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  1. Worked a treat!


    Ive tracked down 5 files in C:\Windows\Temp


    Together they come to 2.68 Gb. Im now in two minds as to weather of not it is safe to delete them. Here are the names of the files:








    Anyone now if it will be safe to delete these files?

  2. No, I don't know of anywhere to be honest.


    I wasn't even aware that Uprising was stocked by highspots.


    RF has their version of Frontiers of Honor. Here.


    They also have the fan fest on tape, which I forgot to mention in my last post. It was basically a fan convention the day after FOH. It features interviews with Samoa Joe, Mikey Whipwreck, Low Ki and Styles. Here.


    Other than that, your best bet is to try and track down a trader that has converted the tapes into NTSC format, but the video quality will not be anywhere near as good.


    Or preferably, check that your video player is PAL compatible (which many are) and then buy them from the UK. I know the head of Frontier Merchandise personally, and he will not rip you off. If you post the money over and he agrees to send to the USA, you will get your tape.

  3. I'll take this one :)


    What FWA show was Bryan Danielson vs. Doug Williams 2/3 Falls


    That was the last major show. It was called Vendetta 2003.


    and was it as good as their 30-Minute Iron-Man match from RoH Scramble Madness?


    I haven't seen the Scramble Madness match. However, I have seen AmDrag/Williams from Road to the title, which you may have also seen. Although the match at Vendetta was solid enough, IMO it wasn't better than the match at Road to the Title.

    In addition, the crowd heat was very smarky and annoying towards AmDrag (who was wearing a mask), I'm not sure how this will be handled if the show is released on tape, but at the show it was unecessary and definetly distracted from the match.


    I also would like to know the best FWA shows, I may buy a few sometime.


    Due to the fact that FWA merchandise hasn't been up and running for long, you don't have a huge number of tapes to choose from.


    Here is a link to where you can buy them from, and I'll give a brief run down for you.



    British Uprising Part 1




    When this show took place, it was one of the biggest they had ever done and has acted as a launch pad for them to where they are now. They drafetd in Balls Mahoney, AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn for the show.


    The length of the show meant it had to be released on two seperate tapes.


    Part 1 offers you:


    * James Tighe vs Raj Ghosh vs Jack Xavier


    A very good three way that shows what the FWA undercard is capable of. I honestly believe that Tighe is a star in the making and will be wrestling in the USA in a few years. This opened the show very well indeed.


    * Zebra Kid vs Hade Vansen


    A match for the All England Title that was also prety solid. Zebra plays the heel very very well and is always super over.


    * UK Pitbulls vs The New breed


    Complete time filler that went about two minutes. It acted as a way of getting Paul Birchill on the card, who continued his huge push by putting curve (if memory serves - maybe it was ash, it was a while ago) through a table from the apron. Pretty sick bump actually.


    * Drew McDonald vs Robbie Brookside


    This acted as a match for the old school fans at the show. It was completely slated on the night for being rubbish. At the time I thought they both phoned it in, but I later learnt that McDonald wrestled the match in agony due to a back injury, so full respect to him for that.


    * Doug Williams vs Jerry Lynn


    Super hot crowd, and a very good match if a little short. Worth the tape money IMO.



    British Uprising Part 2




    Tape two is probably slightly better than tape 1. It has:


    * Paul Travell vs Nikita


    You may have seen Nikita in my sig? I'm a huge mark for her, and a few others on the board became fans when I introduced her via my sig :)

    She is also very competant in the ring. This match demonstrates that and is an ok little match.


    * Ulf Herman vs Balls Mahoney


    You get a bonus Ulf interview on the tape which is pretty good. He got the loudest reaction I have ever heard at a live show. Everyone was on their feet chanting along with his music.


    The match is a perfectly acceptable little brawl, that goes around the York Hall and in amoungst the fans. You've got barbed wire, you've got thumb tacks, its good for what it is.


    * Jonny Storm vs AJ Styles


    After watching the tape this is easily MOTN. Just incredible. Around **** easily, buy the tape for this match. You will not be disapointed.


    * Flash Barker vs Jody Fleisch (FWA title ladder match)


    Another decent match with some pretty sweet spots. It also features Jody's moonsault off the 20 foot bleachers, that is just incredible!



    Seasons Beatings




    The show that took place after Uprising is a one night round robin for the #1 contenderhsip to the FWA title.


    The men involved are: Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm, Doug Williams, AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn.


    I reviewed this tape recently. Here are the star ratings I gave:


    Jonny Storm Vs Doug Williams




    Jody Fleisch Vs AJ Styles




    Jonny Storm Vs Jody Fleisch




    Doug Williams Vs Jody Fleisch


    ** 3/4


    Doug Williams Vs AJ Styles Vs Jerry Lynn




    This tape is very very good. It only features the tournament matches, the others were cut to fit it on to a single tape. Nothing here will let you down. AJ/Jody is probably the best match I have ever seen in the FWA. AJ is hyped and gives 110%, he uses some of the stiffest offence I have EVER seen!



    Frontiers of Honor Part 1




    This was the huge show they did with ROH. It is one of the biggest shows in British Wrestling history. On tape one you get:


    * Paul London vs James Tighe


    As I said, I see good things for Tighe. This was supposed to be an opener, but many chose it as a MOTN contender.


    * Mikey Whipwreck vs Jack Xavier


    Another good match. Mikey got a huge reaction. This won't disappoint.


    * Birchill vs Double Dragon


    Just a simple squash to continue Birchills push. This was his first official match, but it is worth watching just to see Birchill. Seeing someone that size pull off Standing SSP's and moonsaults is awesome. He is Lesnar-esque, with almost the agility of someone like AJ Styles.


    * AJ Styles vs Jonny Storm


    Easily as good as their Uprising match, maybe even better. A slightly botched finish, but apart from that incredible.



    The other tapes you can get hold of are compilations rather than complete shows, and I haven't been able to watch them yet. However, here are match lisitings and some info:



    International Classics


    * Doug Williams vs Chris Daniels (from Crunch 2002)


    * Solid Gold Scot Parker vs Steve Corino (from Trick or Treat 2001)


    * Jody Fleisch vs AJ Styles (from Seasons Beatings)



    The Fan's most Wanted




    You have to join the Fan club to get this tape.


    * Raj Ghosh vs James Tighe (London's Calling 2002)


    * Jody Fleisch vs Jonny Storm (Vendetta 2002)


    * Doug Williams vs Jack Xavier (Hotwired 2002)


    * Jody Fleisch vs Doug Williams vs Chris Daniels (London's calling 2002)



    Personally, I would recommend getting hold of the complete Uprising show and starting from the beginning. However if your after a quick fix then Frontiers of Honor or Seasons Beatings are the shows for you. I would probably go with Seasons Beatings as it has AJ/Jody and is a complete show on the one tape.


    Hope that helped :)

  4. i would love it if tna, roh and mlw pooled their resources and made a major bid for tv & merchandising deals to become a viable no.2 company. they pretty much share their rosters as it is. ain't gonna happen though.

    No that isn't goign to happen any time soon, but it would be awesome to see. Not only for the fact that it would make Vince crap himself, but perhaps he would tsrat using his talent properlly.


    How do you think the talent would react to this? Although they would have full time contarcts earning more money, they wouldn't be able to choose where they work and would work fewer shows. It could be less financially rewarding than workign for many diferent promotions.