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  1. Its only 1 hour though. (Or just over). By the time they have plugged the up coming ppv show a few times, and added a few promos, there will only be time for about 3 matches. They can fill the time easily.
  2. Chunk

    "Ted Hart" posts on the ROH Forum

    We havent actually heard Punks side of things yet have we? That will be interesting when it it comes out.
  3. Dunno about you, but Im happy.
  4. Chunk

    Banner request - CM Punk

    Ok, go for it. Ill give you honest feedbacy
  5. Chunk

    "Ted Hart" posts on the ROH Forum

    Thats exaclty what I was thinking. No way was that Hart.
  6. Chunk

    PS2 Question

    Doesnt the PS2 have a scart lead, which splits the signal into yellow white red plugs? If so, could you put the sound out into your line in on your pc (providing you have a capture card), and then get a program to "record what you hear"?
  7. Chunk

    Teddy Hart

    Is that something to base a career on though? He may be the name on everyones mind at the moment, but how long before the novelty wears off and everyone realises that he has little to offer behind the gimmick?
  8. Chunk

    CM Punk v. Teddy Hart

    No way is this a work. Dynamite .... you have to start that chant up. Teddys face will be priceless when he hears it. Why is it lame to go against the grain and dedicate your life to something you believe in? CM Punk is not lame, he is an inspiration.
  9. Chunk

    Punk and Teddy kick each other's asses legit

    This is allready in the TNA folder. I commend Punk for sticking to his guns, and having the bollocks to stand up to Hart. I cant see many wrestlers diagreeing with his actions.
  10. Chunk

    ROH 13/3

    The pure title match will be awesome. When did Abyss debut in ROH?
  11. Chunk

    Mexico's X Cup

    Team UK would rock. In fairness, a team of four top notch fliers might be a bit of a strecth. However, something like Williams/Storm/Tighe/Burchill would provide more than quality opponents for team NWA.
  12. Chunk

    CM Punk v. Teddy Hart

    Punk rules all. I remember reading that live journal entry when he first posted. It was only a matter time before it happened I guess.
  13. Chunk

    Those first few ROH nat'l DVDs

    How readily availabel are they? Baring in mind I wouldnt be able to get them to order it for me, do you think i would be able to get hold of them if I tried 3 or 4 different places?
  14. Chunk

    Mexico's X Cup

    I cant see it hapening, based solely on the expense of flying people in from all over the world.
  15. Chunk

    Trouble with computer

    Try checking if it is in fact disconnected? Then try reconnecting it?
  16. Chunk

    Those first few ROH nat'l DVDs

    Sweet! I think ill pick them up when Im on holiday.
  17. Chunk

    TNA News

    Are Jarrets feelings on a match against Hogan known? Something gives me the impression that he has his mind set on wrestling (and beating) a name like Hogan on a PPV, no matter what good/bad it does TNA.
  18. Chunk

    Thoughts on Sabu returning to TNA?

    Im not really interested by Sabu at all. I think they should stop messing around, and should push Punk. The short matches they have been doing with Sandman & ? Vs Gathering etc havent been all that bad IMO, but they should make better use of Punk. Push him by bringing the Raven/Punk feud to TNA. Raven has given Punk the rub everywhere else so i cant seem him refusing to do it in TNA. That way you would be making use of Raven as well as pushing Punk. Sabu can come in and wrestler 3 minute matches against Sandman, other than that I think its a bad idea.
  19. Chunk

    Latest On How TNA Is Doing Financially

    I dont dispute that they are bringing fans to the Asylum, but they dont really interest me personally. I also find it annoying that they will chant I..C..P no matter what is happening in the ring. Be it Goldy turning on Watts, Leon/Abyss or an actuall ICP segement etc, they will chant the same damn thing throughout.
  20. Chunk

    ECW...errr...3PW....returns to Viking Hall

    Me to. But as it happens, I think I just worked it out a few minutes ago, after reading a different thread. "If I Remember Correctly" ?????
  21. Chunk

    Teddy Hart Coming to ROH on 3/13!

    I see where you are coming from. I was basing my opinion on the fact that he has only really just broken through, and this time last year was an unheard of wrestler.
  22. Chunk

    Just bought a computer

    You'd be getting hosed at $300 for that system. I wouldn't even pay $300 Canadian for that today. I think I paid $600 CDN for that exact system 3 years ago. Yeah, you could get a computer with twice that stuff at Wal-Mart for about the same price. Heck, my computer is a 2400+ AMD Athlon, 80 GB HDD, 256 MB, with a CD-RW and DVD, and it was only $500. I wouldnt pay more that 2 figures for a machine like that (in GB £'s). I have an old(ish) machine myself and have been looking to upgrade. Paying more than £99 for that machine would be too much. So saying, did it come with Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Software etc?
  23. Chunk

    Teddy Hart Coming to ROH on 3/13!

    Even better than that.. they now have a Teddy Hart Shoot Interview planned as well. Dont they usually fill those up with footage from through out the interviewee's career? Besides the one incident we all know about, what does he have to talk about? RF "Thanks for clearing that incident up for us Teddy" TEDDY "No Problem, im glad to be given the chance to tell my side of the story" RF "So what else would you like to talk about" .............awkward pause........... TEDDY "Did you know im related to Bret Hart, and im the greatest wrestler to ever live" Sounds like a must buy to me. *Heads off to reserve his copy*
  24. Chunk

    Osaka Pro Wrestlers In TNA

    Is it at all possible that he is over in the US anyway, so TNA have decided to book him because they dont have to pay flights and accomodation etc. If so, then it makes sense why they have done it.
  25. Chunk

    Latest On How TNA Is Doing Financially

    Number of fans - 1 If that happens.