showing that Hitler's a Cowboys fan, this is still damn funny. That "Downfall" clip is versatile, a 5-tool player.
  11. WCS

    FOX Sunday Night 08/09 - now in HD!

    I...did not. Of course, it's because I'm lazy and not because I'm stupid. Yeah, that's the ticket... I dunno, it seems like that was just Kent Brockman being Kent Brockman - that's perfectly in character for him (and always, ALWAYS funny to me). I didn't get this reference, so thanks for explaining that one. Yeah, really not helping my "I'm not stupid just lazy" stance here, I know. As for the episode itself, I thought it was pretty good overall. Having Lisa being able to DO something instead of sitting around whining at people is always a good thing. Also, Homer impersonating Maggie ("South Park did it!") for Marge was hilarious. Finallly, the riddles were entertaining, especially with the false answers. Funny stuff.
  12. WCS

    South Park Season 13

    Yeah, that's true a lot of the time, but not in this case. Like I said though, South Park Zone is a good backup just in case you have problems with the official site, as I ironically am currently. Episode 2 looks like a Cartman episode - I don't believe I've ever disliked one of those so I'm amped for this one.
  13. WCS

    South Park Season 13

    Yeah, I guess that's a good backup to this: Which is the official site and generally has most episodes. As for the episode itself, pretty hilarious. That can't be allowed to go on for too long. Not sure if it's a classic, but this definitely was one of the meaner episodes in a while. Just downright cruel and funny as hell.
  14. WCS

    Spaceman Ross vs. The Internet

    I love everyone's one sentence retorts on this site. Seriousy, no one presents any sort of arguement when they post. Is that the ideal way to post? Clever retorts without any sort of justification as to why they're posting what they are? In all reality, many of the posters here are just sexually repressed people asserting their internet manliness and intelligence in order to compensate for their lack of actual real world communication skills. The sky is blue (or at least, appears to be blue).
  15. WCS

    The Office Season 5

    I think the 'wouldn't Michael get fired if" ship sailed sometime in Season 2. I'm thinking if Michael ever does get fired, it'll be in the series finale...and he'll just get hired back by the end anyway. As for tonight, really good episode. I liked how everyone ganged up on Michael after he tried to sell out Dwight, especially Creed's interjection ("Nice going, kid."). Also, both the cold open and the tag were VINTAGE~ Jim, and the Kevin story was awesome as well. They're not ignoring the fallout of the Andy/Angela breakup (Andy's continual pessimistic advice to Kevin). Good stuff. Also: "Hey! Hey! Hey! You idiot!" "Start over." "Sirrrrr."