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  1. Im after a banner for a site I might try and make. It will be based around CM Punk, so im looking for a CM Punk banner.


    I dont really mind which pictures are used, but I would like to have the words "CM PUNK" and "sXe" on the top left corner and bottom right corner (repectively). The text should be small so that the focus is on the pictures.


    The banner would be used at the top of the page, like you see on many web sites.


    A rough size would be about 800 pixels wide by 130 pixels heigh, so there is a lot of room to work in.


    I relaise this is a big ask, but I ifgure someone might be interested. If the banner is kept so that the colour scheme can be easily changed, that would be good, as im not certain what scheme I would use yet.


    If you are interested but dont want to spend time hunting down pictures to use, then please post and I will do that part.


    Thanks in advance.

  2. Doesnt the PS2 have a scart lead, which splits the signal into yellow white red plugs?


    If so, could you put the sound out into your line in on your pc (providing you have a capture card), and then get a program to "record what you hear"?

  3. right now teddy hart is the most dynamic character in wrestling period. his real life loose cannon/asshole stuff gets the most attntion out of anything in wrestling right now.


    teddy is the draw in indy wrestling right now.

    Is that something to base a career on though? He may be the name on everyones mind at the moment, but how long before the novelty wears off and everyone realises that he has little to offer behind the gimmick?

  4. No way is this a work.


    Dynamite .... you have to start that chant up. Teddys face will be priceless when he hears it.


    I don't really like CM Punk and his lame straight edge shit.


    Why is it lame to go against the grain and dedicate your life to something you believe in?


    CM Punk is not lame, he is an inspiration.

  5. Everytime I start up my computer I get an error that says 'Processor Fan not detected.' I know next to nothing about computers really but im guessing it is the fan to keep the computer cool and such. Is there anyway I can fix this or do I need to bring it some place?

    Try checking if it is in fact disconnected?


    Then try reconnecting it?

  6. Im not really interested by Sabu at all. I think they should stop messing around, and should push Punk.


    The short matches they have been doing with Sandman & ? Vs Gathering etc havent been all that bad IMO, but they should make better use of Punk. Push him by bringing the Raven/Punk feud to TNA.


    Raven has given Punk the rub everywhere else so i cant seem him refusing to do it in TNA. That way you would be making use of Raven as well as pushing Punk.


    Sabu can come in and wrestler 3 minute matches against Sandman, other than that I think its a bad idea.

  7. 2. Say what you want about ICP...but they are the only people on the roster that you can actually claim with any certainty are bringing fans in to the Asylum.

    I dont dispute that they are bringing fans to the Asylum, but they dont really interest me personally.


    I also find it annoying that they will chant I..C..P no matter what is happening in the ring. Be it Goldy turning on Watts, Leon/Abyss or an actuall ICP segement etc, they will chant the same damn thing throughout.

  8. Teddy probably has more to talk about then a lot of the guys they do shoots with. For example, the Backseat Boys have 2 RF shoot interviews out. I can't imagine them having enough to fill up two interesting shoots. There are a lot of other indy guys/lower level guys who have shoots that most likely fall into that same category.


    Teddy at least as a few interesting things to talk about. Growing up in the extended-Hart family, getting started in wrestling at a young age, Mat Rats, current Stampede, his WWE tryouts and why he got kicked out of them, his TNA X-Cup performance and the controversy around that, his ROH deal, ect.


    Not endorsing it or even saying I am interested in it, but Teddy Hart DOES have more to say then a lot of the indy guys RF films shoots with.

    I see where you are coming from. I was basing my opinion on the fact that he has only really just broken through, and this time last year was an unheard of wrestler.

  9. How much did you pay? Please tell me no more than like $300.

    You'd be getting hosed at $300 for that system. I wouldn't even pay $300 Canadian for that today. I think I paid $600 CDN for that exact system 3 years ago.

    Yeah, you could get a computer with twice that stuff at Wal-Mart for about the same price.


    Heck, my computer is a 2400+ AMD Athlon, 80 GB HDD, 256 MB, with a CD-RW and DVD, and it was only $500.

    I wouldnt pay more that 2 figures for a machine like that (in GB £'s).


    I have an old(ish) machine myself and have been looking to upgrade. Paying more than £99 for that machine would be too much.


    So saying, did it come with Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Software etc?

  10. Work.


    Mark Briscoe v. Jack Evans v. Teddy Hart v. The Amazing Red v. Alex Shelley v. Jimmy Rave is set for 3/13.

    Even better than that.. they now have a Teddy Hart Shoot Interview planned as well.

    Dont they usually fill those up with footage from through out the interviewee's career?


    Besides the one incident we all know about, what does he have to talk about?


    RF "Thanks for clearing that incident up for us Teddy"


    TEDDY "No Problem, im glad to be given the chance to tell my side of the story"


    RF "So what else would you like to talk about"


    .............awkward pause...........


    TEDDY "Did you know im related to Bret Hart, and im the greatest wrestler to ever live"


    Sounds like a must buy to me.


    *Heads off to reserve his copy*