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  1. What does the term "Best Friends" mean? I think someone needs to explain it to the WWE!


    First, being best friends meant that HHH wanted HBK to be his manager. Then it meant that DX reunited (at least for a few minutes anyway!)


    Then HHH needed to Pedegree his best freind to show him how much he "loved" him.

    Then being best friends meant that HHH would get to the bottom of a mystery assault on his best friend, which ended up in us finiding out that HHH attacked HBK because he is his best friend


    And then finally on Raw this week, hhh comes out and tells us that actually HBK isnt his best friend after all!


    What the ???????


    Am i the only one totally baffled by this so called "story line"???



  2. Hey, im new to this forum, so i thought this would be a good topic to start off with.

    How does everyone feel about the DX (almost) Re-unification a few weeks ago.

    If you ask me, it was another missed opportunity by the WWE. I mean how good would it have been if it actually happened. There are no good stables in the WWE so it would have solved that.

    HHH could have reverted to his far better DX character,.

    They could have split up Chuck and Billy (cos honestly does anyone like that tag team)

    HBK could have had a role as a leader/manager meaning that he wouldnt come out of summerslam with nothing to do.

    They could have even brought X-Pac back and given his life some meaning.


    So what do you all think, i think if this had been done correctly, it could have fullfilled the prmise that the NWO didnt deliver (cos who wasnt excited at first at the thought of the NWO in the WWE?)