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  1. Just found this thread.


    Im a huuugggee! Darkness fan. If you've ovly heard the one single, then i recommend you listen to the complete album. Theres not a bad track on there. Brilliantly written and funny as hell.


    If you take them for what they are, and have a sense of humour, it fails me how anyone can not like The Darkness. Yes they're gimmicky but they have the cacthy well written music to back them up.


    They're huge in the UK right now as well. They owned the Brit awards this year, picking up no less than three awards.


    The Darkness well and truely own!

  2. Awesome news gang. One of my friends that has worked with a few New England indies does interviews at the Super 8 tourneys, and is friends with ECWA owner Jim Kettner. So as it stands, I'll be tagging along on a road trip to the show, with backstage access and all. Should be a good time.

    Do you now know 100% that it is in Willmington DE then? Or are you just saying that you are going on the road trip no matter where the show is held?

  3. What they need to decide is the following.


    Is the amount of $$$ TNA will get from the people buying their 1 ppv to see the ROH guys greater than the amount of $$$ TNA will lose in the future because people who normally order their ppv's will now buy a couple of ROH tapes instead. People have X amount of $$$ to spend on wrestling, and in that way everyone is in some sort of competition with each other.

    I know what your saying. But couldnt you argue that a fan of the X division could have seen the X cup and will now be buying some triple A tapes instead of next weeks TNA?


    If TNA were worried about promoting the opposition, surely they wouldnt be interested in any cross promotional event.

  4. I like the possible deal with Pro Wrestling NOAH, Burchill seems the obvious guy who could get over in Japan.

    Who has Burchill wrestled besides the match at Frontiers of Honor? I've only seen that match, I'd be interested to see how he cuts it in a regular match without two guys just to bump for him.

    In main FWA shows, he has faced:


    Double Dragon at FOH (the match you mentioned)

    Mark sloan and simmons (Vendetta)

    Hampton Court at Uprising 2


    He may also have faced someone at Hot Wired. Ive forgotten, and he would have had matches on the norhtern exposure tour.


    However, every match he has wrestled in main FWA shows have been squashes. (Or little more than squashes).


    For the FWA Academy, he has wrestled more "proper" macthes, but my knowledge of the Academy is lacking. I know they have just released a tape, but finding stuff could prove difficult.

  5. Get rid of Dutch Mantel. The show went to shit when he came aboard.

    TNA shows were already going to shit during Russo's booking, which started in Week 5 (a Low Ki/Red match just BARELY saved the show that night, and even that match wasn't as good as their ROH match). It's just that TNA's even worse now with Mantel and Jeff Jarrett having their way all the time.

    For one, Russo wasn't even booking TNA during week five.


    Second, you're an idiot for making a comparison between week five, and what, week 75? God knows we've all lost count a while ago.

    This week is week 83.

  6. Well, ROH put a poll up on their site, asking whether or not Teddy should get a match on 3/13. That pretty much solidifies that it's a work. Still, might as well strike while the iron is hot on the Teddy-hype. I'm just afraid he'll pull another ridiculous stunt.

    Damn, I wanted it to bea shoot.


    You have to question the reasoning behind this. Like I said before, he will have huge heel heat, but this is bound to piss a few of the boys in the back off.

  7. I know it is Legal to hack an XBOX and install Linux, as long as you dont expect to then keep your warranty.


    Actually I'm pretty sure I read about legislation (that damned Digital Millennium Copyright Act of course) in the States that actually makes it ILLEAGAL to do that. Which is just insane; you can't do what you want to your own property?

    I wouldnt mind finding out for definite what the law is on this, because Im sure it is Legal, but invalidates your warranty.


    Like you say though, if it is illegal, thats just pure insanity.

  8. This is very interesting. And may I add.....I'd love to heckle the fuck out of Teddy the entire night. He couldn't do a damned thing.

    I really hope he shows up and is made to buy a ticket and sit with the fans.


    Can you imagine the reality check when the smart fans in attendence realise its not a work and heckle the living shit out of him all night.


    Normally I wouldnt wish that upon anyone, but in Teddys case I think it could do him some good.


    If it turns out to be a work, somehow id feel a little cheated. But you have to admit that if Gabe and Rob put the differences aside they do have a man that will generate HUGE heel heat from the moment he leaves the curtain.

  9. Ive only seen up to show 80, but this pairing seems strange to me.


    How come Sandman gets to work match after match while they tease the return of Raven, only for Raven to then return and team with Funk and not Sandman?


    All that "Sandman will go to any length to beat punk and julio" seems pointless as Sandman is now out of the picture.