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    HTQ Reviews The Suck

    Now, I didn't watch WCW at all in 1999, but a few years ago I rented Uncensored 99, and watched the TV title match in amazement as Buff Bagwell was allowed to cheat at will right in front of the referee, which included the finish when Buff hit Scott Steiner by mistake allowing Booker T to get the pin and the title. At no time during the match is it announced that it is a no-DQ match. And now this Piper/Hall match, which I have never seen (thank God). Was there some 'relaxed disqualification rules' going on at the time in WCW or, as it seems to be the most likely explanation, they just didn't know what the hell was going on?
  2. While no one will likely read this as I've only recently decided to drop by here again, I will have to say that you, as usual, are right on the money, RRR. While I haven't been around here for more than a year (a trip overseas was the reason; I also wasn't able to watch WWE but then again I didn't particularly miss anything groundbreaking aside from the failure of Super Babyface of the Ages Randy Orton), I have been lurking at DVDVR for a few months, thinking about registering there, but never coming to the point of caring enough to do so. That board loves some of the strangest things - Tomko being the newest big question mark. I avoided TSM because I thought that the posters here whose comments I enjoy reading have left. Thankfully, it is not the case and actually the opposite is true. Funny you should mention the love they give the Eddy/Rey feud. After GAB, a poster there named Red Grant made a thread about how he would give it ****+ and it was such a compelling story. DVDVR/TSM crossovers probably know who that is, but those who don't, it's the Batman-loving fucktard who was known here as MrZsasz. I was quite pleased when I read that he was banned just three months after I stopped posting, and I laughed and laughed the threads surrounding the banning, in particular his pitiful attempt at flaming Loss.